Mechanical Tripod Turnstile Gate System in Bangladesh

Product Code: NI 1104

  • LED Display Pattern: You Can see a Arrow Signal in front of the LED Display Pattern For the direction of exit, enter and Stop.
  • Solenoid Locking Mechanism: This Mechanical Tripod Turnstile Gate System will totally remove the cost of your expensive electric motor and minimize maintenance cost.
  • Auto Rotatable Arms: The gate has three rotatable arms which are useful to control the public access through the gate.
  • Built in Adjustable Tensioner: Over rotation might be cause of temporary disable to the machine, in that purpose this Mechanical Gate has built in adjustable tensioner. It is so smooth that anyone even a child can move it without any strength.
  • Dual Directional Configuration: At the same time two people can be come in and go out through this gate.


·         Solenoid locking mechanism system
·         Auto rotatable arms
·         Built in adjustable tensioner
·         Bio-directional and uni-directional configuration
·         Attractive design


·         Model ·         TTS 310
·         Brand ·         Magnet
·         Power supply ·         AC230 ±10V
·         Power consumption ·         Idle 16W, Operating 30W
·         Response Time ·         0.3 Second.
·         Pass Speed ·         25 Person per minute.
·         Working temperature ·         25ºC to 55ºC
·         Working environments ·         Indoor
·         Life time ·         3,000,000
·         Net Weight ·         52 Kg
·         Passage width ·         60 cm
·         Arm ·         Stainless steel
·           ·          
·         Internal Mechanism ·         Mild Steel
·         Warranty ·         1 Year

Why Use This?

Crowding and over accessing is very common in many places like railway station, Banks, bus station, factories, college, any commercial building libriary stadium and in lots of parks or like this types of places. In this case Mechanical Tripod Turnstile Gate System can play a major role to control over access. This mechanical gate has three arms and that’s why it’s called “Tripod” these hands are used to control over access, 25 people can move through this gate within a minutes. So in case of over crowd in anywhere this gate is suitable to control the access jam. Its design is so much attractive that it is appreciable. It’s being bearable you can move it anywhere else and easy to install. This Mechanical Tripod Turnstile Gate System has solenoid locking mechanism system by which you can lock the gate anytime you wish. It is suitable for indoor but it also useable in outdoor. The arms and internal parts are made with stainless steel that’s why it will serve you longer time that you expect from this product. As there is no motors used in this Gate System, so it will not consume maximum electricity rather it need minimum electricity to operate the system so it is cost effective too. It is controllable to access for incoming and outgoing; if you wish you can easily configured both directional way as this system included bio-directional or uni-direction configuration. This gate has a smart lock mechanism system with a limit switch to detect rotation and effective re-lock back system; after entering one person the gate will automatically locked it also support delay function 5 second, 10 seconds, 15 seconds and 60 seconds. In sudden cases like electricity failure it automatically goes to free pass mode to avoid unrespectable circumstances. Mechanical Tripod Turnstile Gate System has set a led indicator for direction once the indicator goes on working mode the arms are unlocked and the arms get so smooth that any one even a small boy can move it without feeling any extra presser.

In this gate there is a DC Operation built is circuit breaker to keep safe from over voltage.

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