Commercial GAS Stove Burner || 2 Year Service Warranty !!!!

Key Points Of Product

  • Floor Standing: Mainly Commercial GAS Stove Burners system is to stand on the floor.Because normally it’s weight is too heavy. So,if we keep it on top of anythinh,then it will lose it’s standard height.And as a result nobody can do work easily
  • Burner Size: Commercial Gas Burner standard height size is 33 inch. According to the convenience of working and carrying, commercial gas burner has 4 types size. Such as: 1.Single burner – The single gas burner has 1.5 feet lenght,1.5 feet width and 33 inches lenght.If you want you can also use big pan on it. This burner is used by street van, catering service,bengali food hotel etc. 2.Double burner: The double gas burner’s standard size is -length 4 feet, width 2.5 feet and height 33 inches.
  • Gas Stove Material: Commercial Industrial Burner top side is made by SS non magnetic. And its size is 1.5,1.2 and 01 mm.
  • GAS Consumption: If you use 45 CFT single burners daily for 10 hrs on full pressure by 13 kg cylinder, then you can use minimum 3 days. And if you use four gas burner on full pressure by 13 kg cylinder, you can use it minimum 1 day.
  • Anti Rust: As it is made with non magnetic ss sheet, so never rust.
  • Gas Control With Ball Vulb: The Ball vulb is a controller. By this the gas pressure is increased and reduced. Its size is half inch and made by SS sheet. From burner, the pipeline is supplied with the ball vulb and that pipe is copper pipe. The copper pipe will not leak even if it fires.So, the probability of accident is much lower.
  • Removable Grates: or getting heat equally around the pan, the square shape removable grates should be used. And for Chinese dish ring system should be used.
  • Shelve For Pizza Oven: The another benefit of this Commercial GAS Stove Burner is,you can easily use this as a pizza oven. You can make two 12 inches pizza by double burner.And 4 piece 12 inches pizza by four burner. This pizza oven system burner is made for 15 cft.But you cannot do heavy work on it. Just simple work such as water heating can be done on it.
  • Wheel System (Optional): If you need movable wheel system gas burner then we can also add the wheels.
  • Area of Use: Usually This commercial burner is used in big restaurant, Bengali hotel, chineese restaurant, school college’s kitchen, hospitals kitchen, street van etc etc.

Why Use This Product

1) What is Commercial GAS Stove Burner?

Ans: Commercial gas burner is a device which provides fire on stove by mixing oxygen with Acetyline, natural gas or propen.It is such an wonderful device for kitchen which can help you to make your work more easier and faster.

2)Why would people use Industrial GAS Burner?

Ans: It is really important to know why people use Commercial GAS Stove Burner instead of using normal gas burners. Basically it is used for heavy cooking. And it is not possible to cook heavyweight dish by our house's regular gas burner. On the other hand by working with burner you can save your valuable time. Suppose, you cooks your rice with normal burner within 10 minutes, but with commercial gas burner you can cook that rice within 2-3 minutes.Thus,it will save you 4-5 times. That is why big big restaurants are using this.

3) How does a person work with it?

Ans: It has 4 floor standing leg. For the system of floor standing people can work by standing easily.

4) Can work be done without floor standing??

Ans: No,it is not possible because of its heavyweight  and heavy height. If you keep it on anything the height will increase, and then people cannot work with it properly.

5)Why Commercial GAS Stove Burner height is too high?

Ans: As a lot of heavy work is done by this burner,  So the pressure of the gas needs to be high also.That is why this burners is made with heavy height and weight.

6) Can the commercial gas burner be used at home?

Ans : Usually the  ans is "no".Cause,Titas gas is used at regular burner of home and its gas pressure is very low. But commercial gas burner needs high pressure. Thats why it is not possible to use this burner at home. But if one can increase the gas pressure by connecting the riser to the burner, then it is possible.

7)What is difference between normal gas burner and commercial gas burner??

Ans: Good point..there are many difference between normal gas burner and commercial gas burner. The main thing is Commercial GAS Stove Burner cannot be used at home and normal gas burner can not be used at restaurant.  Normal gas burner is lite weight and on the other hand commercial burner is too heavyweight. Commercial gas burner is mainly used at restaurant and normal burner is used at our home.By commercial burner you can cook many people’s food which is not possible by normal gas burner.. These types of many differences are in between those two burners that people will understand when used.

8)How does the commercial gas burner works?

Ans: Burner and cylinder will be connected by a gp pipe.With this pipe gas goes to burner from cylinder. This pipe is much less heated. As a result pipe will never melt.  There is a Handel switch in burner by which you can easily run the fuel. And also can reduce or increase gas.

9)How do u clean a Commercial GAS Stove Burner?

Ans: There is a tray under the burner and with it all the dirt will be deposited in the tray.So,you can easily clean dirts.As the burner 's body is made by SS Magnetic steel,so it absorbs small amount of dirt.When you clean that dirts,the burner will become shiny like before.On the other hand, if the body is not made by SS Magnetic shit,you cannot easily clean the dirts.

10)What type of gas does a commercial gas burner use?

Ans: We know,there are thousands of gas in the world.Some of them are used for our works.Usually, natural gas,propen, buten,acetylene etc are used for Commercial GAS Stove Burner.

11) Which is better -3 burner or 4 burner gas stove?

Ans : Well,if you want use it at your restaurant, i suggest you for 4 burner.Because by 4 burner gas stove you can cook 4 items at a time.As a result you can serve peoples food quick.But if your shef doesn't have capability to cook 4 dishes  at a time,then you can choose 3 burner. Because everybody cannot run 4 burners Commercial GAS Stove Burner at a time.

12)Who uses commercial gas burner?

Ans: Basically commercial gas burner has large number of users. Among all of them the main users are the people who cook the food of many people. Like restaurants, chineese   hotels, Bengali hotels, cantonments kitchen, street vans etc.It is also used in the kitchen of  school,college,university's hostel.Single Commercial GAS Stove Burner is used at street vans which  is about 15 cft and 3 or 4 burners are used at others.

13) What is the advantage of using commercial gas burner for cooking?

Ans: Of course,there are many benefits to use commercial gas burner for cooking.With this you can easily make dishes quick and also can serve.Because it takes minimum 2 kg gas pressure to work whereas normal burner take half kg.As a redult your time will save.. So,obviously it is more effective than others.

14)Where can i buy commercial gas burner in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Ans:  Many companies are working with Commercial GAS Stove Burner.But there is fake and real products also.If you want authentic iteam then you can get this with 2 yrs warranty and service support from They are the renowned manufacturer of Dhaka, Bangladesh.You can trust them blindly. During service support with warranty, you just have to pay convenience to them.



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