Folding Arm Car Parking Barrier Gate in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Speedy Opening: This Folding Arm Barrier Gate opens within 3 seconds and for that reason there is no problem to car movement automatically.
  • Auto Reverse Arm: This type of Folding Arm Car Parking Barrier can reverse automatically. For that reason there is no difficulties or harm for barrier arm.
  • Strong Motor: There is a maintenance motor in this Folding Arm Barrier Gate which is called by Maintenance free motor. And it has also intelligent fan to keep it cool. As a result there is no accumulation of carbon.
  • Low Power consumption: This type of Folding Parking Barrier works by only 80 watt power.
  • Using Area:This Folding Arm Barrier Gate is suitable for basement parking and multi level parking,Commercial, Residential and Industrial area to use except your house.It’s also Suitable for indoor parking area at airport, shopping mall, warehouse, hotel, factories, condominium, car rental companies

Product Features

No Limit Switch.
Dual spring pull (DSP)
European Lever Design
Arm Auto Reverse
Easy Manual Release
Full Spare Part Locally

Product Specification

·         Mechanical temperature ·         - 40° to 75C
·         Electrical temperature ·         -10° to 75C
·         Power supply input ·         220V ± 10% AC, 50 / 60Hz
·         Power consumption ·         80 watt
·         Relative humidity ·         < 90%
·         Opening speed ·         3 seconds
·         Internal lubrication ·         Grease

Why Use This Product

Generally in Bangladesh,we reserved a space for car parking in our office, home, school, college etc.  Many problems of that place can be solved by this Folding Arm Car Parking Barrier system. We work with several types of system. But the places where is not possible to work with straight arm, there is this type of Folding Arm Barrier Gate to use. Moreover suppose if there is no space at the top to set straight arm barrier then these types of barrier are to be used. On the other hand there is no space to set straight barrier arm in our ground floor or underground parking also. In that case this folding arm takes too much work.  you can use this type of Folding Arm Car Barrier in your commercial or industrial area except your house.

We give 1 year warranty for this system. And for this type of work we have always enable support team for any kind of problem

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    Nobarun International
     1 reviews
  • Nazrul Islam

      Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited (Narayangonj)

    We use this kind of barrier in our factory.
    We purchase from another company.

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