Heavy Duty Rubber Car Parking Wheel Stopper in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Extremely Durable: Rubber Car Parking Wheel Stopper is a kind of wheel stopper that will not warp, crack or rot. This high impact resistance wheel stopper is designed for long lasting and cost efficient.
  • Used Synthetic Rubber: This car rim stopper is made of high-quality synthetic rubberized which is dark in color. In reality, rubberized rim prevents are now most recommended because of the low accident they produce. 
  • Used Reflective Tape: This Rubberized wheel stopper measures yellow reflective tape. This reflective tape increases visibility for both pedestrians and motorists. Even it will be clearly visible at night. 
  • 2 Ways Installation: It’s really easy to handle and able to be installed. You can install it both in temporary or permanent condition. The advantage of rubberized rim prevents is you can quickly transportation them anywhere you like being they can be carried. 
  • 100% Weather Proof: Rubber Car Parking Wheel Stopper is totally stable and resistant to moisture, oil, and extreme temperature variations. Thus it makes 100% weather proof.   
  • Area of Use: These types of wheel stoppers are perfect and best for your garages, parking lots and some other areas where wheel stops are needed.

Product Features

·         Made of high-quality synthetic rubber
·         Highly visible & extremely durable
·         Temporary or permanent installation
·         Reflective tape ensures max. visibility even at night
·         Resistant to UV rays, moisture, oil & extreme temperatures

Product Specification

·         Brand·         Geelian
·         Model 

·         GL-DWQ -A

·         Origin·         China
·         Dimension·         600*120*100 mm

Why Use This Product

Road accident is now happening regularly due to reckless driving and carelessness. It's high time to be careful about lives. This is why we need more equipment on the road which could reduce the risk of accidents. Here we bring one of the greatest anti-incident equipment Rubber Car Parking Wheel Stopper for you so that it can reduce.

What are car wheel or rim stoppers? For sure you already have a reaction in your ideas as it is very obvious from the offered term. Yes, vehicle rim stoppers are used to stop the rim or wheel. It’s so simple actually. But where will you need to stop the rim or wheel like why the need of rim prevents to stop the wheels when the driver can do that easily? That is right, the driver can indeed do that but there are a lot of times when they either break too late eventually where they really need to gradually down like when there are children crossing variety in category locations, or maybe their foot brake are not really that conscious at all. There are a lot of times when vehicle drivers will need to gradually down like when doing a turn, in category locations, crossings and so on. They also need to gradually down when about to fit. But you are thinking that these wheel stoppers may be expensive! No, we are giving the best wheel stoppers in the business with reasonable price. Here’s the best way to making sure your vehicle parking area of your commercial business or shopping mall is well-organized and provides appropriate vehicle parking places and outstanding security for your visitors. Make sure you set up in each vehicle parking area, quality car park wheel stops by Projuktishop, the top service of the best possible wheel stopper in Bangladesh. Wheel stoppers are great for protecting your curbs and places from vehicles dangerous them and also leading to damage to the vehicles in the process. They assist in making a boundary between difficulties and stop journey further than the boundary the wheel stops make. The best thing is, they do this without leading to damage to the car or its wheels. A rubberized wheel stopper like this is made from a 100% reprocessed rubberized. In comparison to concrete wheel stoppers, for sure you can already think about the big distinction. In fact, rubberized wheel stoppers are now the most recommended because of the low accident they produce. Aside from that, in contrast to concrete rim or wheel stoppers, Rubber Car Parking Wheel Stopper will not decrease since they are shaded instead of just painted and also, they will not split and will not chip as well. This is why; they are fantastic for your car slots, vehicle parking a lot and some other areas where wheel stoppers are needed. The excellent aspect about rubber wheel stops are you can easily transport them anywhere you like is they can be taken. You cannot say the same with the concrete rim or wheel stops though as because they are merely created out of concrete, they are really huge and will only be moved with the help of appropriate components. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor car parks and are light enough to be easily installed. Rubber Car Parking Wheel Stopper can also provide a number of other benefits, in comparison to many other components. Rubberized is very long lasting and extremely durable which indicates that the rim or wheel stop will be less susceptible to breaking, splitting or smashing. This can be very useful as some drivers will not be as chronic as others, and could end up and also wheel check out rate. Additionally, the rubber wheel stop will be more versatile on your car, as concrete can be probably very dangerous if it makes getting in touch with power on a car. Usually, rubber wheel stoppers offer a more durable, cost-effective and practical choice for features big or little. If you are considering the number of selections for rim or wheel stoppers, contact us. Projuktishop would be satisfied to discuss your requirements and support you in determining the choice best appropriate to your needs. So, if you are in need of wheel stopper, you can make use of rubber wheel stopper instead as they have more advantages. Wheel stoppers are indeed valuable to use but that is only if you know how to pick them.


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    Can i use this my parking area for home use?

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    We use this awesome product on our project (NAVANA DAISY FLORENZO,Gulshan 2)

    Quality is so much good

    Hope next we want work together .

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