Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Material: The body of Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood is completely made of stainless steel. This is the reason why the cooker hood won’t crush easily and robust too. It will be free from corrosion.
  • Exhaust Capacity: Auto Cleaning and double filter function of this kitchen extractor hood will remove all the smokes and harmful gases as well as also will make the warm temperature out from inside to outside.
  • Hood SizeThe hood size of the stainless steel vent hood will depend on the size of the burner that you choose. Yes, like most of our products the hood size you can choose on your own.
  • Filter Net: The function of the filter net of the stainless steel hood fan is it will help in a way so that the room cannot get oily and cozy. And you can clean the net very easily whenever you want.
  • FanGenerally, it needs a single exhaust fan for 4 to 5 feet hood. It also will depend on the burner size. We can provide the best service, which can go with the size of your burner.
  • Easy to Clean: Maintaining a machine like Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood is very easy and your stuff in your restaurant won’t need any skill for that too. The auto heat cleaning option of the stainless steel exhaust hood helps easy to wash and clean.It is fully noised free system so you and your stuff in the kitchen won’t get irritated by the noise.

Product Features

·         Latest version Chimney Kitchen Hood on the market
·         Full Stainless Steel Body
·         Auto Clean & Double Filter Function
·         Auto Heat Cleaning Option, Easy to Wash & Clean

Why Use This Product

The kitchen exhaust hood has become essential kitchen equipment for the modern members of the family, restaurants, coffee shop and the places where a lot of cooking process goes on. It has not been very long that the Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood came into the ordinary restaurants, food places or family kitchen. Earlier kitchen exhaust work is done by the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan can remove most of the gases in the kitchen area, but it is unable to resolve the pollution on the entire kitchen by the gases generated while cooking. The gases while cooking contains many harmful substances, if people work in a room full of gases in lengthy lasting; it will lead to the incident of many diseases. In this circumstance, a machine like Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood does so well by removing all the gas and smokes that comes from cooking Basically, these integrated cooker hood offers zero or least maintenance. In auto stainless steel cooker hood, it separates oil collector is provided. Whatever oil particles present cooking fumes are collected in this collector. This kitchen hood is equipped with copper turbine motorized inflator through which cooking gases pass. Due to centrifugal forces oil contaminants are forced to move toward motorized inflator wall and gathered in easy to remove and cleanable collector/bowls. These removable oil enthusiast bowels have cleaned once a month depending on usage. There is no extra effort to fresh oil collectors. All you need is to go for the auto cleaning option while cooking.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood is range hood, also known as vent hood, is so much more than just a convenience in your kitchen. A variety hood is an important feature of any kitchen, as it would make cooking food more enjoyable, keeps your kitchen fresh, and prevents many dangerous side effects. As such, a variety hood should be considered a necessary major appliance.The first benefit on this list of the benefits of Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood is perhaps the most obvious one, as you will see it going on right before your eyes the moment you start using the exhaust hood. The filtration of smoking and other contaminants is what release hoods do best. When you are cooking an oily dish, in particular, you will realize that there is a lot of odorous smoking produced. These smells will hang on to furnishings and surfaces not just in the kitchen, but throughout your entire house. Then the stainless Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood removes the smells, smokes and the oiliness. It turns out that opening a window and turning on a roof fan will only do part of the job of cleaning out the air since the smoking from cooking on an oven disperses everywhere. Even when you are washing your oven, most of the gases will increase directly way up, and if a machine like this integrated cooker hood is not in the position, these gases will distribute all through the kitchen creating an unpleasant smell that is difficult to clean up. These kitchen hoods are very noise free when in comparison to conventional hoods and especially well-suited for kitchen and cooking display areas. With their reduced air amounts, these Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood also provide an enjoyable atmosphere for the kitchen staff to work in your restaurant. Our integrated hood eliminates cooking vapors much more effectively than conventional kitchen hoods. This means a better air quality and a more comfortable atmosphere for the chefs or kitchen staff, as well confidence that a great deal of dangerous gases has been removed the kitchen after cooking. They need reduced air circulation amounts, only 50-66% in comparison to ordinary kitchen hoods. As a result, the range kitchen hoods need smaller ducting, which provides savings in the restaurant bill. Also, the running expenses of these stainless steel exhaust hoods are reduced due to lower fan power requirements and air conditioning needs. When you cook in an unventilated area, the smoking and disappeared oil remain on the surfaces and areas of the kitchen, especially around the oven. Difficult oil spots can entice dust and food contaminants, which can turn create those spots in the kitchen nesting grounds for all kinds of bacteria and mold. If you have no air flow at all, this dirt can easily distribute through your whole house, damaging furnishings, cabinets, surfaces and wallpapers, and other features in your house.While you should always fresh the kitchen regularly, Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood will make it take much longer for these remains to build up. You will discover yourself washing less often and enjoying the kitchen area much more.

Now just make a comparison about the price and performance, and see whether the price of kitchen hood is reasonable. And after going through all the features and benefits of our kitchen exhaust hood, surely you will come to us.


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