Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Automatic Control: Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier comes with a hold to run control as standard; the hydraulic power pack is controlled by an automated controller that can be customized to the interface.
  • High-Quality Performance: The hydraulic crash barrier delivers a high level of security against illegal vehicle access. You can use these vehicle crash barriers to stop any wheeled vehicles access into your areas or buildings.
  • Strength and durability: This road safety equipment is designed in quality manufacturing features using large evaluate materials to give the highest possible strength and durability. As a result, it will be effective and last longer.
  • Ensuring Safety: This is specialized high-security road safety equipment and is designed for use with vehicles and a full site risk assessment must be carried out at the design to ensure that all relevant safety systems are included. This way it ensures safety on the road.
  • Flexible Product: This road barrier assures flexibility to interface with all forms of access control equipment so that it can match with all your requirements as well.
  • High Level Protection: These temporary vehicle barriers are a traditional rising arm barrier security barrier with the benefits of high-level physical protection. 
  • Reliable and Dependable Product: Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier is a suitable product to secure high-level security facilities, iconic buildings and, critical commercial infrastructure. It is a highly reliable and dependable road safety product that will easily interface with a wide range of access control.


Product Features

·         Confidence in proven performance
·         Manufactured from heavy gauge materials
·         Strengthened and durable product
·         Overcomes site depth restrictions
·         Flexibility to interface with all forms of access control

Product Specification

·         Physical Dimensions ·         600mm W x 890mm D x 1230mm H
·         Barrier catcher foundations ·         1500mm W x 3600mm D x 470mm H
·         Basic Power requirements (dependent on config) ·         Single phase 220V AC, 50Hz, Min 16 Amps
·         Control Voltage ·         S.E.L.V 24V
·         Speed of operation ·         6-10 seconds to raise or lower
·         Operating temperature range available (option) ·         -25°C – +70°C

Why Use This Product

Importance of Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier in Bangladesh

The world is becoming a more and more dangerous place. The ongoing threat of terrorist attacks and other kinds of attack is very common these days. It seems that hardly a week goes by without information of another dangerous occasion occurring somewhere across the world. Now more than ever, commercial, industrial and military facilities as well as other large systems must implement tight security equipment to protect their properties and protect the people and assets housed within them.

Owning and operating a car park can be complicated. Nobody understands if it is working perfectly, but everyone complains if there are issues. The easy therapy for this is to set up an Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier as they have many benefits to making sure your car park functions effectively. Not only will they decrease your costs but they will also enhance the velocity as well as of your car park. Customers will be able to find their places more quickly and have fewer problems with arranging throughout. A pleased customer system, in turn, indicates more do it again personalized, which after all is what every business wants.

Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier confirms your boundary and makes only one access way. This road safety equipment is a recognizable indication that you are taking a sensible way of your security and you have believed out your contingency plan. Hydraulic crash barriers can be a great investment in your home, office or commercial area. Instead of durable elements that cannot be moved in case of immediate. For an enormous property, it is important to set up long-term and powerful generate security barriers, which can be both valuable and disadvantageous. In conformity to your property, you can also style your automatic crash rater barrier in Bangladesh, colorize it for you to coordinate your exterior creating and set up add functions in it. These security barrier systems should be the key element of your security plan, especially to prevent unauthorized and illegal vehicle. Our Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier is the final in avoiding accessibility at your site or property, it provides high protection combined with a very noticeable barrier and can be set up in a variety of access control. We offer vehicle protection barrier that is hard, efficient and uncompromising, offering perfect road safety solution for protection against undesirable vehicle accessibility in both operated and unmanned vehicle parking areas. They also provide an excellent obstruction against the most identified robbery. Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier is created to secure and prevent disruption from illegal moving vehicles. It can be used along road ends, car recreational areas, manufacturing facilities, Resorts, Medical centers and industries etc. Some delicate areas, such as the army, plants, government structures, etc demand an advanced level of protection. In this circumstance, Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier can offer great security restrictions, a range of vehicle security and sinkable restrictions. Because situations of aware at restricted areas are never standing still, these car security barriers are generally only used when in a great condition of aware. At other times, vehicle limitations, gateways, bollards or a mixture of all are used to protect the external border.

Where there is a risk of the car crash, in addition to the control of car access, then crash barriers is the ultimate solution for boundary protection. Even though the strike may be from great tonnage vehicles traveling at great rates of speed - the impact damage triggered to the front, tires and the bottom of your vehicle will stop it from moving. Many organizations set up the crash rated barriers and bollards because they want a great way to protect their restaurant, shop, medical or property from the most serious, control traffic, and boost the level of security. Hydraulic barriers usually created from stainless-steel and other like components. With the care and attention, they can last the whole use of your property. Since they take out when not in use, you will not need to worry about them getting dinged during a submission or a party when they are put away. They also are designed for high visibility for the drivers when they are up.

All in all, Automatic Hydraulic Crash Rated Security Barrier can save your money and increase the flow of customers in and out of your vehicle parking. With all the probabilities to reduce your expenses and improvements for your potential customers, it seems a simple decision to make to increase your business.

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