Origin USA Garrett PD 6500i Walk Through Metal Detector Price in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Multi Zone Detection: Garrett PD 6500i Walk Through Metal Detector comes with 33 pinpoint detection zones, which is far better than any other walk through metal detectors and provides more accurate result.
  • Both Side Screen Display: The detector has both side displays to show international signs like “Stop”, “Go” etc or showing light alarm.
  • Super Battery Backup (Optional): Garrett PD 6500i Metal Detector can provide a super battery backup of up to 30 hours.
  • Mobile Use: You can move the detector and can take it anywhere. It has plug and play usability and has super mobility option. It is also quite light weighted.
  • High Sensitivity: The device is highly sensitive in case of detection.
  • Password Protection: The metal detector comes with password protection feature for more personal usability.

Product Features

·         20 plus security program installed
·         Highest security certification from international authorities
·         Only authorized walk in scanner for use in US and European countries airports
·         Advanced technology used for detection purpose
·         Highly versatile to be used in different places like airports, schools, shopping malls etc
·         IP55 standardized product
·         Waterproof

Product Specification

·         Overall Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) ·         35" x 87" x 23"
·         Passage Dimension (W) x (H) x (D) ·         30" x 80" x 23"
·         Weight of shipping ·         74 kg
·         Power Requirement ·         100 to 240 VAC (fully automatic), 50/ 60 hertz
·         Battery Backup (optional) ·         10-hour or 30-hour (depends upon requirement)
·         Operating Temperature ·         20° to 50° Celsius
·         Storage Temperature ·         40° to 70° Celsius
·         Humidity ·         Up to 95 percent, non- condensing
·         Alarm Type ·         Light and Buzzer

Why Use This Product

Garrett PD 6500i Walk Through Metal Detector is the only walk in metal detector which is approved for the use in airports of United States and European countries. That provides the message, how well that device can perform. It is the most demandable walk through metal detector in Bangladesh. Garrett is a globally acclaimed and most trustworthy manufacturer of security devices and this particular metal detector is a master piece of this company. The detector is consists of 33 pinpoint zones to fully checkup each inches of human body and to detect even a small size of metal. That is said, that device is equivalent to other two devices, as its scans two times by transmitter and receiver. PD 6500i Walk-Through Metal Detector is the device, which achieved the highest number of international security certification; that means no compromise with security. For a country like Bangladesh, where crime is a huge headache, that type of security concern should be employed in your organization and even in your home to keep your family and yourself safe and secured. The price is also within the reach and you can buy it from Bangladesh now.

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