Commercial Electric Popcorn Maker Machine in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Dual Mode Operation:  Electric Popcorn Maker & Gas Popcorn Maker both kinds of Commercial Popcorn Maker Machines are available.
  • Production Capacity: A seemingly huge quantity of 8-10 kg popcorn per hour can be made by using this machine. This is more than sufficient for any occasion.
  • Safety Glass Walls: This Popcorn Maker Machine’s safety glass walls are there to protect the user from unexpected accidents and also monitor the progress of popcorn-making process.
  • Long Lasting Machine: Longevity is ensured by its top quality product parts.
  • Watt: This pop Corn Maker Machine is 2000 watt.
  • Warranty: We give you 1 year product standard service warranty.

Product Features

·         Deluxe model with superb switches (spot light warmer, stirrer and pot heater)
·         Perfectly crafted and shaped to fit in dining room, kitchen, cafeteria, cinema hall recess areas
·         Easy to make popcorn and most importantly, easily cleanable due to super supportive product parts
·         Creates a stylish and classic look at the point of business
·         Heavy duty Stir Motor works relentlessly and reduces maintenance cost

Product Specification

·         Dimensions·         17 x 14 x 24 inches
·         Weight·         27 pounds
·         Product origin ·         China
·         Manufacturer·         Superior Popcorn Company
·         Operating electricity consumption·         110 volt. 850 watts
·         Motor information·         Exclusive Whisper Quiet Motor
·         Product grade·         Commercial
·         Heating element·         Pot heater

Why Use This Product

Food stores or food carts are one of the most common and rapidly growing businesses in Bangladesh where young entrepreneurs start their journey as independent business owners. A reliable, long lasting, highly productive and commercially profitable Commercial Popcorn Maker Machine is thus no more a seasonal necessity. Nobarun International feels the need of such kind of a product to help profitable businesses grow around Bangladesh and in that quest, proudly presents this Commercial Popcorn Maker Machine. There are 3 kinds of control switches, namely: Spot Light Warmer, Stirrer and Pot Heater. These three switches are gems of this machine as these help popcorn preparation a lot easier, faster and hassle-free! For safety precaution (heated popcorns get no physical contact of the operator while the popcorns are being popped), there are Safety Glass Walls around the heating unit of the Commercial Popcorn Maker Machine. This also comes handy to see the progress of the popcorn and the operator can easily adjust the heating limits. Another great feature of it is its Whisper Quiet Motor, this keeps the environment noiseless and thus popcorn making and serving gets more engaging and full of ease. You never need to worry about the amount of popcorn you need for making any occasion more fun as the Commercial Popcorn Maker Machine has the capability of producing 26-30kgs of popcorn within an hour of operation time! That’s quite huge an amount, isn’t it? Not only that, you get to experience the luxury of cleaning mechanisms used in the product which allow you to clean the Commercial Popcorn Maker Machine with lesser effort than you could expect. On the commercial side, again, the maintenance cost of the machine is a big issue in terms of profits gains. The heavy duty Stir Motor is there to tackle this issue as the maintenance cost is kept as low as possible by the relentless and cost-effective performance. It adds a significantly sporty and stylish blend at any place you wish to use it due to its superb ability to fit in different areas like dining space, kitchen, cafeteria, food courts, and cinema hall lounge for low to mass consumption of popcorn. Crafted with industry leading parts and equipments, the Commercial Popcorn Maker Machine is all set to serve you for a long time and render splendid satisfaction.


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  • Md. Saidul Islam


    this machine is providing me the best services.this machine works very well.
    thank you.

  • Badiul Alam


    I use this electric pop corn maker.
    quality is good

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