Original Garrett Handheld Metal Detector in Bangladesh

Lets See The Product Video

Key Points Of Product

  • Power full Sensor: There are very high quality sensor in this Garrett Handheld Metal Detector by which it can easily detect any kinds of metal even from 9 inch.
  • Alarm: When anything is found by scanning then an alarm can be heard clearly. As a result we can easily understand that something is found.
  • LED Signal: Normally there are 3 types LED such as yellow, green and red. At the time of scanning The green light turns on and when it detects something then the bright red color will signal in LED.
  • Battery: This is an electric instrument, so for operating it the power will be needed. In that case, we can it again and again by charging its battery.
  • Easy Operation: You can use this wonderful instrument very easily. Moreover if there is any problem to use it then you can see this video in below.
  • Accessories: You Also need to a charger, headphone, leather belt loop(you can hanging on to the belt) and a belt holder. You can buy these from us.

Product Features

Ultimate Sensitivity
Large 8" (20.3 cm) scan surface
Sharp audible alarm and bright red LED
Weatherproof rubber handle
Rugged, high-impact ABS case
Momentary push button
Improved Features
World Renowned

Product Specification

·         Model ·         PN 1165190
·         Three-color LED indication Green LED = ON



·         Width ·         3.25" (8.3 cm)
·         Thickness ·         1.625" (4.1 cm)
·         Length ·         16.5" (42 cm)
·         Total Weight ·         17.6 oz (500 g)
·         Operating Temperatures ·         -35º F (-37º C) to 158º F (70º C)
·         Battery Requirements ·         one 9V
·         Warranty ·         1 year

Why Use This Product

Generally we saw an instrument in police's hands on the way by which any type of metal things can be checked. Specially this instrument is used to check the criminal. Recently this Instrument can be seen in use by the security guards of many market place . The name of this instrument is Metal Detector. This machine is totally used by hand and for this reason it is called by Hand held metal detector.

There are many companies for making this type of instrument. By searching on Google we can understand easily that how much credit are goes to those companies for making this machine. Because this companies are from America and They are unwilling to compromise on any type of product in the field of Quality. as a result the major sell of metal detector is their possession in whole world. Even China has released some inexpensive metal detector but those product has many problems. With great difficulties after covering warranty period, there aren’t enough function but all the functions are easily can be seen in American Garrett Handheld Metal Detector. On the other hand the matter of life time durable is seen in only original product.

So, let’s take a look at what this metal detector has:

Sensitivity: there are very high quality sensor in this Garrett Handheld Metal Detector  by which it can easily detect any kinds of metal even from 9 inch. Suppose if a criminal has any kinds of pistol under their shirt and if you scan him then this machine easily can detect it. Again sometimes without pistol someone has knife or other arms. And if there are any metal things then those can also be detected by this Garrett Handheld Metal Detector.  

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