Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine

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Key Points Of Product

  • Body Material: Ideally, you need a commercial pasta maker machine that is all stainless steel and less plastic parts. Our Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine is made of food-grade stainless steel that is 100% hygienic. So the pasta it will make will pure and fresh.
  • Multiple Operations: Our Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine can bake different sorts of pasta, for example, seashell-molded pasta, tremella shape pasta, pentagon shape pasta, ear-shaped pasta, and so forth. This professional pasta machine comes with 3 dies that on that permit you to make your own spaghetti, linguine, and fettuccine. That is the reason why it is being called multi-functional. Our electric pasta machine is appropriate to crude materials like flour, rice flour or their blend.
  • Commercial Grade Machine: This heavy-duty pasta machine is very reliable pasta maker in terms of performance and producing consistent results. It is a commercial-grade machine compared to other competing brands.
  • Production Capacity: There are multiple options you can choose. It depends on how many kgs you want per hour. We have professional pasta machines that can produce 10 Kg/Hr., 15 Kg/Hr., 30 Kg/Hr. and 50 Kg/Hr. so that you can choose on your own.
  • Easy to Clean & Maintenance:Most of the industrial pasta machines are difficult to clean. But this commercial pasta making machineis relatively easy to clean. This is an automatic pasta maker, thoroughly does everything for you and they are perfect for commercial areas where you are always running out of time.
  • Low Power Consumption: Yes, it is known as Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine. But that doesn’t mean it will consume more electricity. Ourindustrial pasta makerrequires just 110V electrical connection.It has a built-in thermostat option, so it will save your electricity while multitasking.
  • Usages Area:This is one of the best electric pasta makers and built to play a vital role in therestaurant, hotel, canteen, party center, food court etc.

Product Features

·         Makes up to 8.8 lb. of pasta per hour
·         High output and low cost
·         Simple and safe to operate
·         Applicable to raw materials like flour, rice flour or their mixture
·         Ideal for restaurants, supermarkets, or Italian markets

Why Use This Product

Question 1: What is a Pasta Maker Machine?

Answer 1: A Pasta maker machine also referred to as a Pasta Rolling Machine, which is used to roll pasta dough into thin sheets of pasta. The Pasta Machine is one kind of machine that is driven by a motor or a hand-cranked machine that rolls out the dough, stretches it and then cuts it to size.sometime we call Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine for commercial or industrial use.

Question 2: What do you call a pasta maker?

Answer 2: You may call it kitchen pasta machines, likewise called pasta makers, are prevalent with cooks who make a lot of fresh-baked pasta. The cook feeds sheets of pasta dough into the machine by hand, and by turning a hand wrench, rolls the pasta to thin it gradually.

Question 3: Is eating pasta healthy?

Answer 3: At the point when eaten with some restraint, pasta can be a piece of a healthy diet routine. Entire grain pasta might be a superior decision for some, as it is lower in calories and carbs however higher in fiber and nutrients. Likewise, you can add your decision of protein to your pasta to transform it into a balanced supper.

Question 4:What makes a good pasta maker?

Answer 4: Commercial pasta maker machines are extraordinary at making level pasta however in case you are craving for rigatoni or other tube-shaped pasta, you need this machine. With the five included bite the dust circles, it can make rigatoni, bucatini, mezze penne, tortellini and fusilli.

Question 5: Why it is called Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine?

Answer 5: This is called a multi-function pasta machine because it can function like that. This multi-function pasta machine is phenomenal for cafés and grocery stores requiring high caliber and dependability for constant yield. Machines of this arrangement accompany 5 pasta dies on and subsequently, they are fit for delivering different sorts of pasta, for example, seashell-formed pasta, tremella shape pasta, pentagon shape pasta, ear-molded pasta, and so on. This machine is pertinent to crude materials like flour, rice flour or their blend.

Question 6: How does a pasta maker work?

Answer 6: Rolling pasta through a professional pasta machine produces proficient outcomes. First of all, flour a work surface and the rollers of the pasta machine. Then smooth out the chilled pasta dough into a square shape. Furthermore, narrow the rollers by changing the machine setting by one indent, at that point pass the moved pasta through the rollers once more.

Question 7: How to use a professional pasta machine?

