Manual Or Electric Meat Mincer Machine in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Grinding Capacity: Manual or Electric Meat Mincer Machine offers heavy performance grinding capacity. This mincer machine enables up to 1100-220 Kg/H production capacity.
  • Durable: Metal framework or stainless-steel framework guarantees durable ability. It will also be aware of deterioration. Silent and easy function, strength, and low servicing all help make the device hold its value for many years.
  • Blade: Heavy duty blade has measured with this mincer machine. The speed of this blade speed is 170r/min.
  • Easy Maintenance: The another benefit of this mincer machine is easy dismantling for cleaning and maintenance. So don’t worry, this machine won’t cause much trouble while cleaning or using it.
  • Usage Area: Manual or Electric Meat Mincer Machine is very useful especially for super shops, butcher’s shop, supermarkets, restaurants, meat departments, hunters and so on.

Product Features

·         Manual and Electric operated meat mincer machine.
·         Faultless service with longer durability.
·         Sturdy design perfect for modern kitchen equipment.
·         Fine medium and Coarse mincing meat output.
·         Multipurpose use including meat mincing.
·         Useable in all kitchen including home and restaurant.

Product Specification

Manual Meat Mincer Machine
·         Products type·         Meat mincer machine
·         Material·         Metal
·         Weight·         22.93oz /650g
·         Color·         Selective
·         Dimension·         6.3 x 5.9 x 2.76 inch (L x W x H)
Electric Meat Mincer Machine
·         Body material·         Plastic
·         Color·         White
·         Size·         21 x 26.5 x 33 cm
·         Wattage·         440w
·         Weight·         3.8kg
·         Reverse function·         Yes
·         Meat minced per min.·         1.5kg
·         Coarse, Fine, Medium mincing screen·         Yes
·         Mincing screen size·         8

Why Use This Product

What is Meat Mincer Machine?

Meat mincer machine is such types of machine by which you can mince or grind meat for cooking different types of recipes. As these machines are multipurpose facilities so you not only can mince the meat you can prepare noodles or sausages too.

There are two types of meat mincing machine depending on the operation the first one is Manual Meat Mincing Machine and the second one is Electric Meat Mincer Machine.  Both types of machine will be discussed here.

Manual Meat Mincing Machine: It is operated by a crank handle; so no electric charge needed for it. Any one can easily operate it through rounding the handle bar. Sometimes, we need to make noodles or make delicious sausage at home, it is now possible through this machine by putting the ingredient or the mixure in Manual Meat Mincing Machine.  Often we need to grind meat for cooking different types of food and now become very easy grinding the meat without chopping and cutting with knife. The body of Manual Meat Mincing Machine is made with metal and built with strong structure so that during using the machine it doesn’t get break down. This is easily carriable to anywhere else you want. So, you can use it not only grinding and mincing meat but also useable in different purpose too.

Electric Meat Mincer Machine: For operating this types of Meat mincer machine you need electricity connection in to it. You can grind 1.5kg meat within a minutes so it will be time effective in case of large amount of meat to grind. The user can get three different types of grinding or mincing meat like Fine, medium and coarse form this Mincer Machine. Usually it is seen that all the kitchen of Large and famous kitchen need grinding large scale of meat daily, or sometimes it is seen that at kitchen in our home need to prepare different types of sausages or noodles or other things like pasta in that case this machine is unmatched. So, You can have this Electric Meat Mincer Machine for your own purpose.

These Meat mincing machines have already been using in the kitchen of big and famous hotels, restaurants or in the kitchen at home in our country. Both Manual Meat Mincing Machine and Electric Meat Mincer Machine  are available in Dhaka Bangladesh. You can get it without much effort.



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