Automated Motorized Sliding Barrier Gate in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Brushless DC Motor: You have no tension of changing carbon brush now because this Automated Motorized Sliding Barrier Gate is made up with Brushless DC Motor.
  • High Security Option: This Automated Gate security system is so high that no one can enter without clear pass.
  • Smooth Movement: This motorized gate open and close smoothly and perfectly that you expect from this product.
  • Anti Tailgating: This gate is able to avoid over crowed and insecure access by its anti-tailgating system.
  • Smart Design: The glass panels and body look of Motorized Sliding Barrier Gate is made such a way that it’s become attraction of everyone.

Product Features

·         Easy going maintenance.
·         Highest security
·         Elegant and fashionable design
·         Anti tailgating system
·         Manual operation during Emergency.
·         Flip panel barricade.
·         Access card facilities.

Product Specification

·         Model·         SLB200 series
·         Brand·         Magnet
·         Temperature·         -15º  to 60º C
·         Operating Voltage·         DC 24V
·         Power input·         220V ± 10% AC, 50 / 60Hz
·         Power consumption·         30watt
·         Humidity·         0 to 95%
·         Optimal traffic rate·         20 to 30 people per min
·         Motor type·         Brushless DC servo motor
·         Wing panel·         10 mm thickness of glass
·         IR Sensor·         14 pair of IR sensor
·         Origin·         Malaysia
·         Warranty·         1 Year

Why Use This Product

Now a day’s everyone think more about the security of office, houses, companies, institutions, organization, and bank, like these other business and living sector. In this case Automated Motorized Sliding Barrier Gate System can be one of the best solutions in that purpose. This gate has brushless DC Motor that will reduce your work (changing carbon brush). This gate is operated in two different mode the first one is automated; this provides maximum security and on the other hand, you can also operate it manually, in some sudden cases like electricity failure, mechanical trouble or in some other cases. This Automated Motorized Sliding Barrier Gate will provide you maximum security. It has an access card system panel by which you can be ensured of secured access of the people. If someone want to enter forcedly the gate will closed automatically, it is very much effective to prevent illegal access. After accessing the access pass card it will cheek and then will allow you to enter into the gate. This is an Automated Motorized Sliding Barrier Gate, this gate has two flip panel barricade system after entering a card the wing panels will be apart automatically to grant your access. In case of design, it has uncompromising unique design that will attract the people at a glance. Its outlook, body color, stylish design made it unique and fantastic looks.  Its design and style is so much updated that you can use this Automated Motorized Sliding Barrier Gate in all class and level of society.  It is easy going to use; now everyone who has a little knowledge can operate the gate full functionally, On behalf of you this gate take a lot of responsibility and that’s why it has already reduce you industry. It is an unexpected thing in some occasions that often seen that people wants to access at a time and it creates crowd and illegal access to a secured place, to avoid this situation; this gate offers anti tailgating system. Now through this gate people will be bound to make a row to access as it does not allow more than one man at a time. As this Automated Motorized Sliding Barrier Gate provides highest security and lowest maintenance, so it’s popularity is increasing day by day. Most of the people who are seriously thinking about their access security are purchasing this product. This gate is offering you maximum facilities by which you can totally secure your access system.


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