Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • High-Productivity: You can bake 4 of 12 inch pizzas and 2 of 9 inch pizzas all together in our Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven. So, this commercial bakery oven can bake fresh or frozen pizzas immediately for you.
  • Power: Our professional pizza oven can provide pizzas for your restaurant with the convenience of gas. This natural combustion provides efficient pizza baking and gives a unique flavor.
  • Top-class Product: The commercial pizza machine is designed to keep up at your busiest times, as well as show a powerful heat to give you a crispier, brick-oven styled crust and product that your customers love.
  • Stone-based Inner: We use stone inside of this pizza oven instead of sheet. As a result, the pizza you will make by the oven will be smooth and delicious.
  • Temperature Management: The heat range of Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven is controlled electrically. It will offer the restaurant owner and the chef easy control over cooking temperatures.
  • Decks & Trays: Generally, the size of the each deck is (L x W x H: 34-inch x 25-inch x 8 inches). If you need more decks then don’t worry, we can provide 1/2/3 decks for you. And 2 trays are included with our pizza oven.
  • Body Material: This gas Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven is made of food grade stainless steel. The components of the thermal system are of high grade.
  • User-friendly: Our pizza oven is very easy to use. You just need to clean on a daily basis when work is finished.

Product Features

·         It can make various kinds of bread, including pizza, sweet bread, square bread, baguette, cream cake, and other foreign pastries
·         Utilizes conductive heat to quickly and precisely cook your fresh foods
·         The use of first-class insulation materials, heat preservation effect is good, save energy.
·         Highly recommended restaurant, coffee shop, food court, bread factories and bakeshops
·         Easy to maintain and clean
·         1 year warranty

Product Specification

·         Brand ·         Unique
·         Model ·         6 Pizza
·         Origin ·         China
·         Deck Dimension (L x W x H) ·         34 inch x 25 inch x 8 inch
·         Product Dimension (L x W x H) ·         49 inch x 31 inch x 22 inch
·         Power ·         Gas
·         Tray ·         2

Why Use This Product

Professional pizza ovens are generally used to get ready pizzas pies with meals, parmesan, cheese, and spices toppings. Restaurant owners, managers and cooking experts have gradually started to use pizzas ovens for non-pizza developing reasons. The capability to steam mussels, finish steaks, and offer a great smoky or steak wonderful flavor to meat, fish and poultry allow restaurants to maximize the use of their pizza ovens. There are many ways to prepare or baking a pizza, but not all of them are comparative. When it comes to baking or preparing pizzas in an oven, there are two exclusive types of ovens. Which type of oven is better, and why? Whether you own a restaurant, pizzas cafe, pizzeria, cafe or food court or you are preparing or making pizzas to enjoy as a food, it is good to understand the modifications between electric and gas varies. Here we are introducing Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven that operates through the natural gas and can be a perfect investment for you.

The roster of pizzas styles functions long, at least into the many, if you keep up with pie-loving details. Whether you get ready them thin or large, top large or flatly prepared, prepared from the base or crisped on the top, Neapolitan, Sicilian, authentic-Neo, New York-style, meat-lovers or veggie eye-catching -- making a pie that people like and come back for relies on this: your Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven.

For pizzerias, using a commercial pizza machine has a number of benefits. First, using the Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven allows you to market your cafe as a rock oven pizzeria, which is itself an effective marketing and may attract in customers that would not have otherwise tried your pizzeria. Second, these gas pizza ovens offer an exclusive flavor to your pizzas that may be eye-catching to your customers. Third, these gas grill pizza ovens have an affordable pizzas manufacturing result - pizzas only take about 5 to 10 minutes to get ready in a pizza oven like our Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven, and you can fit numerous pizzas at the same time in a standard gas pizza oven. Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven is known to generate excellent flavor, especially when preparing pizzas. These commercial ovens also allow the get ready to control the temperature and heat of the cooking unit. Gas pizza ovens generally use natural gas to function. Pizza equipment with a single deck has one starting for the pizzas, whereas dual and several decks have several opportunities. You can prepare pizzas in one deck alongside you can bake various kinds of bread, sweet bread, square bread, baguette, cream cake, and other foreign pastries in our pizza ovens. Our professional pizza oven models are made with a stainless-steel exterior including a knob to control the oven’s temperature variety. When washing the pizza oven, you have to make sure to power down the commercial pizza oven and let it cool. After that, empty the crumb trays and use a soft cloth to clean the outside of the oven. You can get ready 4 of 12-inch pizzas and 2 of 9-inch delicious pizzas all together in our pizza equipment. So, this professional bakery oven can prepare some fresh pizzas instantly for you. Our Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven is made to keep up at your most popular times, as well as show an effective heated to give you a crispier, brick-oven developed crusting and product that your clients love. Our commercial pizza ovens can provide delicious pizzas for your restaurant with the comfort of gas. This natural gas provides effective smoky or steak pizzas and gives an original flavor. The heated variety of our expert 6 pizza ovens is managed electronically. It will offer the restaurant owner and the get ready easy management over preparing conditions.  We use stone inside of our pizza equipment instead of sheet material. As a result, the pizzas you will prepare will be sleek and delicious. Our Gas Fired Commercial 6 Pizza Oven can be used to make much more than pizza, though they do give you results well with pizza and so are more popular in restaurants or coffee shops that have pizza on their menu, and in pizzerias with a broader choice, than in specific pizzerias.

Would you like to know more about pizza equipment? Contact us or make a call for all of your queries and to get more information about the kitchen equipment we supply. We take pride in delivering and supplying our kitchen equipment every day. Our website features a wide selection of pizza equipment as well as other products.

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