Buy Road Divider Rubber Traffic Lane Separator in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Material: Rubber Traffic Lane Separator will stand to create impacts on the road and because of it is made of recycled flexible rubber material, it will not break. This divider is manufactured using recycled materials with a rubber surface to last longer.
  • Can be Bolted: You can use the rubber traffic dividers for temporary occasions. If you want to use it for a long time, you can use bolt to completely fix the dividers on the road.
  • Weatherproof: Our road separator is totally stable and resistant to moisture, oil, and weather changes. Thus it makes 100% weatherproof, which is perfect to use in numerous kinds of environments. 
  • Reflective: This flexible safety divider has highly visible reflective panels that increase visibility for both pedestrians and motorists. As a result, it will be clearly visible all the day and night. The rubber car stopper is ideal for low light areas too.
  • Different Size: Different dimensions are available, you can choose according to your requirements. 
  • Custom Order: We are taking customize order as well. Let us know about your requirements, we will provide the best option for you. 
  • Usage: Rubber Traffic Lane Separator is made to perform a wide variety of traffic management purposes like indicating lane separation, cycle lanes, parking bays, and tramways. It can also use to mark traffic lanes in car park gates and exit ramps and protect tunnel walls from possible vehicle effect damage.

Product Features

·         Superior durability
·         Can be quickly and easily installed
·         Strong indication of traffic lanes
·         Easy maintenance: not rusts, not chips, no cracks, not crumbles, not corrodes, not needs repainting
·         Can also be left unanchored for a temporary, flexible traffic control device.

Product Specification

·         Material ·         Natural Rubber + EPDM(yellow)
·         Length ·         500 mm
·         Width ·         100 mm
·         Height ·         25 mm
·         Weight ·         1.3 Kg

Why Use This Product

Traffic Safety Story is ahead in the market with the finest the very best products and fastest submission. Our high-speed production features deliver 100% of our traffic signs to you the same day.

Rubber Traffic Lane Separator is an outstanding option if your goal is to determine or improving traffic safety on the road. Rubber Traffic Lane Separator is perfect for using in numerous kinds of environment, providing an outstanding as well as a long lasting street separator that can provide immediate benefits for the places that it is placed in.  These incredibly recognizable lane separators are perfect for breaking different routes of holiday makers, whether in a car parking, running bay or other similar type of place.  Their incredibly recognizable design allows them to be seen by all manner of drivers or individuals on the highway in the region, providing companies with a street separator that can also be used as a rubber car stopper. Rubber Road Divider Traffic Lane Separator is used on streets to create clear separations between vehicle and bike routes. To reduce accidents between drivers and motorists, places are making their streets "bike-friendly". Because of this,  lane dividers are becoming an effective function in almost every major city in the world. Specialized in traffic safety supply, We only use the high-quality reprocessed rubber. This makes our street delineators light, long lasting and easy to set up. We are offering you the very best traffic street separators or lane divider at very reasonable prices.

Our traffic safety equipment can be set up with bolt screws much more quickly than any other lane delineators. You will save money and time both! Firstly, select the right location on the street and mark the location you want to drill the holes. Then, drill the earlier marked holes. Lastly, eliminate the dust from the ground with an air compressor. Then, put the Rubber Traffic Lane Separator in the targeted place and drive the spike into the drilled holes.

Drivers will notice they are overflowing the way when driving over the road dividers. However, these lane dividers will not damage their car thanks to them. Our traffic road separators are a lot more recognizable than an essential road marking on the street. We enhanced the visibility with sign items using eye-catching colors. Implementing our road delineators on the way will protect people by precluding vehicles to push on design routes. Another important advantage of using rubber instead of concrete is that our product can easily be set up and removed if any road maintenance is required. These road separators, available in yellow-colored or yellow-black mixed, can be used on the road easily. The extremely recognizable road dividers on the sides and finishes of these road separators allow all motorists, drivers or people in the region to see them in position, ensuring that they are aware about their routes in place. Rubber Traffic Lane Separator features of the product allow for positive hold onto the street. These traffic control dividers are ideal for redirecting traffic whilst works are undertaken or longer-term roadwork where these road separators U Bolted together, easily installed and removed ready for the next job. Rubber Traffic Lane Separator is an excellent product for improving traffic safety on the road completely without taking excessive road size or expensive excavation and traffic control costs to apply remedy treatment. These road separators can also be used as wheel stoppers, with similar principles to that of the rubber wheel stopper.  This allows drivers and motorists to push their vehicles and bikes upright to the wheel stop with less opportunity of damage than what would be seen with concrete wheel stoppers.  Once the car driver or biker comes in contact with the wheel stop they will feel it and know when to stop. These lane separators can be set up quickly and easily directly into the ground using pre-drilled holes and the fixings provided which we have mentioned before. With benefits as both a road separator and a wheel stopper, these products are suitable for use in many different types of environment. These safer road systems, which can be easily and quickly set up in different lengths or configurations. All these traffic calming systems offer unique mixtures of capabilities to satisfy a wide range of speed lowering and traffic calming applications.

If you need to develop an easier traffic management by using road lane separator, take a moment to check our Rubber Traffic Lane Separator.



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