RADISAFE Mobile Phone Atni Radiation Sticker Shield in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Scientific Opinion: It is scientifically proven that Mobile Phone Atni Radiation Sticker Shield is helpful for our body to protect us unwanted radiation that we cant’s see by only our eye’s. It’s using is healthy those who are using Any Mobile all should use this.
  • Safe From Dangerous Disease: By using this this Anti Radiation chip,stay away from dangerous disease like Cancer, Brain Tumor, and Heart Disease
  • Smart Size: It’s look so smart we all can easily use this Mobile Sticker Shield with our phone’s. We can use it with smart phone or tab or with Laptop.
  • Long Lasting: It is long durable by heavy use. actually it’s a chip so there is no chance to damage easily (in pack condition)
  • Product Quality: This is a very smart and elegant product for protecting you and your sweet baby from harmful radiation. We sale this product after the radiation verification. If you want, we show you how this device saves you & your family.

Product Features

·         Well Known and most reliable Mobile Mobile Phone Atni Radiation Sticker Shield.
·         Smart Look and elegant round shape design.
·         Long lasting in heavy to use in pack condition.
·         Using is so easy, that anyone can use it with any electronic appliance what are produced EMR.
·         Quality is high & and price is not so more.

Product Specification

·         Material:         ·         Silicone
·         Color·         Black
·         Waterproof:·         Yes
·         Brand Name:   ·          
·         Model·          
·         Place of Origin:·         China
·         Package:         ·         Oppbag with English manual
·         Function·         Anti radiation

Why Use This Product

Mobile Mobile Phone Atni Radiation Sticker Shield most used and reliable anti radiation chip in Bangladesh. It’s easy to use and looks like a smart sticker so that an user can easy use it with his/her smart product like iphone, android smart phone. The most important advantage of using Mobile Sticker Shield is protecting unwanted harmful radiation. In every moment we all are crossing/passing EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) what are extremely harmful to us for our health. Now it is the time to save us along with our family from suffering much disease like Cancer, Heart disease, and Brain Tumor.

The most important think is International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) include mobile radiation in Group 2B , there is really few major health risk are described , as we all have to use mobile so we must take a preventive step to protect radiation. So take decision and save your family From Harmful Radiation. When we use a phone or use a Router, it createsan EMR or radiation that is unseen to us to protect us from that harmful radiation we all should use Mobile Mobile Phone Atni Radiation Sticker Shield, this chip is make with elegant design. Its looks so good that once you see it you must like it. Its body make with Silicon. So we can use this chip with Any Phone, Likeiphone, Android Phone, Laptop, Wi-Fi Device, Router, smart watch, etc. it is long durable in pack condition. You can use this Sticker chip for long time in heavy use. Its shape is round sometimes it looks like a martlogo. It works like wall to protect radiation. When a person started to speaking with other’s by using call system then their automatically create a harmful radiation field that is unhealthy for us. However, if you use this anti radiation chip it destroys that radiation in once and save us. Mobile Mobile Phone Atni Radiation Sticker Shield is the well knownanti radiation chips that is protecting us from radiation. Its using process is so easy. That anyone can easily use this chip with any EMR produced Electronic appliance. However, we are providing an easy setup English manual to help you easy installation.


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