Commercial Countertop Electric 6 Pizza Oven in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • High Capacity & Productivity: Our Electric 6 Pizza Oven will offer you to bake 4 of 12-inch pizzas and 2 of 9-inch pizzas once and for all. So, this commercial bakery oven can bake fresh or frozen pizzas whenever you want.
  • Power: Our professional pizza oven is an electro thermal pizza oven. So you do not have to wait longer for the oven to heat up. These pizza ovens only require to be plugged in, they are a lot easier for people to use in their kitchens.
  • Top Class Product: The electric pizza oven operates very well and smoothly. The oven is built to provide efficient and consistent service for baking pizza in your restaurant.
  • Stone Used Inside: Because we use stone inside of these commercial pizza ovens, the pizza will be smooth and cheesy so that people can easily make multiple slices.
  • Thermostat Control: These electric pizza ovens have got thermostat control system so once you start making pizza, it will go off when it will reach the desired temperature. It will save your electricity cost as well as you do not have to worry if you forget to turn the oven off.
  • Amount of Tray and Decks: Electric 6 Pizza Oven comes with 2 trays and customized decks where we can provide 1, 2 or 3 decks for you.
  • Easy Maintenance: Our pizza oven for the restaurant is very simple and easy to use and maintain. You just need to clean on a daily basis.

Product Features

·         It can make various kinds of bread, including pizza, sweet bread, square bread, baguette, cream cake, and other foreign pastries
·         Mechanical thermostat controls separate for upper and lower heating element inside each deck.
·         Durable and dishwasher-safe ceramic-coated tray
·         Highly recommended restaurant, coffee shop, food court, bread        factories and bakeshops
·         1 year warranty

Product Specification

·         Brand·         Unique
·         Model·         6 Pizza
·         Origin·         China
·         Deck Dimension (L x W x H)·         34 inch x 25 inch x 8 inch
·         Product Dimension (L x W x H)·         49 inch x 31 inch x 22 inch
·         Power·         Electric (220 Volt)
·         Tray·         2

Why Use This Product

Pizza is one of the most popular and demanding foods in the world, and it requires a very special technique and special equipment to make it perfect. Of course, it is possible to bake a good delicious pizza in a traditional oven with traditional tools, but for the authentic Italian experience, a special type of oven is required. Every chef or cooking expert of the world needs the right appliances or equipment. This includes the freshest ingredients, the best equipment and of course, a good pizza oven. And the best pizza equipment like Electric 6 Pizza Oven can fulfill all your requirements.

Commercial pizza ovens are usually used to get ready pizzas with meats, parmesan cheese, and spices toppings. Cafe or restaurant owners and chefs have progressively started to use professional pizza oven even for non-pizza making reasons. The ability to steam mussels, finish meat, and provide a great smoky amazing flavor to various meals, fish and poultry allow cafes or restaurants to enhance the use of their commercial pizza oven. Even if you do not run a pizzeria, you might want to get in a quality expert professional pizza oven for your cafes or restaurants so your pizzas come out just right. There are several different kinds of commercial ovens on the market, and you need to know that is the best pizza oven to meet up with your needs and finish your need. There are two kinds of the professional pizza oven, gas, and electric. Each type of pizza oven comes with its own benefits. So does the Electric 6 Pizza Oven.

Electric 6 Pizza Oven is known to generate outstanding taste, especially when baking pizza. These pizza ovens also allow the intending to control the temperature range as well as heated of the baking pizza system.  Electric pizza ovens are a little bit more expensive, but allow less attention than gas pizza ovens. With electronic pizza ovens, there is no need to light a pilot or be worried about carbon monoxide leaking. This is beneficial for restaurants situated in areas where gas lines are not widely used. In the end, you need to discover which one you should go for according to your needs. We can offer customized decks with Electric 6 Pizza Oven where you can put a pizza on one alongside you can bake various kinds of bread, sweet bread, square bread, baguette, cream cake, and other foreign pastries. This is quite effective because, in each, you will definitely make numerous dessert items.

Electric commercial pizza ovens have cheaper upfront expenses. They are usually very easy to fit in, it is as simple as appropriate them into a place near an outlet and plugging them in. Electric 6 Pizza Oven has a reputation to cook more similarly, which indicates they are well-known for pizza bakers. They are also more reassured than gas, as you do not have to bother with gas dripping and the threat of flame is a little bit less. Electric pizza ovens are light and portable and fit in any kitchen place. Since professional pizza ovens only need to be connected in, they are much simpler for those to use in their cooking places. An electrical pizza oven does not have to be connected with a gas line and remaining in set up your kitchen place. That indicates individuals with a small kitchen place can shop this pizza oven out of the way when it is not in use. There are bigger versions of electrical pizza ovens like Electric 6 Pizza Oven for those with more and more compact ones that are no bigger than a microwave stove for those who do not have the place in their kitchen place. Then there is the electrical design. Not as common as gas in the pizza oven market, but nevertheless, electric pizza ovens keep a famous world of pie. These professional pizza ovens are user-friendlier than their gas oven competitors unless your pizza making equipment provides unique buys, the hardly prepared or well-done money, for example. You could make as much or as little pizza as you need or want. There are some more compact electric pizza ovens that are excellent for a family and larger ones that could make pizza at a here we are at people who entertain or for cafes and restaurants that provide pizza and must make several at a moment. Electric 6 Pizza Oven is large and can provide different types of desserts, as we have mentioned already. The source of the temperature is dependable and easy to control. Our electric pizza ovens usually come with a top and bottom heating element. Since these are electronically controlled, you are usually able to turn up one of these without increasing the temperature of the other one. That means your pizza can be cooked just the way you want it.


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