Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Wide Interior: Commercial Microwave Oven has big wide interior space, where the capacity is about 22 liters that can meet the majority of kitchen demands. It can take up to 20 programmable menu items makes easier cooking and ensures a consistent result.
  • Multi-Programming Options: 3 stage cooking option with one-touch programming, our industrial microwave oven improves time management and operational efficiency. Our oven also has five power levels for cooking flexibility so that you can cook or warm food anytime.
  • Stylish Interior & Exterior: You can see your cooking through the tempered glass door window and there is also lighted interior for monitoring without opening the door. The stainless steel exterior and interior makes it nice for easy cleaning and a professional look.
  • Heavy Duty Product: Our large microwave oven is made of strong stainless steel construction for improved durability. It can give your daylong service if you manage properly.
  • User Friendly Oven: This microwave oven is very easy to use, maintain and clean. You can operate easily by pressing the buttons. It consumes less time and energy when you compare it with traditional cooking.
  • Low Electricity Consumption: Commercial Microwave Oven consumes less electricity and built with thermostat system. The thermostat system helps it to automatically go off after functioning. 
  • Usages Area: Our oven is the best commercial microwave to use it in a restaurant, canteen, food court, fast food, coffee shop

Product Features

·         Fast and efficient
·         When it comes to safety, these appliances do not itself get heated or heat the utensils in which food is being prepared
·         3 stage cooking option with one-touch programming
·         Defrosts most frozen food products
·         Stylish stainless steel interior & exterior

Product Specification

·         Material·         Stainless Steel
·         Internal dimension (W*H*D)·         330*196*330mm
·         External dimension (W*H*D)·         508*311*419mm
·         Power (W)·         1000
·         Voltage (V)·         220

Why Use This Product

Residential microwave ovens are fine for light responsibility home use, but for bigger or commercial use, the best option is a commercial microwave oven.  There are many benefits of purchasing Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave Oven that not only suit them for commercial use but even for home use as well. Microwave commercial ovens use in daily household utensils for the kitchen. This varies and microwave oven helps you to make foods easily and at quick time. The consumption of power is very less. These microwave grills generally work on the fans which circulate the air and the foods are prepared by the circulation of the hot air. Among the list of recent equipment and components that made amazing initiatives on the cooking world, this microwave oven should get a highly sought after place. A fast and convenient device, Commercial Microwave Oven is now a foreseeable utility in the modern kitchen. Virtually no wonder, it is achieved unrivaled popularity through the world. Individuals are interested in the amazing features incorporated inside the latest versions, thanks to the changing technology. Nowadays it can be a multi-purpose device brought up for not only de-frosting or heating stored foods, but also for cooking, warming food and toasting. A fantastic feature of our microwave oven in which it helps fat-free planning and it is highly recommended for persons with health problems. Thus only foods are ready and nothing less is used. They not only get ready the foods but also get bake and broil the foods. As our Commercial Microwave Oven contains both the service of a microwave oven and convection so you can get wonderful, wonderful foods at a quick time. Beside a small oven, another thing is very important and that is plate units. You need some good cleaning features to keep your dishes fresh and hygienic. The dishwashers have many sequences like it force the water in. After that, it is not only fumigations water to the dishes but also stress the dirty water. Final it even gets dry the dishes. Thus it completes the total process to fresh the dishes.  Domestic microwaves have been designed for the home get ready in mind, with the suggested utilization of 3-5 times per day. Commercial Microwave Oven is designed to face the long and difficult hours of the commercial kitchen. Nobarun has a number of commercial microwaves available, based on your needs, from light liability, method liability and lastly top quality which can be used up to 200+ times per day. To get to know the biggest foods and safety specifications, microwaves need to be consistently cleaned. Our Commercial Microwave Oven function a stainless-steel outdoor and inside which prevents splitting down and makes cleaning less difficult and quicker. Our commercial microwaves come with a variety of different controls.  These are the microwaves with guide controls that allow both initiatives and warming to be fine updated with a change, and others that allow personalized programs to be stored.  These personalized programs are much easier than the irrelevant pre-sets on most personal designs, and allow for accurate temperature ranges that aid to avoid over or undercooking.  The comfort of the controls allows for easier use and assures that customers can utilize all of the ovens presets to its full capabilities. First and foremost, our Commercial Microwave Oven is more impressive than personal ovens.  Industrial microwave ovens are designed for making much faster, as they are generally can be used in conditions where time is essential. This added energy decreases get ready times, which also enhances efficiency. Though your own and commercial microwave oven could have the same power result, the commercial microwave oven will get ready faster and usually save energy. Commonly used in the offering industry as well as in the homes, this microwave oven is well known due to the rapidity and energy-efficiency. Previously versions of this application were mainly useful to reheat the cold food and for making treats. The special feature about this service is that the generate gets heated first, and the heat will be progressively prolonged to your cookware. As a result, the cooking process is going to be less distressing. The lack of smoking is another advantage. If our Commercial Microwave Oven needs support or repair all over the warranty period, an expert technician will personally visit your site, providing evaluation and service where possible. No longer do you need to worry about the costly return of units for repair. Because our commercial microwave ovens are so easy and efficient, they use much less energy to produce the same results as other gadgets. Also, consider that microwaves do not have to pre-heat, so they only use energy when they are actually cooking meals.


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