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Key Points Of Product

  • Stainless Steel Body Material: The body of the Commercial Shawarma Kebab Maker Machine is completely recognized in stainless steel 201, which very strong and durable. That is the reason why you can use it continuously throughout the day and also ensures high strength barbecue not out of shape. 
  • Different Size Infrared Burners: Generally, 1/2/3/4 burners are available and perfect for a chicken Doner machine. But we can provide exactly what you want and we do. Our machine is adopted 4 ceramic plate burners and you can control all the burners on your own.
  • Rotating Motor: The maximum roasting diameter is 250mm. And the motor is placed at the bottom so that it can rotate effectively and it’s protected from the heat. So the motor can work for a long time. The rotation of gear deceleration can be driven by the synchronous motor so that it can be heated more evenly. 
  • Capacity: The overall capacity, our gas gyro machine can take is 8kg to 15 kg. However, you can customize the order for the capacity.
  • Gas Source: The source is liquefied gas 2800pa, which is natural gas/pipeline gas. Those ceramic plate burners can transform the gas into the infrared heating.
  • Easy Maintenance: Commercial Shawarma Kebab Maker Machine is given with a practical meat shovel to cut meat. You can adjust the nut/position and regulate the distance between the spit and burner. You can easily take out the collector drawer and the leavings to clean it comfortably.

Product Features

·         Efficiency heating system, pulse electronic ignition
·         710cm inserted link, can roast more meat.
·         The body uses 430 cold plates (sprayed with red), the thickness is 0.6~1.0mm
·         Newly increased shovel, convenient for roast meat cutting.
·         Rotates smoothly and powerfully without noise. It can be rotated for a long time.

Product Specification

·         Type·         Grills
·         Grill Type·         GAS Grills
·         Metal Type·         Stainless Steel
·         Size:·         57X53X83cm
·         Power supply:·         220V /50Hz
·         Power:·         50W
·         Color:·         Silver
·         Heating value·         25MJ
·         Materials:·         Stainless iron
·         Gas class:·         LPG,Natural, cool gas
·         Gas flow:·         0.28m3/h
·         Tube Dia:·         12mm

Why Use This Product

Do you like grilled food? Thinking about how you can replicate this wonderful grilled meal you have tried in some expensive and fashionable restaurants? Or do you want to provide grilled chicken or shwarma to your customers in your restaurant?

Now you can get prepared tasty shawarma or grilled meals by yourself, thanks to the Commercial Shawarma Kebab Maker Machine. Your customer will simply love your delightful chicken shawarma or grilled chicken. Whenever your customer will order those grilled meals, take your shawarma rotisserie machine out and get prepared something wonderful quickly. In contrast to the regular varies, our shawarma grill machine provides better air circulation, precise rotation speed, and ideal preset temperature. When all this combined, you have ideal flavor-enhancing shawarma equipment. It is an opportunity to recover your traditional oven with a much healthier substitute.

If you own a super shop, food court, convenience store, restaurant, cafe catering business or even an equipment rental business, consider improving your product line with Commercial Shawarma Kebab Maker Machine. As a new business idea, perhaps you have considered providing homemade rotisserie designs to local grocery stores and restaurants and now need to buy a commercial rotisserie machine. Because of its convenience and ideal taste, commercial shawarma machine has grown in popularity during the years. Mostly in restaurants, cafes, food courts, grocery stores and club stores, you can operate a pretty healthy business by including best commercial shawarma machine into your stock.

Authentic barbecue is generally prepared in a commercial or industrial pit, not on a barbeque grill, so any barbecue restaurant worth its weight in molasses needs a machine like Commercial Shawarma Kebab Maker Machine. Purchasing the right one for your restaurant is essential because the equipment you choose will directly impact daily features in your kitchen area as well as the taste and framework of the food items used. The grease is able to decrease off the meats, which eliminates all the grease from the meat. Most chefs think this is a bad thing, but none of the moisture or crispiness is losing in the procedure, which is a desire come real for a kebab fan. When the fat starts to decrease the meats, this also adds the bonus of being able to further marinate the meat. A good example of this is that the spices or herbs or herbs will also decrease the meats, allowing it to achieve more of the spicer than typical. You will experience a better taste, and the entire pieces of meats are far juicer and delicious than what you would get with a boiler. This is what makes the Commercial Shawarma Kebab Maker Machine effective. You can place a pineapple or orange on top of the spit, and juices will flow down the meat during the entire time cooking. You can use the vertical broiler to add spices to the top of the meat and allow it to drip down the side of the meat while the pineapple, or any other item, caramelizes over time, which tastes delicious.

There are so several advantages of using the Commercial Shawarma Kebab Maker Machine is chicken shawarma or grilled chicken are often delicious. Using this vertical rotisserie shawarma you can make Chicken Shawarma, Turkey Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Lamb Shawarma, Gyros, Doner Kabob and Tacos al Pastor. You will be the talk about of the place as customers gather around your spinning grill, savoring the aroma and awaiting the incomparable flavor that only you can create. Let the others bbq grill hamburgers and hot dogs; you will be using our chicken shawarma machine to carry a bit of the exclusive to your customers. Our archway kebab machine is made from top quality stainless-steel with multiple burners. These burners were meant to sear the meats perfectly, crispy on the outside and keep the meats juicy on the inside.

Looking for a new automatic shawarma machine oven can be quite complicated and difficult especially if it is original because there are many different manufacturers and types when you go out and go buying for one. Before you go out to buy a chicken shawarma roll machine, take a look at our Commercial Shawarma Kebab Maker Machine. We can assure that you will get all the features exactly what you were looking for. Then add this to your shopping cart, if you really want to get the best out for your money’s value.

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