Semi Automatic Full Height Turnstile Gate in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • 60° Rotation Auto Lock: If this Semi Automatic Full Height Turnstile Gate turns half then it will go forward and close automatically. Again if it turns back then it will work with same manner.
  • Integration With Access Control:  If you wish, you can integration this gate for time attendance with any kinds of access control. As a result there is no need to use RFID Card or Fingerprint machine.
  • Force Ability: No one can break this gate by applying 70 kg Equal force or push.
  • Emergency Recovery: If there is any kinds of electric problem then it will work manually. As a result everyone can exit through this gate.
  • Minimum Maintenance: You do not need to maintain it for a long time because it is made stainless steel Turnstile Gate System.

Product Features

·         Minimum Maintenance
·         60° Rotation Auto Lock
·         70 KG Force Ability
·         Integration With Third Party Access Control Machine
·         Emergency Recovery

Product Specification

·         Power and Voltage ·         AC 220V
·         Machinery mechanism ·         MTHT™ Lossless mechanism
·         Communication interface ·         Dry contact / RS485 / RS232
·         Passing speed ·         20 ~ 30people / min
·         Operation Temperature ·         -15 ~ 60
·         Operation voltage ·         DC 24V
·         Rated power ·         30W(normally open)
·         Working environment ·         Indoors/outdoors
·         Humidity temperature ·         0 ~ 95% (non- condensation)
·         Operation times ·         ≥5 million times
·         Warranty ·         1 Year

Why Use This Product

Normally there are many kinds of gate is to be used for navigation of many peoples Among those gates as like Flap barrier GateTurnstile gate system is more popular in whole world. There is different kinds Turnstile gate system. Among all Full height turnstile gate system is used the places where more security is required.Today we will discuss about this Full height turnstile gate system.

If you want to set a gate system in your office or factory by which there will be no chance to jump over the gate by anyone then this gate system is perfect solution for you.usually the gate is height of 7 feet. If you wish you can make it by own way. There is a steel plate on these 7 feet; as a result no one can cross the gate. Especially it is used to confine and to control all the gate. Moreover this is used in many places such as in the ticket line of playground, for monitoring officer and employees access of factory or office, in mega shop, in the big market and in many cases it is also used in front of the VIP house.

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