Supermarket Wall Gondola Display Shelves in Bangladesh

Product Code: NI 1361

  • Gondola Size:  Wall Gondola Display Shelves are 3ft to 4ft in length and 7 ft in height which is quite adjustable and perfect to display items in a super shop in Bangladesh Market.
  • Easy Assemble: You can simply set up gondola racks yourself without anyone. You do have the choice to hire someone else to set up it of course, and since it’s so simple and easy to set up, it won’t hit you up for too much at all if you rely on. Since it’s easy to assemble or fit in, it is simple to change the placement of your gondola display consistently to your comfort.
  • Durable: Wall Gondola Display Shelves are high in quality. So it’s durable and long lasting product which will make your investment good.   
  • Extra Shelve: If you want to expand your rack size for display more and more product, you need to buy extra shelve for gondola rack.You can buy an extra shelve from us if you need. Extra shelves are available for this.
  • Price Tag Color: Price tag colors are available in red and green. You can choose any of them you want.It depends on your logo or color code for your supermarket design.if you think red is ok then we provide red color price tag or green, we have also delivery the green price tag for your super shop.

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·         Fixable on wall and aisle.
·         Fascinating color and design.
·         Customizable size and shelves
·         Longer durable
·         Weather friendly (cold and hot)
·         Easily installable


·         Products type ·         Wall Gondola (Super Shop)
·         Material ·         Cold roll steel
·         Surface treatment ·         Powder coated
·         Color ·         Custom requirement available
·         Design ·         Single-sided
·         Thickness of upright ·         1.8-2.5mm
·         Starter plate Size ·         4ft x 3ft
·         Thickness of layer panel ·         0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5mm
·         Thickness of back panel ·         0.7/0.8/0.9/1.0/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5mm
·         Thickness of bracket ·         1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2/2.5mm
·         Single side detention ·         Customizable
·         Single side detention ·         Customizable
·         OEM ·         Available
·         Amount of layers ·         Customer require available

Why Use This?

Supermarket Wall Gondola Display Shelves are such types of Gondola that’s usually is used on the wall of the Super Shops for displaying the products to the customer. There are many advantages of using Wall Gondola. In case of business world every space is valuable and costly, this is practically true in case of Super Shops, where you have to display lots of products in your fixed space; so each inch of your Super Shop is highly valuable, in this case the wall of your Super Shop also can be used to display products by installing Supermarket Wall Gondola Display Shelves on the wall. There are three different types of Wall Gondolas, the first one is Wall Gondola Starter, the second one is  Wall Gondola Connector and Wall End Gondola. All these types of Gondolas are available in the market. These Gondolas has enlightened features that attract the user of them. Firstly, the Gondola is made in such a way that you can fix it on the wall without many difficulties.  Along with the wall of Super Shop you also can use it on the aisle too. You can keep light weight products on these Wall Gondola. You can get your Gondola size and shelves number according to your requirement in considering with your shop space. These Gondolas are made with high quality materials so you should not get fear of its durability Supermarket Wall Gondola Display Shelves s are weather proof so in any temperature or climate it will not spoil or damages. It is anti-rust power coated and that’s why it will not attack with rust anyhow. The design of these Gondolas is so attractive that it could add extra standard on your Super Shop. As these Supermarket Wall Gondola Display Racks are install able on the wall so you can use the entire wall for extending you business on showing the products to the customers. Day by day the concept of business is changing and the use of Super Shop Equipment is also increasing and now Gondola shelves are being used in large shops like Super Shops Large Stores. These Wall Gondola Display Shelves are now available in Bangladeshi markets in Dhaka. So, you can have it anytime from anywhere else.

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