Heavy Duty Commercial Blender Machine

Key Points Of Product

  • Multi-Purpose Product: Heavy Duty Commercial Blender Machine is an important kitchen restaurant equipment that you can use for both blending and grinding. You can make milk shake and any type of juice by using this product. This appliance can crush ice without any problem in very short time.
  • High-end Material: The blender machine is made of food grade material and the price is affordable for almost everyone. It is very thin and transparent. This blender machine is also chip-resistant. The blade is made of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about it since it is anti-corrosion resistant product.
  • Powerful Motor: High Quality Electric Blender has a powerful motor in order to work perfectly without any type of interruptions. While blending, the motor speeds up to 45000 RPM with 300W-1200W of power. The motor can also handle variable speed controls. It is a self-compensating motor for blending continuously. You don’t have to worry of replacing the motor because it will be serving you for a long time.
  • Default Recipes Program Switch: The blender machine has presets for the suitable speeds to change automatically for the recipes. You can change the setting to your preference and relax or do other tasks. This blender can smoothly operate various recipes; so if you’re thinking of buying one, do not hesitate. This blender cooking machine will not disappoint you.
  • Low Sound Performance: While functioning, this blender machine makes very little noise even though it has a powerful motor. It isn’t too loud but perfectly subtle and sounds like a premium blender. If you are thinking this blender machine can be noisy, so you aren’t right.
  • Extremely Lightweight: This Heavy Duty Commercial Blender Machine is very lightweight and easy to use. This is not like those typical kitchen blender machines which are heavy and extremely uncomfortable. This has weight of 3.7kg, 8.15 lbs. The blenders have a very good design and build which makes it really light so that you can carry or move it here to there.
  • Fully Certified: This commercial blender machine has a CE certification which means it is completely safe to use. It is totally safer and perfect as a kitchenware.

Product Features

·        Turbo Motor: 4500 RPM with Maximum 1200W
·        Flexible Stainless Steel Blade
·        Durable & long-lasting Glass
·        Versatile & Multi-functional
·        Can be used to grind, blend, make soybean, milk, juice, etc.

Product Specification

·        Material:·        Plastic
·        Voltage:·        220V, 50hz
·        Speed: ·        45000 R/M
·        Blade Material:·        Stainless steel
·        Dimensions:·        170*235*530mm
·        Weight:·        3.7kg, 8.15lbs
·        Container:·        Totally Transparent
·        Certification:·        CE certified

Why Use This Product

What is Electric Blender Machine?

A blender or a mixer is a type of kitchen equipment used to blend, purée, or emulsify food and different substances. A stationary blender has a blender container with a rotating metal blade at the base, fueled by an electric motor that is in the base.


What is the best heavy-duty blender?

In our opinion, Blendtec Stealth 885 is the most heavy-duty blender because it has a horsepower of 3.8 and 1,800W. It is really powerful and efficient.


What is a decent wattage for a commercial blender machine?

Blenders start at around 200W — as a rule for the stick or individual versions. It can also go up to 1,000W and more. It's really great because of what you can achieve with a kitchen blender. It's extraordinary for milkshakes and perfect for hot soup.


How can you pick a decent blender?

Get a blender with somewhere in the range of 3 and 10-speed settings. If it is under than three,then it won't provide you with enough control and more than 10 settings aren't required. However, having a pulse button is important. 500 watts is enough for the regular blender operations, such as making milkshakes and mixing smoothies.


Would it be a good idea for you to purchase a blender instead of a food processor?

A blender is normally better for liquids and is utilized to make things like smoothies. However, a food processor is utilized for more intensive tasks, for example, blending dough or cutting vegetables. According to your workload, you can decide which one’s best for you.


What number of watts does a speedy blender have?

Most of household unit models fall inside 500 to 750 watts, however, alternatives extend from 300 to as high as 1,500 watts. High wattage blenders frequently cost more than their low watt counterparts, so it might appear progressively costly equivalent to a superior blender.


How long should you run a blender?

Typically, you can run the blender for 3 minutes or more. It relies on the load if you are mixing hard material. The motor accomplishes more power to rotate to mix. If you are in no rush to mix, simply give some an opportunity to chill off the body temp to expand the lifespan of the motor. Henceforth, the blender.


Will a blender replace a food processor?

A blender can be utilized similarly as a food processor as long as you are eager to work with smaller batches. A blender can deal with most errands that a food processor can except for kneading dough and making pastry dough.


How does Electric Commercial Blender Machine work?

When the motor in a blender is plugged with electrical force and activated, the shaft is going to turn at a high pace. The blades that are attached to a coupler will likewise spin at a similar speed.

Step 1: Plug It In.

Step 2: Take the Lid Off.

Step 3: Take the Blender and Put Ice in the Cup.

Step 4: Pour Water Until It Reaches the Top of the Ice.

Step 5: Put the Top Back on and Make Sure It's Secure. ...

Step 6: Press the Button.

Step 7: Blend and Pour into a Cup.


Could you mix nuts in a blending machine?

Extremely firm foods, particularly nuts, won't mix in a blender. You would rather harm the motor attempting to get them right instead of placing nuts in, consider either buying pre-chopped nuts or squash them yourself by hand. You can do this with a moving pin and a cutting board.


What is the difference amongst Blender and Mixer?

The difference between a blender and a blender lies in the development, and in this way - in their usefulness. The first of these is principally utilized for crushing nourishment items, consequently, it is ideal for getting ready-mixed drinks and cream soups.


Can you put ice cubes in a blender?

Unless you have a powerful blender that is capable, putting ice cubes in your blender can dull the blade. Use somewhat defrosted fruit (ten minutes out of the cooler ought to work) or squashed ice.


Can your blender overheat?

The bearings in the blade together can become seized from liquid and food leaking through. This will make the engine work more enthusiastically than it should. Then it would either overheat or wear out. The failure of different parts in your blender can also make the motor fail, bringing about a burning or electrical smell.


What is the price of High Quality Commercial Blender Machine?

You will find Heavy Duty Commercial Blender Machineavailable at a very reasonable price.Just call 01711998626 And you will get latest price from Nobarun International.

Where can I buyHeavy Duty Commercial Blender Machinein Dhaka Bangladesh?

To buy the best High Quality Commercial Blender Machine, you might find it expensive. But here you will find the best blender machine at a reasonable price! Call us or visit our website. We Nobarun.com provide the best kitchen equipment all over in Bangladesh.


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