Answer 7:

  • Set up a pasta machine over a towel, and append it to the edge of a work surface by fixing the machine's brace. Spot the wrench connection into the main opening, which is utilized to reveal the pasta. The wrench can be set in different gaps for cutting later.
  • Utilize a moving pin to level the Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine with the goal that it can fit into the pasta machine's roller. Turn the hand wrench to roll the mixture through the machine. On the main pass, ensure the machine's rollers are set to the largest setting. The rollers can be balanced utilizing the handle as an afterthought. Prior to each extra pass, daintily dust the mixture with flour. Overlap the mixture over itself, dust with flour, and straighten once more. Pass the mixture through at the amplest setting. Rehash this procedure yet again.
  • Residue the pasta batter with flour. With each pass, change the handle on the machine so the mixture progressively winds up more slender. Move to the ideal slenderness, contingent upon the sort of pasta being made.
  • Utilizing a baked good wheel shaper, cut the long pasta sheet into littler sheets that are equivalent long. They will be roughly 12-inches in length if making long noodle-type pasta assortments. Separate each sheet to keep them from adhering and to enable them to dry marginally preceding cooking.
  • To make stuffed pasta, roll the sheet so it is as slim as would be prudent, however can at present hold filling. Cut the sheets into useful sizes. Pipe filling straightforwardly onto the pasta, considering sufficient space between every bit to seal the pasta. Utilizing a splash container loaded up with water, delicately shower water over the filling and onto the pasta sheet. Overlay the sheet over and press down on the presented pasta to seal the batter over the filling. Utilize a stamp around the filling, and press out each bit of filled pasta. In the event that the sheet starts to adhere to the work surface, dust with semolina flour.
  • To store the crisp pasta, dust a sheet skillet with semolina flour. Spot the pasta on the sheet dish and store in the fridge for as long as a day, or stop strong for a time being.
  • When the thicker sheets of pasta have dried, they are prepared for cutting. On the off chance that cutting with the pasta creator, place the wrench in the opening that cuts the ideal pasta type, similar to tagliatelle. Residue the sheets and the machine with semolina flour. Roll each sheet through the area that feeds through the cutters. Residue with semolina flour and cook promptly, or store for few times.
  • In the case of cutting by hand, dust a sheet with semolina flour and lay it level on a cutting board. Move one side of the batter sheet until it arrives at the center. Roll the opposite side midway so it meets the inverse moved a bit. Utilize a cook's blade to slice the pasta to the ideal width. Slide a ruler underneath the cut pasta. Lift the ruler and the pasta should wrap over each side. Put the strands in a safe spot for further drying preceding cooking or putting away.

Question 8: How will you take care of a Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine?

Answer 8: The least complex thing to clean your Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine with is warm cleanser and water. Evacuate any connections and try to clean the spring and stick your connections go on. These can get stopped up with sustenance particularly in the event that you've begun the machine on a high setting and splattered your hitter.

Question 9: What is the difference between the two mixers?

Answer 9:Pasta Fresca is the most comprehensive machine and includes the trio of accessories for Sheets, Fettuccine and Tagliolini.

Question 10:How can you wash a Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine?

Answer 10:  You can tryout this formula to wash your pasta maker machine ----

  • Give parts a chance to dry for an hour and after that evacuate any dried dough utilize the Cleaning Brush.
  • Whenever dried mixture cannot be evacuated, attempt hand-tapping the connection. A toothpick can be utilized if important.
  • Never use a blade or other sharp object to remove excess dough.
  • Clean with a delicate, dry fabric and store attachment pieces in a dry spot at room temperature.

Question 11: How to lubricate your pasta maker machine?

Answer 11:

  • Clean appropriately after use as portrayed previously.
  • We prescribe utilizing a light mineral oil to grease up the apparatuses intermittently. Include a drop of mineral oil to every one of the furthest corners of the rollers or potentially cutters to grease up the riggings (4 areas).
  • This should be possible every year or after 50 uses.

Question 12: How can you remove rust from a professional pasta maker machine?

Answer 12: Sprinkle some baking soda over the corroded spots of the pasta cutter. Then give the baking soda a chance to stay superficially for 30 minutes. Wet a scrub brush with water and clean the rusted territories of the pasta shaper until no rust stays superficially. Wash the pasta cutter and dry it with the perfect material.

Question 13: What you should consider when you will go to buy a Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine?

Answer 13: Your first choice in picking up an automatic machine is whether you need a basic rolling machine, or like a great many people, you need a full-worked one that blends and kneads the batter before expelling your ideal style prepared for cooking. Quality and strength matters, as does the number and style of connections or shaping plates that make the different states of pasta. At long last, consider the speed and size of the machine and whether the parts can be placed into the dishwasher for simple cleanup.

Question 14:Where can I buy Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine in Dhaka Bangladesh?

Answer 14: Well, you will find commercial pasta maker in the markets, various shops or online. But if you consider the best quality and the things to consider in the last question; our Multi Functional Commercial Pasta Maker Machine would be the best choice for you.


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