Fully Automated Motorized Swing Barrier Gate in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Minimum Maintenance: This Fully Automated Motorized Swing Barrier Gate is made with latest technology brushless DC motors. So you are being free from anxiety of using carbon brush.
  • Stylish Design: This Swing Barrier Gate is adjustable in any society. It ensures you stylish design that you are searching for.
  • Anti Tailgating: It has capable of controlling tailgating situation that will remove your anxiety of unexpected tailgating.
  • Double Safety: This Swing Barrier Gate has been used IRC sensor and Automatic reverse system
  • Emergency Recovery: In case of electricity failure you can use it manually to save from any hazard or accidents.
  • Support Card Access System: This Automatic Motor  Controlled Swing Barrier also supports access card procedure to ensure you highest security.

Product Features

·         Brushless DC Motors
·         Magnificent design with premium stainless steel with elegant glass panel
·         Included High performance IRC Sensor for illegal passing
·         Automatic reverse system
·         Manually operation system
·         Anti rust and anti-septic technology used.

Product Specification

·         Model·         SWB200 series
·         Brand·         Magnet
·         Temperature·         -15° to 60C
·         Operating voltage·         DC 24V
·         Power supply input·         220V ± 10% AC, 50 / 60Hz
·         Power consumption·         100 watt
·         Humidity·         0 to 95%
·         Optimal traffic rate·         20 to 30 people per min
·         Motor type·         Brushless DC servo motor
·         Communication Interface·         RS485 / RS232
·         Working environment·         Indoors
·         Machinery mechanism·         Lossless mechanism
·         Control Input / Output·         6 channels relay control output
·         Control Input / Output·         4 channel dry contact signal input
·         Origin·         Malaysia

Why Use This Product

Are you searching for a highly secured and reliable automatic gate? Then Fully Automated Motorized Swing Barrier Gate could be your right selection.  This automatic gate offers you many exclusive facilities that you are looking for. This gate is operated by brush less DC Motor; you will have no tension of changing carbon brush now. Most of the gate are usually made with following normal technology and that’s why they are spoilt in the long run but This Barrier Gate are made following modern technology using anti-rust and anti-septic processed so this gate ensure long term reliability. Its design and styles are so much fashionable that you can use it in anywhere else Offices, Hotels, Houses, factories or in other places like this. It’s glass panel is highly attractive and cool. This gate included IRC sensor based technology for keeping notice on the people; it restrict illegal access. If someone try to access without access permission then this sensor work to close the gate automatically to prevent illegal access.  Fully Automated Motorized Swing Barrier Gate avail manual operating system, if suddenly the electricity failed or in some sudden occasion you can operate the gate manually to avoid unexpected situation. So, you are getting such types of gate which is secured and safe at a time and being automatic, you should not appoint anyone present beside the gate.  In any unexpected circumstance the gate works fully functionally without any trouble so it is going to relive you from the anxiety of security. Only 24V require to work this gate; so it is getting save your electricity. Tailgating is a very hazard and insecure situation in everywhere but the most significant feature of Fully Automated Motorized Swing Barrier Gate is the gate is automatically capable of controlling tailgating. So, it is getting more secure access that you are searching for. You can completely rely on this Swing Barrier Gate system without feeling any doubt. Now user of this gate has been rapidly increased viewing its facilities and opportunities. Moreover this gate is stable for longer time and made keeping high strength. In keeping with highest security facilities the gate is attached access card system so that it can ensure the secured public access. If the access card mode is on then no one will be allowed without accessing the secured cared in the system. So, you are getting all the secured facilities here in Fully Automated Motorized Swing Barrier Gate.


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