Dropbox Card Collector Access Control System in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Dropbox System For Exit & Entry: In this Dropbox Card Collector Access Control System visitors have to insert visiting card provided by the authority to open the gate and also must drop card into the dropbox to leave building.
  • Easy To Use: Dropbox Card Collector is very easy to use ; visitors just drop cards where “Please Drop Your Card Here” is written on the drop box .
  • Reusable Access Card System: In this process the using card can be used several      times .
  • Valid and Invalid Card Detector: The box perfectly differentiates between the valid and invalid card.
  • 100% Accuracy: Dropbox Card Collector System works so accurately that nobody has the chance to cross the gate until he drops the real card into the box.

Product Features

Easy operation and easy maintenance
Indication light to make it easy and smart
Supportive to any brand access control reader
Maximum 10cm wide card supported
Slim structure and easy to carry
Complete solution for visitor and  management system  

Product Specification

  • Power Supply
  • DC24V
  • Power consumption
  • Idle: AC0.04A, DC   0.01A
  • Operation :AC 0.28A, DC 4.71-4.74A
  • Indicated Light

    • Blue: Power On
    • Green :Valid Card
    • Red : Dropbox fully occupied                
  • Collection bin dimension
  • 13.5 x 13.5 29cm
  • Maximum card size     
  • . 10(W) X 9(H)CM contain maximum 280 cards   

Why Use This Product

Science and technology are improving very fast and we are becoming dependent on technology gradually and it has made our maintenance easy and saves our valuable time. Dropbox Card Collector Access Control System may be the best and ideal solution for your Crowed control . Authority of different organizations are spending so much money every year for the lost visitor card and also have to issue  new visitor card ; security  threats given by the missing visitor access cards is also a big problem ,in this situation Dropbox Card Collector System has come up with the smart and most effective solution for which you have waiting eagerly for long science .In this system the guest and visitors or users can easily drop their visitor card into the dropbox and in this great process the visitors will achieve access for exit or entry . Dropbox Card Collector Access Control System has been designed with such a high technology that by dropping access or visitor card the visitors can entry and exit the building. When visitors leave the building he or she will drop the card into the drop box ;if the visitor card is valid it will be accepted by the collection bin and the gate open when the visitors integrate the access control system and if the card is invalid it will go to the exit tray at front . So there is no chance to leave the entrance gate which is very important for the visitors access management system in big buildings, shopping mall , airport and so on . In Dropbox Card Collector Access Control System the cards are reusable, when visitors leave access rights will be removed and it will be stored in the box . It is also used by the staffs and in this case they place the card into the dropbox and the card loses its access rights and it becomes useless and it will reactive again the next day when he or she places the card into the entrance card reader, so it can be used in entrance gate or barriers like turnstile. As dropbox works complete accurately and make difference between genuine and fake card so visitors never can leave the building taking the valid card with them and this is very important because later there is no chance to enter the building with the help of the stealing cards and the owner does not need to prepare visitor cards again and again .  In the visitor cards important information is installed which is very effective. Now Dropbox Card Collector Access Control System is widely popular all over the world and also in Bangladesh.


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