Golden and Silver Color ID Card in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Colorful Card: This type of ID card has wonderful and superb color combination, that’s why it looks like good one. Especially Golden and Silver color ID Card is awesome among all.
  • Different Color: We are able to delivery blue, green, yellow, white and other colors PVC ID Card except silver and gold color.
  • Lamination: We have both lamination and without lamination Color ID Card.
  • Easy Identifying: If there are same color’s ID Card in school or company for use then just imagine how nice to look it will. After looking this card anybody can easily recognize and understand that it is one of those school or companies man.

Product Features

Different Color
Best Quality
Lamination & Without Lamination
Thermal Printed

Product Specification

·         Material ·         Gold/ Silver PVC
·         Size ·         85.5mmx54mm
·         Thickness ·          0.76mm
·         Color ·         Glossy
·         Enable to be thermal printed ·         Yes

Why Use This Product

For introducing ourselves we started to use PVC ID Card in school, college, university except office. Now we see ourselves or to the people which kind of ID card, are mostly white or light white color. Over time, the ID card printing has become a profitable business. Before someone or some company works with these but now there are more and more company to do this type of work. Moreover many people started their own business by Purchasing Good quality ID Card Printer.

So, ID Card has same size, only different is in quality and colors. There are 2 types of ID card such as PVC and Proximity/RFID Card. But most of the people wants color ID Cards for their customer’s choice. That’s why we are able to deliver you green, blue, yellow, white and other colors ID card except silver andGolden and Silver color ID Card In that case we can deliver product to you by home service in Dhaka and also can deliver via SA Poribohon in the outside of Dhaka.

So, when will you order to reinforce your ID Card Printing Business??

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