High Quality NFC PVC Card in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Cost Effective: NFC PVC Card is available to buy at a very cheap price in Bangladesh. It needs no type of power source to operate thus operating cost remains zero. And it also provides service for years and this is why you need not to by any other card for many days.
  • Use of Modern Technology: Modern technology being used in the NFC PVC Card. You will get more benefits in it than typical PVC cards.
  • Light Weighted and Appropriate Size: It is ultra light weighted and of appropriate- reasonable sixe to carry and use.
  • Programmable Functions: NFC Card is fully programmable, which means this card is readable and writable as per requirement.
  • Waterproof: This device comes with water proof feature for better usability and convenience of use.

Product Features

·         In Compliance with ISO 14443A Protocol
·         Made of High Quality PVC Which Lasts for Very Long Time
·         Waterproof
·         No Power Consumption
·         Fully Programmable
·         Thermal Transfer Printable
·         Light Weighted and Appropriate Size

Product Specification

·         Card Dimensions·         85mm x 54mm
·         Integrated Chip·         NTAG203
·         Printing Capacity·         Thermal Transfer Printable
·         Programming Capacity·         Readable and Writable
·         Protocol Type·         ISO 14443A
·         Memory Capacity·         142 bytes
·         Construction Material·         PVC
·         Shape Type·         Rectangle
·         Thickness of Card·         0.84 mm

Why Use This Product

Nowadays, everyone wants to use a NFC (Near Field Communication) PVC Card rather than a typical or blank PVC card for its greater benefits or extended usabiliaty. It can serve you as the ID card along with other integrated useful features like personal tracking, time attendance, access control, payment management and so on. It is also quite cheap by price and within reach of every one. Now, it is being used in Bangladesh too in some places and its demand is increasing day by day. You can use NFC PVC Card in educational institutions, offices, industries, showrooms, garments etc places for personal tracking and time attendance or payment purpose. You can also use it for car parking, fare payment, access control and many other purposes. PVC construction also ensures the long lasting lifetime of the card. Light weight, waterproof feature, easy carrying capacity and low price make the device very popular and reliable one to its users. You can buy it at a low price in Bangladesh.


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