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Key Points Of Product

  • Capacity & Productivity: By using our Commercial 8 Pizza GAS Oven, you can prepare large 12 inches 8 pizzas in a certain time so that you can serve pizzas to your customers all day long.
  • Power: This pizza oven can bake pizza with a convenience of natural gas. There is a natural draw of air through the pizza oven opening, and the flame created by the burners is silent, widely diffused and very bright.
  • High Quality Product: The professional pizza oven works very well and smoothly. You won’t face any hassle while using the oven. The pizza oven machine is made to provide efficient and uniform service for baking pizza in your restaurant.
  • Stone-based Inner: We use stone inside in our pizza equipment. As a result, all the pizzas you will be going to make will be smooth, not unbending.
  • Temperature Maintenance: The pizza oven temperature can be controlled electronically. The display shows the variety of temperature degrees so that you can keep rolling the switch/knob.
  • Amount of Decks & Trays: The number of decks of this industrial oven depends on how many decks you need. We can provide 1/2/3 decks for you. 3 trays will be provided along with it.
  • Stainless-steel Body: Our commercial oven is made of food grade stainless steel. The components of the thermal system are of high grade
  • Easy to Use: Commercial 8 Pizza GAS Oven is user-friendly equipment. All you have to do is cleaning it on a regular basis.

Product Features

·         It can make various kinds of bread, including pizza, sweet bread, square bread, baguette, cream cake, and other foreign pastries
·         The use of first-class insulation materials, heat preservation effect is good, save energy.
·         Easy to maintain and clean
·         Highly recommended restaurant, coffee shop, food court, bread factories and bakeshops
·         1 year warranty

Product Specification

·         Brand·         Unique
·         Model·         8 Pizza
·         Origin·         China
·         Deck Dimension (L x W x H)·         48 inch x 25 inch x 8.5 inch


·         Product Dimension (L x W x H)·         68 inch x 33 inch x 24 inch


·         Power·         Gas
·         Tray·         3

Why Use This Product

It is your lifeline. It can make or break you, add ambiance or simply be a workhorse. Choosing the right professional pizza oven is like choosing an associate. It is a choice you will have to stay with unless you are willing to handle the disappointment of discovering a substitute. Well, think of Commercial 8 Pizza GAS Oven as your pizza oven service. Space, fuel requirements, capacity, and looks are all part of developing choices process when purchasing a commercial pizza oven. An old-style deck pizza oven just won't do if you have a high volume restaurant and have a high turnover rate for the kitchen staff. A forced air conveyor oven may not give your pizza the taste you want or the right visual fascination for fantastic cafes, cuisines, restaurants that want to use the pizza making process as part of the dining experience.

Before you purchase, let us do the hard part. Submit a free request for quotes using the type to the right, and we will get to provide you our expert Commercial 8 Pizza GAS Oven so that you can assess all your options in one place!

If you run a pizzeria or a restaurant or cafeteria with pizzas on the menu choices, you may want to acquire a professional pizza oven specifically designed to bake pizzas. In this circumstance, Commercial 8 Pizza GAS Oven can be the best investment for you.

Gas pizza ovens are relatively new but they are a sensible cooking pizza option. Rather than having to light a fire and take notice of temperature continually when baking pizza you use searching for the owner to select the temperature you want your pizza oven to be. Gas pizza ovens are great for stability when cooking pizza however they deceivingly do much more to heat.  Gas pizza ovens like our Commercial 8 Pizza GAS Oven have a burner in the center of the oven and while your dome and ceiling will be heated relatively quick, in contrast to with a wood-fired oven where the fireplace starts on the floor and then the temperature increases, the floor of a gas pizza oven will often take time to heat. You need to analyze this is the right heated variety before cooking pizzas because otherwise you may be left with a soggy pizza base. When you want to use a gas pizza oven then use the controller to select the temperature and wait for the recommended time until your oven heats. Do remember to check the floor temperature however before starting to cook pizza.

Commercial gas pizza ovens are the technologically-updated, contemporary alternatives of brick ovens. Our commercial pizza oven like brick ovens have a stone fireplace, display, or deck on which the pizza is placed for conductive baking.  The stone heated, with the radiant heat of the oven area, helps to develop a more authentic-tasting pizza than other traditional ovens while being less expensive and much easier to use and maintain than an equivalent brick oven.  Generally, pizza ovens like our Commercial 8 Pizza GAS Oven attract pizzerias and cafes that cannot manage the price, space, or employee-time costs of brick ovens, but that want the genuine taste of a well-baked conventional pizza.  Though not designed for it, gas pizza oven can be used to make certain other items, such as desserts.

Gas pizza ovens are easier to operate than a wood-fired oven, very easy to operate as you basically turn them on, let them heated up, put your pizza in and watch them get ready.  When you are finished enjoying or having your pizza, just turn off the pizza oven. It is very simple.  Check out our Commercial 8 Pizza GAS Oven, which really is a great oven. Gas pizza ovens are simply a better way to make pizza than a wood-fired oven which you would have to clean out and eliminate the ash or log continues to be after you have finished baking your pizzas. There is no cutting up, holding or having to order records and timber for your pizza oven. Our professional pizza oven is practical to use and acquire, they are the same as you would use on your pizza and can be bought and refilled at your local servo, hardware supply store or convenience store.

The choice comes down to whether you want to have a clean, efficient, convenient simple way of cooking pizzas, and then choose our Commercial 8 Pizza GAS Oven. The surprising aspect of the gas pizza oven will never let you down and there is something both simple and special cooking with natural gas and is the reason why restaurant owners in Bangladesh crave for gas pizza ovens.


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