Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter in Bangladesh

Product Code: NI 1306

  • Self Balancing Scooter: When the user ride on Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter, it can be able to keep balance for the user in any riding situation. So, this is flexible to use and reliable too.
  • Color: Basically we have different color collection such as White, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink etc.
  • Rechargeable Battery: This Electric can carry you about 20 to 50 Km as this scooter set a high quality rechargeable battery to empower the device And Battery Lifetime is 2-3 years
  • Speed/Weight/Distance Covered: It can run about 20 km Per hour; caring about 110kg to 120kg (Load Capacity) on it and able to reach maximum range of 20-50km.
  • Intelligent Processing System: This device installed intelligent processor and chip for giving you high performance output.
  • Bluetooth Music: As this scooter support Bluetooth so, while riding on Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter you can enjoy music to avoid long riding monotony.
  • Weatherproof: The user can use this scooter in any season including rainy season or in dusty reason too.
  • With Handle: You can see here our new Product: Hoverboard With Handle.

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·         Easy to operate and save time.
·         High quality battery added.
·         Intelligent processing and chip system.
·         Bluetooth music support.
·         Original High quality and durable motors.
·         Self-balancing technology applied.
·         Excellent design and color combination.


·         Product type ·         Self Balancing Scooter.
·         Max payload ·         110kg-120kg
·         Max speed ·         15-20km/h
·         Mileage ·         40-50 km
·         Speed limit warning ·         Up to 10Km/h
·         Permissible gradient ·         10-15 degree
·         Battery Voltage ·         36-42V
·         Working Current ·         1.3A
·         Battery Rate ·         158Wh
·         Battery Capacity ·         4400mAh
·         Motor rated power ·         2 x 350W
·         Charging Voltage ·         AC 100-240V
·         Kinetic Energy Recovery ·         70 percent
·         Bluetooth ·         Yes
·         Product weight ·         10kg
·         Product size ·         58.400 x 18.600 x 17.800 cm

Why Use This?

Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter in our country, is a newer form of riding scooter by which the user can move to a distant place freely without walking and this product is now available in Dhaka Bangladesh.  Sometimes we goes to office or our school on foot but if the distance is a little bit longer in that case we can use the scooter for going to office or school or market or in anywhere else within 20-50 Km distance. You can use the scooter for riding enjoyment on the way freely with your friends together; that will give much pleasure and fun. This self balanced scooter is reliable because you will not fall down in sudden occasion as the scooter is made with intelligent self balanced technology. While riding at night keep on LED light for indication and direction. This Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter is able to carry more than 100kg weight so you can ride on with something like bags, briefcase, files or anything else within this weight. The speed of this scooter can satisfy you; it runs maximum speed of 10km/h, so in case of going to your destination it could reach you in time.  As this self balancing scooter is single man user  and need one man walking space so you can use it through medium and light traffic. When the power of Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter become low it will warn you before full consumption. As this scooter is only 10kg, so when the situation is not ride able you can carry it easily and reuse it in right situation. You can recharge the battery for the next ride; it’s included a high quality rechargeable battery. This scooter can save you a lot of money suppose you are to go 10km distance daily form your home 5 to 10 times how much cost you have to budget for rent of transport; how much cost will be in a day or in a month ? in that case if you use this scooter, you will see that a huge amount of money you can save through Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter. The tires, motors, processors, chips, body and other parts are made strongly so that the user can use it longer time without feeling any tension. Sometimes it is seen that while riding a long distance about 10 or 15 kilometers, we become bore riding on; This scooter support Bluetooth system so you can enjoy your riding with music. Self Balancing Rechargeable Hoverboard Scooter is made with self balanced technology , so any aged people young to old including serviceman student, common people can get the benefit of using this fantastic product.

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