Cup Sealing Machine Sealer

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Key Points Of Product

  • High Quality Product: Commercial Cup Sealing Machine Sealer is a heavy duty and durable stainless steel structured product. The machine will work for you 24 hours a day and it will last longer. The roller is made of stainless steel for precise film transferring.
  • Production Capacity: This plastic sealing machine is perfectly suitable for commercial use. The commercial cup sealing machine provides an ergonomic sealing solution for those customers who have a production requirement of about 200-300 cups/hour. So you can serve take-away drinks in your restaurant all day long.
  • Dual Mode: You can operate the sealing machine in two controlling modes, automatically or manually. 
  • Electronic Details: If you operate manually, there is nothing about electricity. But if you use it automatically, the voltage is about 110V/60HZ or 220-240V 50H and the power is 400W, which will consume less electricity.
  • Usage: The cup sealing machine a great machine for a restaurant, juice bar, fast food stand and snack bar where you can seal the Milk, Tea, Coffee, Ice Coffee, Smoothie, Fresh Juice and so on. You can also use the sealer for sealing take-away packages to your customers as it is compact and portable. 
  • Promotional Purpose: The film of the cup sealer can print AD so that you can promote your own brand/logo on the cover like the international company ‘Chatime’ does. 
  • User-friendly: Commercial Cup Sealing Machine Sealer is very easy to use.This machine can seal 200ml,230ml,500 ml Plastic Cup.It has indicator lights and a long handle so that you can operate easily.

Product Features

·         Small bulk, lightweight
·         Heavy duty and durable stainless steel structure 
·         Sanitary, convenience, quick pack
·         Indicator lights for easy operation
·         Smooth edge on top of either sideboard for safe operation
·         1 year free service warranty

Product Specification

·         Voltage (for Auto use)·         110V/60HZ or 220-240V 50H
·         Power·         300W
·         Weight·         28Kg (51.8 pounds)
·         Output·         200-300 cups (per hour)
·         Cup Sealing Diameter·         3-3/4" (95mm)
·         Temperature control adjustment·         from 0°C - 250°C

Why Use This Product

Importance of Commercial Cup Sealing Machine Sealerin Bangladesh

The packaging industry is devoted to keeping foods/drinks safe and fresh from contamination throughout processing and delivery. For under fridge products, a proper packaging is crucial to keeping them fresh and able for customer consumption. Cup sealing system is needed to successfully program and secure both perishable and non-perishable products.

For juice, drinks, and beverage business owners, it is often the case that customers want to take away their drinks instead of just sitting or taking in the shop. Then what will you do? You cannot serve them with an open glass or one-time cup and they do not want that too. What now?

Commercial Cup Sealing Machine Sealercomes out at the right moment. It offers comfort to those who are in a hurry or wants to get some more of their favorite drinks, juices or beverages to work or go home. Glass sealing system guarantees products easy to move in the container and unique characteristics; it can quickly seal the cup or the glass and also keep the standard freshness of liquid juices, drinks or beverages. Commercial Cup Sealing Machine Sealeris essential for tea shops, juice bars, food courts, restaurants, take-away cafes, airport, hospital and almost everywhere. They are popular in western countries.  They create an air-tight sealing on whatever kind of cup or one-time glass that you using a special type of sealer film.  It is important to make sure that your cups or one-time glasses and sealer film are made out of the same material so that they will seal properly. For example, PP cups with PP sealer film and PET cups with PET sealer film.

You do not have to get panicked to operate a user-friendly machine like our Plastic Manual or Automatic Cup Sealing Machine. This packet sealing machine is very easy to operate - firstly, just place a one-time glass or cup on the tray and push it on; then the commercial cup sealer machine will automatically seal the one-time glass or cup. After that, pull the cup or one-time glass tray out and serve it to your customer to enjoy the drink on takeaway. They will love it. This is how you operate on automatic cup sealer machine. But if you use the manual cup sealer machine, then the machine has a handle to keep it moving instead of pressing the switches. Then the cup or one-time glass will be sealed manually like this.

Plastic cups or one-time glasses are commonly used to fill up fill water, juices and dairy products like yogurt and buttermilk. Commercial Cup Sealing Machine Sealerprovides an ergonomic sealing solution for those customers who have a production requirement of about 400-600 cups per hour. On the other hand, it can also find utility in restaurants and cafes for sealing take-away packages as it is compact and portable. Not only does using a sealing machine help you look like a high class, branded and well-known coffee shop, juice bar, cafe, restaurant or tea shop it can, in fact, save your money.  A single roll of sealer film will charge not much and can seal approximately 4,000 cups! Yet another advantage of using an automatic sealing machine is that sealer films will use less plastic than traditional lids generating them much better for the environment.

While seeking for a cup sealing machine for sale, it is necessary not to be influenced by the offer of a rock-bottom cup sealing machine price. Getting a poor sealing machine for one-time glasses or cups in your coffee shop, juice bar, cafe, restaurant or tea shop can seriously damage the brand and reputation of your business. Rather, make sure to balance money value with quality when choosing a cup sealing system; if you do, your cup sealing machine will signify a smart investment that may last for a long time. As we are an experienced marketer of cup sealing machine and other equipment, we know that your commercial cup sealing machine is only as good as the percolate tea system you make it with—that’s why every cup filling and a sealing system we produce is properly quality-tested and going to perform successfully throughout the years. Commercial Cup Sealing Machine Sealer integrates the latest Japanese packing technology, completely producing surrounded glass or cups that will not circulate, leak, bend, or tear. Consider it our assurance to you as devoted cup ending system suppliers: If you choose to use our committed cup sealing machine suppliers for plastic cups, every bubble cup you offer your potential customers will be a work of art of design.

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    Paper Cup & plactik glass sealing machine

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      Mirpur-2, Dahaka-1216, Tahsin steel.

    Interested about your cup sealing machine.

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    We purchased a semi automatic cup sealer machine for our juice bar. This product is easy to use & good quality also. we got home delivery in our juice bar from NOBARUN INTERNATIONAL.

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