Supershop Electric Meat Slicer Machine in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Powerful Motor: Supershop Electric Meat Slicer Machine has powerful and soundless motor.  This machine is designed to provide trouble free service in a wet meat room environment with features such as powerful motors, electrical components and connections plus non-corrosive metals.
  • Durable Blade:This electric meat slicer has protective and durable blade. It has strong and ultra durable stainless steel blade that lasts for a longer time which is anti rust coated resist it from damaging of rust.
  • Smooth Control: You can slice virtually meat and bones you can cut by hand. However, using a Supershop Electric Meat Slicer Machine is quicker, less strenuous and more precise with smoothness.
  • Simple Maintenance:If you want to make your meats slicing and cutting process easier, you should definitely use this meat slicing machine. This machine works both of these projects very effectively and efficiently. You don’t have to put your energy to cut down the meats.
  • Different Using Area: This electronic meat slicer can be used in super shop, food market, restaurants, food courts, super store, butcher’s shop and so on.

Product Features

·         Easy storage and transpiration facilities.
·         High quality stainless steel blade for slicing.
·         Soundless motor
·         Easily cleanable all the parts of this machines.
·         Strong base for safe operation.
·         Adjustable thickness control slicing facilities.
·         Off/On safety switch.

Product Specification

·         Products type·         Meat Slicer Machine
·         Maximum Size of food or meat·         110 x 110 x 90 (mm)
·         Exterior dimensions·         15” x 8 ¼” x 11” (L x W x H)
·         On/Off switch·         Yes
·         Safety switch·         Yes
·         Power·         100W, 120volt/60Hz
·         Blade diameter·         7.68 inch.
·         Weight·         11.68 pound.

Why Use This Product

Meat slicing is common in the kitchen, we usually slice meat and other vegetable including fruits for different purpose. In this case Supershop Electric Meat Slicer Machine can be perfect things that can help us for slicing those things. In the kitchen of large hotel a lots of meat and vegetable is cut for cooking purpose, so if the task is done by the knife; what the situation will occur, did you think it? It would be really a matter of great frustration and matter of time. In this case if you use this slicing machine, it will save both lot of your time and hard labor too. Not only that sometimes in some recipes you need the perfect size slice of meat or other thing to enhance the beauty of that recipe and to do this job perfectly you need Super store Electric Meat Slicer Machine. Often it is seen that we are to cook at the kitchen and in our busy time we have very little time for cooking. This slicer machine is electrically operated and safe so you can slice the piece of your cooking things within short time and easily without much effort.  During slicing anything if you get jam it’s reverse switch could get you ride of this unexpected hazard situation. This Slicer Machine has strong and ultra durable stainless steel blade that last for longer time and its anti rust coated resist it from damaging of rust.

The machine is safe to operate no fear of unexpected injure. The base of the machine is firm and strong; so its stability uncompromising. Sometimes it is seen that the blades are fixed with machine and the machine is not possible for cleaning, consequently, the pieces which are not possible to clean get rotten and spread  but in case of Super store Electric Meat Slicer Machine, the user can clean all the parts of the machine nicely and safely. Strong pieces of meat, different sizes of fruits and vegetables are easily sliceable through this useful machine. So, you can call it helping hand in the kitchen, which plays an important role in case of slicing the Meat and other things. This Megamall Electric Meat Slicer Machine has been become so much popular that almost all the kitchen of restaurant, hotels and home are being using this lucrative Meat slicing machine. This product is available close at your hand, you can have it  anytime in Dhaka Bangladesh like rest of the world market.


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