EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System With Tag in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • RFID EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System: EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System is an RFID system that will work automatically. When you place this system in your shop or office, the alarm will be ringing if your products get stolen. It’s like when someone will steal the product and when they will be crossing the gate, the alarm will be ringing loudly to attract the attention.
  • Anti-Shoplifting Antenna: You just need to set these antennae at your door. Then it will work through a radio frequency system so that you could detect the person from far out.
  • Anti-Shoplifting Tags: Anti-Shoplifting Tagswill be attached to the particular products. You or your employer can remove the tag if someone purchases the product.
  • Easy to Set-up: EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System can easily be fitted in wherever you want at your door or your desired zone.
  • Safety Assurance: This entire shoplifting system will assure your product safety. None can exit from your room, shop or office along with the product without your permission. Only you can permit them by removing the tag from the particular product.
  • Usage Area: This anti-theft RFID system can be seen at shopping mall, supermarket, super shop, retail store, grocery shop, jewelry shop, cosmetics shop, plenty of commercial areas where the products needs to be safe. 

Product Features

·         RFID System
·         Reliable and cost-effective
·         Up to 5feets distance coverage
·         100% safety assurance
·         Extremely high detection rate

Why Use This Product

Do you ever move around your shop and wonder just how much of your item or service ultimately ends up with you of a criminal? Maybe you were exploring products for a customer and your computer said you had 5 of this particular item, but you couldn’t find only one. Or, perhaps you may have stepped down a hidden section and observed several vacant offers of products nestled away behind a display. If this appears to be like you, then possibilities are you have a theft problem. Whether it is a loss of 10taka or 10,000 taka every cent you reduce to lying is a cent less that’s going towards your main point here. Fortunately, during the last several years, technologies have kept speed with this increasing problem and thus given the retail shop market several resources that we can use to avoid theft. It is a big problem. Or else, think of a situation that there are a plenty of products (like shirt, t-shirt, pant, table, chair, laptop, mobile phone, books etc.) in your showroom or store and every day you sell these products. Suppose a single product got stolen, what will you do? It is most major problems retailers or shopkeepers have to handle with each and every day. No issue the kind of items you offer, there are people who will try to steal from you if you give them to be able to do so – which is what not making an investment in good precautionary features does. But how do you know what kind of anti-theft gadgets to get? This EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System will ensure your product's safety. Placing this RFID EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System at your place will ensure 100% safety of your products.Anti-Theft system is reliable and cost-effective using radio frequency (RF) technology and the full range of RF hard tags and labels. Like all RF antennas, this alarm system has an extremely high detection rate, helping to significantly reduce shoplifting.  This is why we brought EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System in Bangladesh at a reasonable price.There is nothing that is secure in your office or shop, believe me. Unless of course you display your whole inventory behind a glass that is!If you walk through the doorway without paying for something, the radio waves from the transmitter (hidden in on one of the door gates) are picked up by the coiled metal antenna in the label. This generates a tiny electrical current that makes the label transmit a new radio signal of its own at a very specific frequency.EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System using RFID technologies have major advantages when it comes to robbery security. Not only is RFID used for theft security, it is also used to control inventory and ensure that there is a maximum function and integrating between productions, provide sequence and Suppliers. Compared with other types of technological innovation, RFID provides all of these advantages using just one system. The RFID labels are placed on the items early in the provided sequence, usually during production or submission, and therefore security against robbery becomes an additional benefit to the already natural advantages of inventory exposure. At check out, the EAS Anti Shoplifting Security System tag that was placed on each of the items during production or submission is grabbed and it is eliminated (or deactivated) from the inventory list as the customer results in the shop. If a product results in the shop and was not authorized at check out, the alert is triggered and a potential robbery is identified. This allows the inventory details to stay up to date and the suppliers to internal track and tracks their supply. The information from the RFID labels is handled in real-time so any miscalculations or inconsistencies can become reality and set immediately.

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    I see this system on ARRONG Showroom in Lalmatia Mohammadpur.
    Awesome system and i like it.

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