Commercial Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display in Bangladesh

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Key Points Of Product

  • High-Quality Function: Commercial Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display has attractive functional units with the cover. The cover will protect and keep the food warm in big parties and occasions where food is prepared early. The cover can be removed later.
  • Types: Our buffet warmer comes in two types. One is hot and the other is the chiller type to keep food cool. And we can provide it according to your custom size. 
  • Gas or Electrical? : Bain marie is available in both gas and electric. We can provide any of them. Generally, people prefer the electric bain marie. There is a heater beyond that which is full of water. The heater makes the water warm or steams to keep the food warm and fresh.
  • Trays: There are two kinds of tray that you can include with our commercial bain marie. The local and the Chinese trays are available. The Chinese trays are high in quality and a bit expensive compared to the local ones. 
  • Dishes: Two kinds of dishes you can get with our bain marie (large and small). The amount of the dishes depends on the size of the bain marie. In standard, 2 large and 4-6 small dishes are there where you can display fried rice, chicken curries and vegetables for customers. 
  • Customize Order: We take full customize order for the buffet warmer. So you can order the warmer according to your requirements. 
  • Area of Usage: Commercial Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display is highly utilized in various hotels, restaurants and canteens.

Product Features

·         Maintain foods at serving temperature
·         It is made of stainless steel
·         Easy to use
·         Available in both gas and electric
·         Available in various specifications
·         Portable product
·         These counters clearly display all the food items along where from the food stuffs can be picked up

Product Specification

·         Dimension (L x W x H)·         350*560*280mm 
·         Voltage·         220-240v
·         Power·         1200-1400w
·         Material·         Stainless Steel
·         Pans·         2
·         Temperature Range·          
·         Weight·         14-16kg

Why Use This Product

Commercial Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display is a foods warming systems, which is designed to properly keep pre-cooked foods ready to eat for long times. This is often known as a water bath or a double boiler, a commercial bain marie food warmer is usually a large, gastronorm compatible system used as part of a self-service food or buffet area. Power versions are available, as well as wet heated and dry heated choices. Electric and gas versions of bain marie are available, as well as wet heat and dry heat options.

A professional bain-marie machine in the kitchen area can be a real source to a chef or culinary experts. The potential of a bain-marie is to heat or warm foods progressively and without causing in it to burn. Like, if you want to melt chocolate or create cream type sauces to make custards and terrines, a machine like our bain-marie cannot be beaten, as they turn out very well when ready in a hot-water bath. Our portable bain marie provides heated and sleek of a traditional hot-water bath, without the distressing work of using several pots and ceramic dishes to achieve the results.

Commercial Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display comes in a large number of styles, measurements, and types, but generally they are a comprehensive, circular, usually metal program made of three or four main parts: a handle, an exterior program that keeps the working liquid, an inner, smaller sized program that matches inside the exterior one and which keeps the content to be heated or ready, and sometimes a system below. Under the exterior program of the this bain marie is a heat source. These countertop bain marie are usually configured for gastronorm pan use in catering. Our Commercial Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display involves the food items with very relaxing heated and is used for warming delicate dishes such as sauces or melting chocolate. Furthermore, pre-cooked foods such as - curry, chili or even baked beans can be kept at a safe offering warm variety for long times. You can transform and take notice of the having warm variety of the buffet warmer or bain marie through a temperature range, which you alter with regards to the type of foods you are having. All the delicate items like sauces, chocolates, and the rests will more likely require a lower, more regular heated than what you would normally use for pre-cooked foods.

The bain marie food warmer comes in a comprehensive range of types, dimensions and types, however generally they are a comprehensive, circular steel containers made of three to four primary parts: a manage, an external program that features as the heat source and an inner program, which sholds the material to be heated or cooked. The commercial bain marie can also come with base. Amateur chefs and cooking professionals make bain-marie hot-water washrooms in their home cooking foods places using a two pot system. The base pot contains water and the top pot is where foods are placed so that it is heated by the water (without being immersed). While home methods will work in more compact cooking foods places, a knowledgeable chef should get a professional bain-marie like Commercial Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display. The warm range will be precise, water can stay hot for as long as needed, and the resilient professional versions for commercial kitchen use help prevent a hot-water shower being damaged over by a contemporary associate or active prepare.

Commercial Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display includes the food items with very relaxing heated and are used to prepare delicate dishes like custards, white spices or decreasing candies etc. When selecting a professional bain marie, they come in a choice of wet heated and dry heat; wet heated is based on hot water or steam for the heating process, while dry heated uses electric and a heating unit between the containers.Electric bain marie food warmers are far more common, simply because they the gentle heating does not require much power. Still, bain marie with gas-powered versions are available - although there is really very little difference in functionality or warming performance. Bain Maries, which can also be known as water baths, allow for gentle cooking, heating and storing of hot food. They are ideal for buffet service, and the back of house use with their gastronorm compatibility.

But there is a question people frequently ask that can they cook in a Commercial Buffet Bain Marie Food Warmer Display?

Yes - and no. Only very delicate foods such as sauces and mousses can be cooked in a hot food display bain marie. It is not really cooking; it is just very gentle heating. In most normal circumstances hot food display bain maries are only used for warming food which has already been pre-cooked.


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