High Quality NFC Wristband in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Ultra Light in Weight: NFC Wristband is an ultra light device, which is super convenient and comfortable to use. You will never find it as a disturbing one; even you will hardly notice its presence on your wrist.
  • Waterproof and Quake Proof: The NFC Wristband is totally waterproof and quake proof too. You can easily use it in swimming, water skating, scuba diving or in hard and tough sports without any hesitation in mind.
  • Multi Sector Use: You can use this device for various purposes like access control, time attendance, personal tracking and so on.
  • Stylish and Smart Design: The wristband is damn smart and dashing by look and has multiple color option, which will surely and easily make you convinced to use it.

Product Features

·         Fully Compatible with ISO14443A/ISO18000-6C
·         Ultra Light Weight
·         Waterproof
·         Quakeproof
·         Super Longevity
·         Stylish and Fashionable
·         Accurate Operating Capability

Product Specification

·         Wristband Dimensions·         74mm x 65mm
·         Construction Material·         Silicon
·         Protocol·         ISO14443A/ISO18000-6C
·         Operating temperature·         -10C to 60C
·         Chip·         Mifare 1K
·         Other Features·         Waterproof
··         Ultra Light Weight
··         Quack Proof

Why Use This Product

NFC (Near Field Communication) Wristband is one of the most used devices in the world these days. It is used specially in concerts or carnivals in developed countries, where it is used for access control management and personal tracking purpose. At present, it is being used in Bangladesh too, though not widely. But, it has a lot of applications and usability and can be used in many sectors. It is waterproof and thus can be widely used in water related sectors like swimming pool, water amusement park, scuba diving, sauna, spa, water skating and many other sectors. It is quakeproof too, and can be used without doubt in sports. It is very light weighted that; you will hardly notice its present. NFC Wristband’s fashionable-smart design and various colors will surely enhance your style. Moreover, it can be used in access control, personal tracking, attendance management and many other sectors. It is highly affordable; you can buy this product at a very cheap price in Bangladesh.


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