Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Instant Juice Maker: You can make all kinds of fruit and vegetable juice by Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine. You can make juice like watermelon, apple, orange, peach, almond, pineapple, grape, and so on.
  • Basic Parts: You will get all the necessary parts like Fruits Pusher, Juice exit, Power Switch, Filter Basket, Dross Exit etc. to make the juice appropriately and to serve your customer with delight.
  • Motor & RPM: You will get the best quality motor and other accessories along with the best commercial juicer. The Regulation per minute (RPM) is about 2800 times. The motor will roll 2800 times per minute; as a result, you can make the juice faster.
  • Food Grade Body Material: The parts of this commercial juicer where food will be touched are all made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel (food grade). This made the juicer more durable.
  • Electricity Consumption: The juice blender consumes less electricity (Only 220V), so it will reduce your electricity cost compared to other industrial equipment.
  • Anti Rush & Easy to Clean: All you have to do is just turn on this juice extractor after some time you can get the juice that is fresh, tasty and delicious. Generally it does not get dirty, so you can clean whole the machine just wiping it off.
  • Usages Area: Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine is an ideal investment for a restaurant, café, bar, juice bar, canteen, hotels, supermarket, shopping mall, fruit shops, entertainment places, hospitals.

Product Features

·         Heavy duty juicer for a store or home use.
·         All kinds of fresh melon fruit and vegetable can be squeezed
·         Stainless steel material and blade
·         Can continuously juice for 24 hours without stopping
·         Consumes less electricity

Product Specification

·         Color·         Silver
·         Speed·         2800 RPM
·         Dimension·         250 x 400 x 350mm
·         Weight·         13kg
·         Power·         370W

Why Use This Product

Did you know that most of the vitamins and minerals, up to ninety-five percent of them are produced from raw fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that you can get when juicing? Okay but here is the issue, if you wanted to get 95% of those vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function on a very more healthy level according to treat juice you would need to eat a lot of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables daily in order to get the full effect. And generally, most of us don't want to consume fruits and vegetables directly. This is where you can make fruits and vegetable juices and people will be craving for that. Now the question is where you can get fresh fruit or vegetable juice to serve your customer instantly? Your answer is Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine!

Although there are so many opportunities to be a part of not-so-healthy eats, nowadays everyone is starting to become more conscious of what they are eating and drinking. This is why now people are avoiding cold drinks, and they are taking more fruit or vegetable juices to keep themselves fit. Now we see there are lots of juice bars opening on the footpath or here and there, and people are gathering there. But even if your restaurant doesn't serve all-natural fresh fruit and vegetable juice then you are way behind. Now keep your head up and buy our Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine, you can still benefit from offering fresh-squeezed deliciousness from this commercial juicer. Freshly extracted juice can bring recommended treatment both on its own and when it's combined into top quality combinations like beverages and liquids. Businesses varying from a restaurant, café, bar, juice bar, canteen, hotels, supermarket, shopping mall, fruit shops, entertainment places, hospitals can usually get benefits from having Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine in their kitchen tool offers.

Using this juice blender is very easy and simple. Firstly, please clean the goods before squeeze and peel off if it needs such as - orange, pomelo, watermelon before starting your making. Some fruit like peach and apricot are hardness so you must remove the stone otherwise it will crack the fruit juice machine. You need to cut off the pulp to pieces smaller sized than the size of the ostium. Then just put it in a clean case. And while you will turn on the Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine you can put the pulp into ostium continuously, then the fresh juice will pour from the ostium. If you want to change the items of juice, you need to use clean water to wash the ostium first.

Here is the purpose we all know you are not going to eat several amounts of fruits and vegetables every day as this is going to be too difficult and might actually have a bad impact on the body. So instead we suggest that you consider making juices. Juicing will allow you to press out all the nutritional value from fresh fruits and vegetables into an awesome glass without having to go through the stress of consuming several fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Most people that consider juicing end up consuming a lot of their everyday needs in one glass which can absolutely fix all their stresses and tiredness. So purchase the Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine right now. This will allow you to preserve a lot of money and any stresses you may have with consuming too many fresh fruits and vegetables. You are not limited to just the classics with professional juice machines. You will be able to get innovative with your menu additions and offer signature juices or beverages that customers cannot find anywhere else. You can make your own combinations to be experienced with Weekend runch or even use these original juices as the base for your cocktails. Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine can actually produce more juice than other juicing methods, as long as you to make the most of your fresh ingredients and save money on produce. This can be beneficial whenever you want, but you will be especially happy you have the best commercial juicer when produce prices increase due to unexpected different varying weather conditions or other issues. Especially countries like Bangladesh majority days are hot and humid. So people will crave your juices and they will come to your restaurant or cafe. Thus you will be able to gain loads of profits by placing the Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine in your restaurant or cafe. And because these juice extractors are easy to clean, your workers will not have to spend energy on making sure that your fruit juice machine is clean and safe.

There are no reason juice bars, cafes and restaurant should be the only ones to have a heavy-duty juicer machine. Your restaurant or cafe can certainly get benefited from implementing fresh juice and we know your potential customers will want more. To buy it or know more information about our Instant Commercial Juice Maker Extractor Machine, please contact us today.


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