Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector In Bangladesh

Product Code: NI 1304

  • Real Time Speedy Counter:You can set the speed of counting currency notes to 900pcs/minute,1200pcs/minute and 1500pcs/minute. The speed is highly reliable in case of heavy loads of pressure for counting.
  • Quick And Easy To Operate: The Money Counting Machine With Fake Note Detector user interface is user friendly and it is not complex to understand. The operator needs to know basic level English and that will be enough for operating the machine. There is a User Manual provided with the package for the best understanding and maintenance of the device.Note that This Counter machine does not able to Count bundle notes.
  • AUTO/Manual Starting Function:The operators for this machine can choose between starting and operating it manually or automatically according to their need and comfort.
  • Check Multi Currency:This Money Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector supports all of the currencies that are traded in the banks all over Bangladesh. Also, this machine is compatible with counting multiple currencies at the same time! This reduces operating delay and stress to a big deal and ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Warranty & Service: We Provide 2 Years Service& Parts Guarantee for this Machine.

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·         AUTO/manual starting function
·         Automatic cleaning sensor
·         A dual means of detection; 1. UV-ultraviolet 2. MG 3. IR 4. SIZE
·         Durable shassis with carrying handle
·         Suitable for multi-currency (US$, Can$, Euro, Ruble, HK$, Sterling, South Korea won, etc.)
·         Precaution leakage of pieces
·         Two sheets, halt note & notes stuck together detection
·         Quick and easy to operate
·         Automatic clearing
·         External customer display


·         Function buttons  “C” Auto, ADD, UV, MG, SIZE, IR, RESET, speed Control, 19keys
·         Banknote size(width/length): ·         50-100/100-190mm
·         Counting speed ·1000+ minute
·         Counting range ·         1-9999pcs
·         Batch range ·         1-999pcs
·         Feed countent ·         300pcs
·         Power supply ·         100-240V  50/60. Hz
·         Display ·         4 disgits LED
·         N.W: ·         6.5kg
·         Environment temperature: ·         0-40 centigrade
·         Overall dimension ·         315*295*295mm
·         Opposite humidity ·         40-90%

Why Use This?

Money Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector In Bangladesh is a highly needed inventory in banks to run swiftly. Banks cannot think of doing a single day without this thing as it relieves the operating officers from the immense hassle of counting banknotes manually. Keeping this in mind, Projuktishop has brought to you this much needed product! You can order and receive it from Dhaka now. This Machine is easily portable and it is built with sustainable ingredients like durable chassis and carrying handle. It supports most of the currencies of the world, so it is compatible with all the main currencies being traded in different banks in Bangladesh. The highest speed of counting banknotes by this device is 1500pcs/minute which is definitely up to the standard. It can detect difficulties like half notes, notes stuck together while counting and give immediate notification. On the other hand, this highly efficient currency counter can also identify fake notes while it operates. This is a huge benefit for the bankers and also the customers while performing transactions.  All in all, a handy, sustainable and very much up to date Money Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector it always can be for you!

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