Removable Crash Rated Telescopic Parking Bollard in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Production Cost: Removable Crash Rated Telescopic Parking Bollard is made with industrial requirements of 500 models per group, improving production costs while providing a high-quality technology. 
  • Hydraulic Bollard: The most efficient technology for most powerful use at all temperatures and weather conditions. There is also hydraulic pump in the control unit for the promotion of quicker service. 
  • Patented Protection: Telescopic Parking Bollard offers patented system for the security of handling to maximize the reliability of operations due to impact by vehicles on the cylinder that is put in motion. 
  • Security Lock: We are also offering security lock with this bollard for our customer to have the best experience. 
  • Variety of Elective Configurations: Custom colors, flashing lights integrated into the head, intermittent sound signal, 220V solenoid valve (in case of power failure, this Brand is lowered, releasing the gate), heat resistance installations in locations with harsh winter temperatures, UPS unit for operation in the temporary occurrence of power failure, equipment control, equipment accident prevention.

Product Features

·         Hydraulic movement
·         Hydraulic pump in the control unit
·         Patented system for the protection of handling
·         Wide range of optional configurations
·         Security lock
·         Removable bollard 120/rm 800ixs – stainless steel brushed

Product Specification

·         Brand ·         Pilomat
·         Origin ·         Italy
·         DIMENSION ·         120x120mm
·         HEIGHT ·         780mm
·         STAINLESS STEEL THICKNESS ·         10 mm
·         BREAKOUT RESISTANCE ·         250.000 J
·         OPERATING TEMPERATURE ·         -40 °C +60 °C

Why Use This Product

As ram raiding and random ramming occurrences continue to occur, leading to harmful residence damage and injury or even loss of life to people on the streets in some instances, it's important for features to make sure that they are secure at all periods. There are many ways for industrial, commercial and certain personal places to avoid ramming injuries, keeping stores and other kinds of building entryways continually safe regardless of people existence. In addition to buffers such as rate lumps and wheel murderers, structures should have protection equipment that can stop automobiles immediately if they endanger the well-being of people on the streets and the architectural reliability of residence. Removable Crash Rated Telescopic Parking Bollard controls limitations focus on this purpose, offering 24-hour security for people and residence. There are several different kinds of visitors content that can hold up against low- and high-speed vehicle impact, based on the application. This Parking Bollard protection content is available to provide visible prohibition along with physical security.

The Removable Crash Rated Telescopic Parking Bollard is generally used to avoid the vehicle parking of unexpected automobiles, transportation and access by unexpected automobiles in drive-ways, and security of shatter-proof ms windows. Because of the process of vehicle parking, it is recommended that the detachable Telescopic Parking Bollard be used only if the quantity of everyday motions is restricted (if not, the automatic bollard should be used) or when the detail of set up does not allow for the setting up this security bollard.

Removable Crash Rated Telescopic Parking Bollard is also useful in places people visitors large, but they allow for complete removal if people visitors differ or if automobile access levels regularly change. When in place, most detachable content focus on sufficient security in low-speed automobile injuries. Customers can eliminate them and substitute them with ground filler injections that help cover up the set up location. This Bollard gives users the ability to raise and lower them at any time, offering heavy-duty security when brought up and closed and considering vehicle approval when reduced. They are easy to advance in immediate situations, enabling quick passing for urgent vehicles. Their shiny color provides effective visible prohibition for passing automobiles. These content are ideal for set up by factory doors and other areas that only allow access for approved employees at different periods.

Especially schools experience particularly large people activity, with many students and teachers walking from one campus building to another regularly. A mixture of Removable Crash Rated Telescopic Parking Bollard provides people and school property with the necessary protection. Educational institutions often have frequently modifying protection levels, which is why different types of bollards work for several options. Unique occasions take position at schools frequently, including school-related activities such as cultural functions, sports and graduating events. The lots of visitors to these special activities require protection from accidents and injuries, which is why certain places such as routes from vehicle parking plenty to structures can have short-term Removable Crash Rated Telescopic Parking Bollard in spot to prevent off traffic. If vehicle parking plenty are full, property owners can simply position this removable bollard in pre-installed ground flesh light sleeves to prevent them off to other vehicles. For worker vehicle parking areas, this parking Bollard provides quick access for staff with the use of customized padlocks, quickly increasing and lowering them.

Telescopic Parking Bollard prevents and attempts strikes, for example, vehicles crashing into the buildings. You may use this bollard operate to secure your resources like vehicles, equipment and buildings. Remember, this Bollard is really cost-effective, particularly if you consider the cost of whatever potential harm that they can avoid. Prevent unlawful car parking vehicles motorists cannot recreation area their vehicle in locations their vehicles don’t fit. You can keep Parking Bollard in open locations you want to prohibit vehicle parking. Furthermore, to stipulate paths and build urgent reroutes, you can simply use Removable Crash Rated Telescopic Parking Bollard available in the market. Give visual value visitors and protection control does not have to be uninteresting.

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    Nobarun International
     1 reviews
  • Tousif Hossain

      5 Star Hotel in Banani

    We use 4 Pcs of Bollard.
    Origin is: Ukrain
    Brand is TISU

    Everything is fine and running smooth.

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