Slush Frozen Drink Dispenser Slushy Maker Machine in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Computer Control System: Slushy Maker Machine is an electronic auto-controlled and of a high-quality machine. You can on/off the machine, turn the lights on while making and turn chill or freeze mode too by just pressing the switches. Then it will take 30-45mins to slush to come out.
  • Tank and Capacity: All tanks of this Slush Frozen Drink Dispenser are made of PC (Poly carbonate) material which is of high and low temperature resistance and also unbreakable, innoxiously, anti foaming, good flexibility and removable too. The overall capacity actually depends on the model you choose. But the standard and general model provides 15L * 2 per hour, which is more than enough for a restaurant that serves slushes.
  • Low Noise Cooling Fast: We are familiar with the proverb that says ‘talk less, work more!’ This frozen drink machine is an example of that. The double-sided refrigeration leads to the fast cooling and high efficiency of slush making with less noise.
  • World Famous Compressor: You will get the world famous imported brand like Embraco or Denfoss branded compressor if you buy our ice slush machine. We can provide slush machine as you wish where you can use one of these brands with our slush machines.
  • Easy to Use: All parts that are used in Slushy Maker Machine are user-friendly and environment-friendly. It is easy to move, simple to maintain and easy to operate.

Product Features

·         Slush comes during 30-45mins
·         Evaporation cylinder separate refrigeration
·         Easy to move , simple to maintain & easy to operate
·         304 stainless steel panel and copper pipe inside
·         1 Year service warranty.

Product Specification

·         Voltage·         220V/380V
·         Power(W)·         300W
·         Weight·         35kg
·         Dimension(L*W*H)·         570*300*730mm
·         Material·         Stainless Steel

Why Use This Product

Why slushy maker machine is important for commercial or restaurant use?

The food has been prepared, chairs and systems set, music with the DJ is ready, and the party is ready to begin. What about the drinks and beverages? Well, if it is your party, or someone partying in your restaurant, then you have to bring out something special to make their mood with your drinks and beverages. Whether you are the host or the event organizer you can always try something new at a party. Drinks come in many offers, and you can arrange for them in various ways. The common ones are the drink counters or having them served through waiters on trays. An alternative is a slushie, which is an outstanding and fantastic way to carry in flavored drinks into the party. You, as your party or event organizer or the owner of a restaurant, can opt for slush frozen drink dispenser easily through great channels, who are suppliers of party organizing items.

Slush frozen drink dispenser often known as a slush system or margarita system, allows your restaurant, cafe, food court or home to offer several of quality cold or chilled beverages. Having awesome beverages available can improve sales and provides customers a calming break during summer time season or charming treats year-round. Since they are available in many different styles and types, it is important to know what you want to give and how much you will need to give each day before investing in one. But if you are planning to invest on one, then try our Slush Frozen Drink Dispenser Slushy Maker Machine. It will make your money worth. Slushy Maker Machine could be a really welcome improves to your customer or crowd-pleasing selection. They work for individuals of all age groups and can offer you the benefit you need. Sometimes, nothing can be better than offering individuals to be able to get top-notch cold drinks, beverages or slushies. Whether you want to blend up the perfect slushy, smoothie, or frozen cocktail, it’s important to know what type of slushy / granita system will best provide your needs. By presenting our slush frozen drink dispenser in simply perspective of your customers, you will manage to increase sales when they see they are delivering, bright shady slushy beverages within.

Whether you have a pour over or auto-fill machine, the item flows down from the hopper into a freezing cylinder or barrel, and a rotating system called an auger circulates the beverage inside the tank as it freezes, resulting in the "slushy" continuously. When the mix has frozen to the desired consistency commercial margarita machine will allow you to adjust this—your drink can be dispensed from the front of the machine. Slush frozen drink dispensers are the best known for offering slushies in a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, food court to be and margaritas in bars or pubs, but they can also be a great way to give such as trendy soft drinks. No problem kind of drink you want to give, your drink mix will likely come in the kind of a liquid concentrate or granulated powder, both of which need to be mixed thoroughly before being involved with the frozen beverage machine's hopper. A great way to bring wide range in beverages is by getting Slush Frozen Drink Dispenser Slushy Maker Machine, which makes more than two tastes at once. Since slush frozen drink dispenser is self-handled, your loved ones can just get beverages with just a simple press of the switch. It is an entertainment to get one for your event in your restaurants or complimentary slushy. Self-operating machine always easy to maintain in a restaurant and a normal waiter can manage that, and you do not have to hire an expert waiter for that. Superstores, bars, restaurants, and cafes can have all the huge benefits of a quality slush frozen drink dispenser. Slushy Maker Machine is not only capable of producing exquisitely textured juices but also frozen coffees or cappuccinos and even delicious cocktails. Why not make an effort to add slush to your menu? Decorate a serving glass with sugar crystals, complete with a spicy slush which you choosing and garnish with complementing fruits. The outcome is an alternate yet an effective end to meals that will keep a large impact.

Having a slush frozen drink dispenser in your restaurant can be remarkably profitable. If you are considering buying one, try our Slushy Maker Machine. You will get back to it a few times until you are 100% prepared to deal with everything on your own. The most essential factor you have to concentrate on is the kind of slush-maker you get. We help you to get one that fills up instantly because it helps you to save money. Of course, the choice is yours. We wish the following information has involved everything you wished to have in your slush frozen drink dispenser that you are planning to buy. Do not forget to call us.



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