Commercial Electric Ice Crusher Machine in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • Ice Crash Types: We can provide Commercial Electric Ice Crusher Machine that can produce flake, micro flake, cube, nugget etc. type ices you want. If you need only flake or cube or nugget ice, still this types of crusher machine will be an ideal option for you.
  • Crashing Capacity: You can choose the ice maker machine’s crushing capacity according to your requirements. Yes you can choose 25kg per hour, but we also have the option for you which have the capacity to produce 60kg/70kg/85kg/100kg/120kg/150kg/200kg/ per hour.
  • Body Materials: This ice crusher machine is made of high quality cast aluminum/Stainless Steel (food grade) that makes the machine corrosion resistant and durable. This machine is constructed from corrosion-resistant cast aluminum/stainless steel crafted for optimal aesthetic appeal through superior fit and finish.
  • Ice Storage Capacity: There are many kinds of ice bins are available for the machine. The storage capacity you can choose on your own like 25kg/60kg/70kg/85kg/100kg whichever you want.
  • Usages Area: We all need pieces of ice in our everyday life, especially in the summer. So Commercial Electric Ice Crusher Machine is perfect equipment for Restaurant, bar, café, canteen, hotel, coffee shop, fast food, super shop where your customers will want their drinks with ice . 
  • Low Maintenance Machine: One of the great advantage of using a machine like this ice crusher, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to maintain the machine. Servicing the machine or replacing parts you will find at a reasonable cost. We can also help you in this circumstance.

Product Features

·         Modern and elegant streamlined design
·         The entire body is made of high quality cast aluminum
·         Waterproof and safe enough even for a child.
·         Low maintenance cost
·         Customized storage capacity available

Why Use This Product

Do you use ice on an everyday basis? Have you thought about buying an Commercial Electric Ice Crusher Machine instead of buying packaged ice? Having your own ice system can offer a sensible solution that can satisfy the ice requirements of your restaurant, cafe, bar or super shop whether you are in the kindness market and want to offer ice cold beverages to your customers or clients such also the employees where their health and humidity is important. Running a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, beverage shop, food court or super shop you must want that your place looks stylish and updated from others. Also, it can attract the customers to buy beverages from your restaurant or super shop whatever it is. So, all it needs to be some good super shop equipment. Nowadays placing a commercial ice flaking machine can be a perfect investment due to summer. When the warm weather a few weeks move around, you really appreciate your ice dice crusher machine or believe it. If you choose the right ice producer machine for your restaurant, bar, cafe or super shop, then do a pair of things to take care of it, this key system should last for few years. To decide on the right ice maker system, here we bring the ice maker equipment at a reasonable price Commercial Electric Ice Crusher Machine for you and your business. Ice makers all make ice the almost in the same way, with little distinction. For example, about the Commercial Electric Ice Crusher Machine that uses a water-cooled method to make ice.  It designed reliable means of a constant process of heating and cooling, condensation and evaporation. In the start of the process, a gaseous refrigerant is pressured through a sequence of small coils.  This pressurizes the gas inside of those coils, heating it. When the gas gets to the heat range, the refrigerant is released into bigger tubes.  This cools down the gas and helps to create condensation.  The gas within the coils becomes a fluid. The condensation is then taken to the evaporator which has a dual flushing system. A container in the ice crusher machine guarantees that water is regularly operating over the evaporator.  When that level gets to a certain aspect, the water is then cool down to freezing. That process carries on until the ice bin is full and a sign is sent to the device to stop until it empties. By preventing the process until the ice is required, both energy and water are saved. The optimum solution for maintaining your need of enormous ice cubes for the customer to please them is placing an ice maker machine in your restaurant, bars, food court or super shop. Commercial Electric Ice Crusher Machine is long-lasting and great looking.  With its stainless-steel body, it increases the value of the kitchen of your restaurant, bar, food court and super shop. It can even keep the children satisfied as it can produce ice cubes, perfect for them when they will have their Oreo shake, milkshake or chocolate shake.  This convenient ice producer machine is easy to comprehend for anyone to use.Using Commercial Electric Ice Crusher Machine you definitely can create ice artificially to protect your items like various meats, seafood, and egg and so on in your restaurant or super shop. You can also provide beverages like cold coffees, smoothies, lassi and other soft beverages along with ice. In all the family parties, social parties, BBQ's, get-togethers, and all the normal exciting parties, you may need quite a bit of ice cubes when the party is going in your restaurant, as you may have to give a lot of beverages. In most exclusive celebrations like wedding or anniversaries or kids birthday celebrations, people are likely to take lot more preferred beverages mostly offered cold or with ice. So from where you can bring ice cubes? Don't worry; this ice maker machine is here to give highest possible ice for your associates. If you never want to run out of ice in the center of your party then buying this ice crusher machine guarantees you have all the ice you need. Commercial icemaker like this ice cube machine varied customized in sizing and features as compared to normal icemakers created to fit your relaxed ice cube needs that are often disappointed by your freezer’s ice containers. Commercial Electric Ice Crusher Machine makes the best ice to use it for better purpose and is made to last. As an important equipment for a lot of restaurants or commercial kitchen, a commercial ice cube maker like this must meet the necessities of your operate. Discover our ice crusher machine which can be the best product for your restaurant business.


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