Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller

Key Points Of Product

  • Excessive Protection Glass Display: Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller is designed with high safety protection glass. This glass will secure your kept product and itself too. Nothing may damage your product and your customer’s hand could not do any damage to it. 
  • Huge Shape: This fridge has huge physique which can usually provide more drinks as it has a better storage space potential. People who store or buy large and heavy beverages can get benefited from this fridge. 
  • Lighting Effects Panel: This fridge has an illumination panel. This illumination panel provides more strength over their conventional alternatives. A move in this fridge recognizes a lot of use and has a lot of item introduced into it over time. 
  • Refrigeration Capability: The overall gross capability of Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller is about 1065 liters. So you can put lot of beverages in it.
  • Aluminum Framework: Top ranked aluminum facilitates are capable of meeting or surpass energy-efficiency requirements of this refrigerator. Aluminum facilitates of this refrigerator can easily accomplish developments in heated gain and also heated loss through facilitates by 60% rivaling more expensive wood and uPVC counterparts.

Product Features

·         Decorated with high safety glass
·         It has big body which can usually accommodate more food as it has a better storage capacity
·         This freezer enables lighting panel
·         The gross capacity of is about 1065 litres.


·         Top rated aluminum supports are able

Product Specification

·         Product Type·         Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller
·         Dimension·         1260mm (W) x 800mm (D) x 2070mm (H)
·         Capacity·         1065 litres
·         Lighting Panel·         Available
·         Amount Glass Doors·         2

Why Use This Product

Fascinating at supermarket has become a well-known choice for many people, providing them the capability to shopping their investing and still provides a fun for their nearest buddies and liked ones.

Creating the most ideal entertaining area with shopping can be a fun venture that often contains suggestion about all the different fun things that can be done with your supermarket. Serves should consider functions that will make customers run more efficiently, while also impressing those who be present at. Including Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller to your supermarket has many different advantages that could possibly help to both your customers and your business.

On a hot summer’s day, in contrast to the feeling of getting an ice cold drink from the refrigerator. Especially when your customer will visit your super shop on a hot summer day, then they will be looking for drinks or beverages. If you have seen that your refrigerator is nearly stuffed with all of your preferred beverages, you may want to spend money on a separate drink refrigerator. We are providing Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller can answer all of your questions about refrigerator and freezers. To emphasize the benefits of shopping for new equipment for your supermarket, here is a look at some of the huge benefits of having a refrigerator that is designed for Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller.

Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller is becoming the "it" equipment to have, especially among those who has business in super shop or restaurants. This freezer is known for cooling beverages to the best heat range and being the ideal size to place anywhere, so beverages are always at its owners' convenience. Because this chiller has several advantages over both beverages cellars and appliances, it can also be known as "beverage chillers," generally mixing the two conditions.

For starters, Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller can create the most ideal circumstances for the storage of beverages when compared to a refrigerator. This Chiller can create an environment that is too cold for a beverage to be stored appropriately. And when it comes to a beverages cellar, they really only have ideal circumstances for beverages that should be stored for five, ten, or twenty years. This Beverage Chiller has the upper hand because the cooling circumstances are perfect for any kind of beverages. The temperature, humidity control, stability, exclusiveness, etc. are what put it above both the refrigerator and a beverages cellar. This Chiller will be able to help keep your beverages fresh for a many years. After you open a beverage, you can place it in Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller for enhanced maintenance. Keeping your beverages at a continually cool heat range will ensure that you are totally pleased whenever you add a glass.

Beverages are generally among the bulkiest items that are held in the refrigerator. When you find that you are having trouble planning your food around boxes of dairy or containers of juice, it may be time to spend in this Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller. These specialized appliances can free up significant display space in your main refrigerator. After your Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller has been set up in your super shop or restaurant, you may also find that your refrigerator has better overall business. This refrigerator can also help you arrange your open wines by date of quality.

When you are trying to find a quality freezer equipment store providing Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller, look no further than Super Shop Solution. From equipment to gondola shelves and more, we offer all of the equipment that you will need for your super shop or supermarket. If you are looking for Double Glass Door Beverage Chiller, contact us now!


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