Commercial Flake Ice Making Machines in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Safety System: Flake Ice Making Machine has the load-monitoring feature which continuously checks workload on the gearbox, it shuts down the system before a problem develops and preventing costly repairs.
  • Heavy Duty Gear-Box: This ice flake machine has heavy-duty gearbox which provides years of trouble-free service.
  • Water Sensor System: The water sensor system of this machine eliminates low or no water failures and can not be affected by adverse water conditions.
  • Stainless Evaporator: The rugged stainless steel evaporator and auger ensure the reliability of this machine.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: External Components of this Flake Ice Making Machine is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel crafted for optimal aesthetic appeal through superior fit and finish.
  • Easy Assemble: This machine has front access control for easier maintenance. Front-in, front-out airflow allows for built-in installations.

Product Features

·         Stainless steel freezing surface.
·         Highly protected and safety switches are available.
·         Polyurethane insulation technology applied.
·         Standard water make-up tank and ice removal tools.
·         Cost effective, compact and easy to install.
·         Maximum production of ice.

Product Specification

·         Product type ·         ,Supermarket Flake Ice Making Machines
·         Weight ·         8,100 Ibs – 3,674 kg
·         Volume ·         510 cu ft – 14.4 cu mtr
·         Driver motor ·         1.00HP
·         Pump motor ·         0.50 HP
·         Suction line ·         4” Sch 40
·         Liquid line ·         1 ½” Sch 80
·         Oil drain line ·         ½” MPT
·         Water line ·         Trank inlet: ½” FPT

·         Trank drain: 1 ¼”FPT

·         Trank Outlet: 1 ¼”FPT

·         Flow Control Valve Inlet: 1 ¼”FPT

·         Refrigerant capacity ·         Volume 8.68 Cubic Feet - .25 Cubic meter

Why Use This Product

Today we are going to introduce Flake Ice Making Machines  with you but before doing it, I want tell something about the importance of ice in commercial sector as like Supershop or Supermarket in Bangladesh. The concept of using ice in industrial and commercial sector brings revolutionary changes in the history of business. Once upon a time

When the use of ice was not available in the market, in that time the products got rotten after a certain period of time and the traders would have to complete the business within time. So, from the products they could not get a good profit due to time circumstance. But now a days after inventing Supermarket Flake Ice Making Machines trader can make ice artificially in the factories to freeze the spoilable products like meat, fish, eggs etc. This machine has many features that make it perfect for you; firstly, the machine can capable of produce huge amount of ice flakes(40 to 100kg) per day. So, you are getting lots of ice to preserve you products safely. The most important features of this Supermarket Flake Ice Making Machines  its Polyurethane Insulation Technology; now it become possible to increase the life time of the ice as the machine uses the insulation of polyurethane which can produce heat registrant ice and these type of ice can be stable for longer lasting and at the same time it make positive effect on terms of business sector. This Ice Making Machines  is perfect for the Super Markets where the meats and fish is displayed for longer time, it also can be perfect for Bar, Medical, restaurants and the big factories where they deals with huge amount of spoilable products. The traders are already using This Machines  in business purpose in lots of places of the world including Bangladesh. Most Super Shops uses this Ice Maker Machine for refrigerating the products which are damageable. This machine is made with durable metals and in keeping with the concern of longer lasting capabilities. Stainless steel is used for longer durability. The machine is compact and automated system. The user can easily install it and can use it without any complexities.

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