Hotel Power Key Cards System In Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Works For Different Key: The Hotel Power Key Cards System is such kind of a card which can work as Mi-fare card key switch, RF card key switch and even magnetic card key switch. Moreover it works perfectly for any kind of power switch cards, even with a visiting card it can work compatibly.
  • High Security With Re Programmable Feature: The electronic lock system can be reprogrammed as desired to ensure the exact kind of lock mechanism the user wishes for.
  • Fashionable and Modern Design: The design of the Power Key Cards System is extensively fashionable, modern and all the way controllable kind of a electronic lock system is this one.
  • Perfect Hotel Room Security Management: Managing lots of hotel rooms gets easier and customer satisfaction is imminent with the use of this product.

Product Features

Stand alone electronic lock with RFID technology
High security stainless steel lock case available
High security mechanical override cylinder available, anti-hacker technology is used for security assurance
400 event audit trial
4AA batteries power up the device that provide 1 year normal life time usage
High return in value for investment as it ensures superior automotive experience
11 free sectors for future all-in-one card application use

Product Specification

·         Technology used·         RFID
·         Indicator specification·         LED
·         Lock case·         Stainless steel
·         Battery type·         4 AA
·         Lock memory details·         Future proof

·         Reprogrammable FLASH RAM lock memory

·         Compatibility·         BIS HOTEL Software platform
·         Mechanical override cylinder·         High security

Why Use This Product

Hotel Power Key Cards System or Electronic Lock System is already a hugely revolutionary invention of modern science. In Bangladesh, this concept is yet to get a boom, but nevertheless, the big boom is imminent due to our advancement and growing knowledge over the technological products all around the world. Understanding the value of such kind of technological products, Projuktishop’s dedicated research thus has come up with this unique, market-rocking and highly productive Hotel Power Key Cards System for our invaluable customers and the people of Bangladesh.  We are providing this profitable product on demand. The concept of this product is fairly simple: it is an electronic lock system. Thus it assures way more security, ease of use and safeguarding features than those of the manual traditional lock and key systems. It is an automated product for safeguarding your precious belongings without making you worried. The Cards System has a massive compatibility feature. It can be used with almost any sorts of cards to do the guarding tasks done. Mi-fare cardkey switch, RF cardkey switch, any magnetic cardkey switch and even the simple visiting cards could be used to run the system at your desired place and environment. You can amaze your guests by the use of this Hotel Power Key Cards System in your home. For commercial side of the usability, this product has all the potential to be one of your most valuable investments ever due to some of its very much needed and beneficial features. It adds to the competitive technological edge for your hotel to a greater extent and shows how advanced you are with the use of technological systems to run your hotel. The reprogrammable feature of the Power Key Cards System allows you to code and apply your own kind of security features (as to which cards it will accept as keys and which ones it won’t). In this way, more security measures could be applied and the customers could be served by those. The Key Cards System shows more professionalism by recognizing information on handheld Service Unit for better information and management. Moreover, the superb usability of this electronic card lock system is expressed through the integration feature with different other application of your hotel with greater ease of use in check-in facility as well! All of these amazingly cost effective, timely and security-ensuring features make the Hotel Power Key Cards System a reliable product for using it both for your personal and business purposes.


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