Electronic Mifare Card Door Lock System in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Mifare & Magnetic Stripe Card Supported Door Lock: The device support both Mifare and Magnetic Stripe Card for getting access permission.
  • Accurate Verification: The result of Mifare Card Door Lock System is highly satisfactory, the accuracy rate for card verification is satisfiable.
  • High Quality Mortice and steel Lock: You can use this door lock on your wooden door or steel both but the thickness should be 35mm to 50mm.
  • Secure Access Solution: You are getting one of the most secured access control based door lock system. No any unauthorized person will be allowed.
  • PC or Mobile Operated Door Lock Control System: This door lock system is operated through widows based PC or Mobile device.
  • Fully reliable and Hazard Free: Mifare Card Door Lock System is highly reliable and simple to maintain.

Product Features

·         Mifare card supported door lock.
·         Huge storage for card data information
·         Suitable for wooden and steel door.
·         Reliable and secured access system.
·         Low power consumption.
·         Easy going maintenance.

Product Specification

·         Media·         Mifare/ Magnetic Stripe
·         Number of doors·         10k
·         Unique users·         Up to 65k (individually invalidated)
·         User area·         Up to 16
·         User group·         500 / 3
·         Floors·         100 / 1
·         Open time·         0-? (programmable)
·         Automatic Master Card Only Period·         1 (programmable)
·         Excluded staff·         Function
·         Conference·         Function
·         Battery Life·         3 years / 20k openings
·         Power·         4 x AA
·         PMS Compatible·          
·         Photo database·         ID Card Printing
·         Shift Control·          
·         Bulk data entry·         Excel
·         Lock trail·         1000
·         Sites·         15
·         Database·         Access
·         Interface option·         RS-232/TCP/IP
·         Dead bolt override·         Function
·         Validity·         Programmable (start and end time infinit)
·         Lock type·         Self Contained battery, External/ lift internal main.

Why Use This Product

The device Mifare Card Door Lock System ensure the secured access for your office or buildings. There are some places where maintaining secured access is must and strictly maintained for high level of security. In this case this device is perfect in that purpose. This door lock system has improved features that make it valuable and effective in action. The door lock device Mifare Card Door Lock System is operated through the media of Mifare card and Magnetic stripe card. Now you can restrict unauthorized person from accessing the building through the door lock system; you can able to select the person who is accessible and who is not accessible. You also can be able to define the user date for period of time, suppose your card will expire on a definite date, after the date you cannot access into the system and for that you have to validate the Mifare car again for reuse. This Door Lock System is design in such a way that you can set this lock in a mortice door or steel door too. This door lock device is operated through a windows based device either PC or a Mobile device. With the door lock system facilities an attractive unlock handle included that’s made with steel. Its operated though centralized card programming software installing in the main operating device. This Lock System will support up to 5000+ door units and a bewilder number of 10,000 user cards and each card can be programmed for accessing and validation; at the same time it also strictly maintain simple card invalidation. You do not require hardwire the building for installing this System. This device will consume minimum electricity. This door lock system has become popular in many offices, hotels, Academic Establishments, Hospitals, Banking sectors, and ultimately anywhere that need simple reliable card access facilities. This device can be helpful for secure access in your buildings. Now, in the market the device has already been achieved ultimate popularity for its great service and simplicity in maintaining. Sometimes a simple device can secure your important offices and buildings. The Mifare Card Door Lock System is one of the smart and highly secured access control system. Now the device is available in Dhaka (Bangladesh) market.


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