Electric Sugar Cane Juice Maker Extractor Machine

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Key Points Of Product

  • 100% Hygienic: Sugar Cane Juice Maker Extractor Machine high-quality food-grade stainless steel treatment to ensure that the sugar cane juice meets international health standards, which is delicious and pure hygienic.
  • Productivity: Sugarcane juice making machine can produce 300kg in just 1hour. This is why you can serve sugarcane juice to your customers all day long. You can also restock the juice by making it when it will rush hour.
  • Body Material & Details: Sugarcane juice maker made of stainless steel, the exterior is super luxurious and beautiful. The overall dimension (L x W x H) is 490*470*475mm and the weight is only 45kg.
  • Functionality: Our commercial juicer machine uses 3 rollers for juice extractor. One of these rollers will take sugarcanes and another one will clean the dust from sugarcane, and the juice comes from the last roller.
  • Power: Our electric sugar cane machine consumes less electricity. The power is watt: 0.75KW, volt: 220v. You can also use this machine by battery or solar or generator as well. 
  • Battery Backup (Optional) :The 24 volt battery of sugarcane juice machine works for 3 hours when it gets charged. It is rechargeable so you can charge it and use it all day long.
  • Easy to Clean: Our sugarcane juicer is an user-friendly machine, so you can clean and maintain it easily. The movable door makes cleaning and maintenance easier and simpler. 
  • Stylish Design: Sugar Cane Juice Maker Extractor Machine comes with a stylish and elegant look and that is why it’s highly recommended for the canteen, hotel, juice bar, fast-food, restaurant, food court.

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    Product Specification

    ·         Material·         Food Grade Stainless Steel
    ·         Dimension (L x W x H)·         550x460x880mm
    ·         220V/50Hz·         220V/50Hz
    ·         Capacity·         300 Kg (24 Hour)
    ·         RPM·         18
    ·         Roller ·         3 Pcs
    ·         Weight·         63kg-75kg
    ·         Power·          750 Watt

    ·         220v

    ·         Warranty·         1 Year Service warranty

    Why Use This Product

    Sugarcane juice is one of the most favored and most popular juices in Bangladesh even South Asia, America, and all over the world. If you are looking for the best sugarcane juice extractor machine, this is the right place for you. We have investigated a lot to know all the details about the sugarcane juice extractor system. Therefore, gathering the information we have come out the best Sugar Cane Juice Maker Extractor Machine in Bangladesh. Sugarcane juice is a sweet natural juice which is extremely demanded by all. So, this can be a good possibility for your juice bar to add this juice. Moreover, there is sugarcane juicer machine for home so that your members of the family can get a healthy drink. Sugarcane juice is naturally alkaline forming and contains a high amount of calcium and iron. Many diseases, including cancer, cannot survive in an alkaline environment, which makes sugarcane juice an important factor in warding off illness, environment, which makes sugarcane juice key point in avoiding illness. Many restaurants, hotels, juice bars, delis and other establishments who want to start a fresh juice program to offer their potential customers will go with a fresh freshly squeezed electric juice extractor machine. However, Sugar Cane Juice Maker Extractor Machine is a highly underrated centerpiece in your business. We are currently making an effort on our brand new sugarcane juice machine because, while not as called other juice extractors, sugarcane juice is actually one of the best drinks you can serve your customers. If your juice bar is in need of a commercial sugarcane juice machine, Nobarun has you covered. Sugar Cane Juice Maker Extractor Machine has detachable rollers and juice spaces for ease in cleaning. Additionally, it is a one-pass unit that offers better generate because of the gap between the rollers. Sugar Cane Juice Maker Extractor Machine is a machine specially designed to squeeze out the liquid from sugarcanes. These sugarcane juice extractors are specific to the features of sugarcane and may not be effective for use on other fresh fruits and ingredients. These automatic sugarcane juice machines are made such that they can extract sugarcane juice, without heating or oxidizing it. Our sugarcane juice extractors rely on either electricity and are necessarily huge to assistance the big size and tough nature of sugarcane. Some sugarcane juice extractors can hold 5 to 6 strolling canes at a go, but such is far better for a professional setting or for those that need considerable quantities of juice for distilling alcohol, vinegar or sugar. Household juice extractors tend to assistance fewer strolling canes and thus appropriate for those that need little juice possibly for refreshment. It is true that there are a lot more other drinks from fresh fruits that are much healthier than juice. But it still must be pointed out here that drinking sugarcane juice also has its share of benefits, at the same time not as much. Sugar Cane Juice Maker Extractor Machine is an easy way for the sugarcane juicing process. The preparation of the juice extractor machine decalcified juice through effluent can then be combined returning to natural Electric motorized keep extractor juice to achieve the right balance of reduced acid and fresh juice tastes. The pulp can also be added returning, or the juice can be sold as a lower pulp juice. Removal of dust and unpleasant components from fresh juice, there is one roller that will clean the dust and unpleasant components from sugarcane. First, the pulp is removed from the sugarcane juice making machine via centrifugation and the pulp free juice can then be accepted through a weak base anion line, which reduces the citric acid content of the juice. Although a lot of countries around the whole world go crazy over other ‘healthier’ and more exotic fresh fruit juice, Western people consistently show great interest on and well, juice. Sugarcane has natural charming taste, and so this is well-known among many people. Sugarcane juice contains various kinds of nourishment that are beneficial for our whole body. So you need to get the best juice machine for having the best glass of juice. Freshly pressed sugarcane juice is like a tonic full of nutritional value, anti-oxidants and natural medicines. With the right equipment and quality generate, the juice can be available to anyone who is willing to make just a part of their day to planning it. It is simple to get a juice device that is correct for you with a bit of research. There are plenty of options for the commercial or professional and all you need is some time and a clear purpose of what you expect from a sugarcane juice and you will end up a juice device to fit your way of life, health objectives, or even business wishes. Sugar Cane Juice Maker Extractor Machine is a resilient device with great and effective efficiency. Although its guide operates may restrict its result, it still works well in comparison to other aggressive sugarcane juice extractors.


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