Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine

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Key Points Of Product

  • Self-Executing Machine:The Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine works automatically so it can work on its own. It has a built-in microcomputer which tracks the seal and feed the cup. It automatically seals the cup. This machine will save your time because it seals more than 300 cups in an hour which is perfect for commercial usage.
  • Top-notch Design: This electronic cup sealing machine is a powerful product. It has a long-lasting design and a strong finish. The material is made of stainless steel which is totally tough and premium-looking. You can use this powerful automatic cup sealing machine 24/7 and it will still last for a long time.
  • Production Quantity: This smart cup sealing machine can seal above 300-400 cups in an hour on a daily basis. It is totally ideal for commercial usage. You can serve take-away drinks in your restaurant every day. This electronic cup sealing machine can provide customers that need to produce a lot of cups in a short amount of time.
  • Solid Performance: This Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine takes up to 360W with a voltage of 220V/50hz-60hz which consumes less electricity. This electronic cup sealing machine has two modes: Automatic and Manual. If you are using it in manual mode, then it will not use electricity.
  • Multiple Usage: The powerful cup sealing machine can seal coffee, smoothie, milk, tea, fresh juice and many more. It is very firm and portable so you can use the sealer to seal “take-away” packages to your customers.The reason that these types of sealing machines are used is so that customers don’t spill their drinks.
  • Usage Area: You can use the electric cup sealing machine at a restaurant, coffee shops, fast food stands, juice bar and snack bar. People love take-away drinks. So if you have a machine like this cup sealing machine, you can serve to your happy customers.
  • Advertisement: You can advertise your brand or your company logo because the film of the cup sealer can print ads (Optional). You can use it as print media and promote your business.
  • Easy Maintenance: Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine is very user-friendly and easy to use. It can seal 200ml, 230ml, 500ml plastic cups. It includes indicator lights along with a long handle so that you can use it comfortably.

Product Features

·        Completely automatic machine
·        Multi-Functional: has many options and functions
·        Can seal all types of material
·        Safety-Oriented Design
·        Low Power Consumption

Product Specification

·        Voltage:·        220V/50hz
·        Sealing Capacity:·        300-400 cups per hour
·        Material:·        Stainless steel
·        Dimensions:·        282*370*540 mm
·        Height(of sealing cups):·        15cm max.
·        Diameter(of cups):·        9cm, 9.5cm
·        Weight:·        28kg, 61.7lbs

Why Use This Product

What is a cup sealing machine?

A cup sealing machine is a commercial equipment which helps you seal different types of drinks so they don’t spill their drinks on themselves. It also protects your drinks from dust and waste. It keeps the standard freshness of liquid juices, drinks and beverages. They create an air-tight sealing on the top of the cups so they do not get spilled or ruin the freshness of the drinks.

How does a cup sealing machine works?

A heat sealer machine applies thermal energy to the highest point of the container. It just takes a second or two to melt both of the ends of the bags together if the material is thermos-sealable. The procedure is totally safe and there is no residue left.

How to set up an Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine Machine?

Step 1: Attach the film roll reel on the two ends of the film

Step 2: On the left side, attach the used film reel. You have to make sure the gears are locked in place

Step 3: On the right side, place a washer inside. Insert the film reel in place. The film should be                                     rotating counter clockwise

Step 4: Place a spring on both the sides

Step 5: Place a clamp on each sides in order to secure reels in place

Step 6: Place the film under the bar on the right side

After you are done with the installation process, it should be up and running to seal drinks.

Why you should use an Automatic Cup Sealing Machine?

The electronic Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine is intended for people who run restaurants or cafes and have a requirement of 300-400 cups per hour. It is meant for commercial usage. If you run beverage stores or fast-food stands and you have such high production requirements, then you will find this machine incredibly useful.


Why restaurants and cafes use this cup sealing machine?

Restaurants and cafes use them because it saves their time and they can fill out large drink requirements of their customers. The Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine seals cups so you don’t have to use much effort for this. As the machine can seal 300-400 cups in an hour, customers are left satisfied and don’t have to worry about their drinks getting ruined or spoiled. This machine is very popular in western countries.

What type of cups can this machine seal?

This electronic machine can seal plastic PP(polypropylene), PET(polyester), PE(polythene), PS(polystyrene). Usually, most paper cups are 90mm whereas PP cups are 95mm and PET cups are 98mm. This machine can seal all of this material.

Why are drinks sealed?

The drinks are sealed with a sealing machine in order to make the drinks spill-free until you are ready to drink it. A lot of people like take-away drinks but if the drinks are not sealed, then it would completely spill. So you can seal the take-away drinks so that they don’t spill.


Can a Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine be used manually?

There are options or switches that lets you use the device manually instead of automatically. In that way, the manual machine won’t be using any electricity.


What are the Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine?

AFully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machineis very compact and it is easy to move it around. This smart cup sealing machine provides you fast packaging of drinks. It makes your take-away drinks spill-free. It seals your drinks automatically and very quickly which saves you time and effort. This machine provides an ergonomic solution for people in the fresh drinks industry who have a big production requirement.


How to use an Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine?

Step 1: Place a temporary glass or cup on the tray.

Step 2: Press it on.

Step 3: Boom! Your drink is now sealed. You can serve it to your customers.


How can you promote your brand by using a cup sealing machine?

The film of the cup sealer can print ads so you can easily promote your brand or logo by using this electronic sealing machine(Optional). You can use it as a print media and represent your business and make you look high-class.

How long is the Product Warranty?

The Product Warranty is for a year. We also offer support if you have any problems. You do not have to worry about the machine losing its warranty soon.

Will the cups stay sealed with hot drinks?

The electronic sealing machine can seal hot drinks. Whether it is tea or coffee or other drinks, this machine can seal those type of warm drinks and it will stay sealed until you drink them.


 Can the Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine seal curd cups?

The electronic cup sealing machine can seal curd cups. However, the diameter should be 80mm or 95mm.


Is the Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine durable?

This electronic cup sealing machine is amazing. It has a durable design and it is very strong. The material is stainless steel which is absolutely sturdy and it looks fabulous. You can utilize this ground-breaking automatic cup sealing machine daily and it will not have any problems or residue.


Is the smart cup sealing machine easy to use?

You do not need to panic while using a user-friendly machine like this. It is very simple and easy to use. This smart Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine can seal 200ml, 230ml, 500ml plastic cups. It can also seal paper and curd cups. It has a long handle with indicator lights so using it should not be a hassle for you. As we mentioned, it is very user-friendly and you will have no problem after setting it up.

What is the price of Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine?

You’re going to find Fully Automatic Cup Sealing Machine at a very reasonable price .Just call our official mobile no.

Where can I buy Fully Automatic Plastic Cup Sealing Machine in Dhaka Bangladesh?

You will find the best cup sealing machine here at a reasonable price! Call us or visit our website. We Nobarun International provide the best cup sealing machines everywhere in Bangladesh.

What is The automatic cup sealing machine price in Bangladesh?

Price Depends on import rate and situation. Price starts from 60,000 to 90,000 bdt.


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