Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Load Capacity: Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps can carry 22 tons. It means it won’t break if any bus or truck crosses over it. 
  • High Quality Rubber: The material which the speed bump is made of is high-intensity rubber. It offers tight rubberized speed humps that are easy to maintain and built to withstand temperature variations, bad varying weather conditions, and ongoing vehicle traffic. 
  • Anti-Crash: The steep design of this speed humps obliges vehicles to reduce for effective traffic soothing. So it’s a really good quality speed hump which is Anti-crash. 
  • Used Eye Catching Colors: The reflective black and yellow stripes allow high visibility at night and in bad weather. It’s warning color, yellow and black which is eye-catching for the driver.
  • 100% Weather Proof: This speed hump is totally weather proof because it’s Anti-UV, Anti-hot, Anti-Cold. It’s made of 100% recycled rubber, our humps are an eco-conscious way to protect your street. 
  • Area of Use: Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps is designed to increase people safety, strengthen stop signs in vehicle parking plenty, and prevent accidents on private residential roads, driveways, and vehicle parking lots.

Product Features

·         Ideal for entry and exit also every cross section inside the parking
·         Material is high intensity rubber
·         It can lower vehicle's speed when the cars pass by
·         Good quality Anti-crash, Anti-UV, Anti-hot, Anti-Cold
·         Cost effective, years of high performance with low maintenance

Product Specification

·         Brand ·         Geelian
·         Model ·         GL-JSD-3
·         Origin ·         China
·         Middle part Size ·         500*350*50 mm
·         End part ·         170*350*50
·         Color ·         Black and Yellow
·         Color Lasting ·         Won’t be fade in 2 years

Why Use This Product

Over the past century, our locations and local neighborhoods have seen a boost in car use. The higher number of car use is accountable for roads to be improved and sorted out, and as a result, many vehicles have enhanced in rate. This causes worsened conditions for strolling, mowing the lawn, and people. Speed humps should be found in locations where you want to maintain efficient traffic flow. These traffic management solutions are appropriate for locations where require vehicles to gradually to 10-20 MPH. Speed humps are also an excellent solution for locations where you need a better strike for immediate vehicles and other immediate response categories. Speed humps are appropriate for high guests locations, including: - Residential roadways, School parking lots, Near stop signs, Crosswalks, Playgrounds, Hospital grounds. This why we have decided to bring Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps at cheap price due to its numerous advantages. Rubberized speed humps have become recommended locations and areas because of the benefits they offer in contrast to their tangible solutions. Not only are Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps more affordable and easier to set up, but they also require less maintenance over time. This results in a better product overall for needs of personal roads or vehicle parking lots. Speed humps are often used to gradually traffic down in locations individuals traffic is found. This increases the security of vehicles and individuals in the area. In comparison with their metal and unpleasant solutions, Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps are easy to set up and require lower maintenance over time. Not only are they easy to set up, but Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps are also easy to alternate. Generally, it should take you less than a time to set up a rubber speed hump, which makes them the perfect remedy for private roads or school vehicle parking lots. Speed humps that are created from metal, street, concrete or unpleasant burns up up a huge gap secured. However, when you buy Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps from the Projuktishop you will find important benefits no matter the sum you need. This means that you will identify the Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps you need at a price you can afford! Since our Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps are manufactured from a good material, you can feel much better that you are saving about five tires from going into places for each amount force you buy from us. You will also really like how well Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps holds up to extreme climate and turn into long lasting over a longer period of time. One of the things that our customers will really like about our rubber humps is that they work on a variety of roads and street areas. This means that you will save your money because you won’t have to obtain different types of designs to address your traffic control projects. However, Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps do not need this additional maintenance so you can your initiatives and money! We only carry Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps that are manufactured from most high-quality rubber that will stand up to high traffic amount and hard scenery. Since our amount mounds are long lasting, they will last through all kinds of atmosphere and highly effective over long time times. Visibility is an issue for many roadways, so we use a signed black and yellow-colored ‘cats-eye’ lines on each rubber amount force. This makes our street control speed humps recognizable even at night and leads to safety for people and drivers as well. The rubber designs have a few advantages over their street solutions. One of the pros is that they are cost-effective which already mentioned. In accessory for this, the designs are extremely easy to set up. According to the manufacturers, you can set them up in at a time. Since they are extremely easy to set up, the companies cost a lower fee which is a benefit on your side. When you want to get rid of them, they are extremely easy to get rid of and move them to another place. Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps are made from the reprocessed material. This means that by using them you will be preserving the world.

Removable Speed Breaker Rubber Speed Bumps are some of the most common forms of traffic soothing. These straight challenges are designed to slow drivers traveling at extreme speeds by creating light pain if a driver disregards them and is unable to reduce their speed to below 10 mph, they will be met with an unpleasant distress as their wheels hit the push. At higher rates, the push can even cause damage to the vehicle. But on the other hand, it can save many lives by reducing accidents.

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  • Mahmudul Hasan

      Payra Sea Port

    We purchase all the portable rubber speed breaker used in Payra Sea Port from Nobarun International.
    Our Requirement/Quantity is big so that Import process is little bit delayed but we are so much happy with the product quality.
    They delivery it to Payra bondor.

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