Single Deck Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven

Key Points Of Product

  • Capacity: You can make 2 of 12 inch pizzas and 2 of 6 inch pizzas all together by using the Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven. This pizza oven can bake fresh pizzas just in 5-10 minutes.
  • Power: With the convenience of gas, this pizza oven can bake pizzas for your restaurant all day long. This natural combustion delivers consistent cooking and provides a unique flavor.
  • Heavy-Duty Product: You won’t face any hassle while using the oven. The pizza oven machine is made to provide efficient and uniform service for baking pizza in your restaurant.
  • Stone-based Inner: In our outdoor pizza oven, we use stone inside rather than sheet. This is the reason why the pizza you will make will be smooth, not inflexible.
  • Temperature Control: The pizza oven temperature can be controlled electronically, giving the restaurant owner and chef easy control over cooking temperatures. The display indicates the different temperatures where you can adjust it easily.
  • Number of Decks and Tray: The number of decks of this industrial oven depends on how many decks you need. We can provide 1/2/3 decks for you. Each deck of our pizza oven is (H: 8 inch, W: 21 inch, L: 26 inch) in size. One large tray will be provided with the oven.
  • Stainless-Steel Material: The Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven is made of food grade stainless steel. The components of the thermal system are of high grade.
  • Easy to Maintain: Maintaining the pizza oven for the restaurant is very simple and easy. You just need to clean on a daily basis when work is finished.

Product Features

·         It can make various kinds of bread, including pizza, sweet bread, square bread, baguette, cream cake, and other foreign pastries
·         Utilizes conductive heat to quickly and precisely cook your fresh foods
·         The use of first-class insulation materials, heat preservation effect is good, save energy.
·         Highly recommended restaurant, coffee shop, food court, bread factories and bakeshops
·         Easy to maintain and clean
·         1 year warranty

Product Specification

·         Brand·         Unique
·         Model·         4 Pizza
·         Origin·         China
·         Deck Dimension (L x W x H)·         26 inch x 21 inch x 8 inch
·         Product Dimension (L x W x H)·         42 inch x 30 inch x 25 inch
·         Power·         Gas
·         Tray·         1

Why Use This Product

Pizza is a well-known food with many people getting enjoyment from making their own and eating it. Consequently, professional pizza ovens have became popular with property owners being able to make wonderful, self-made pizzas with their members of the family or at events organized at components. Ask a place full with pizza restaurant owners, pizzeria business owners and suppliers what the most important equipment is in their business, and you will get an individual response that the professional pizza oven is the basis of any Pizzeria. Now, ask them Gas vs. Electric, which will they choose? And you might end up with a full-out battle, as the conversation is sure to get noisier, more initiatives and more heated.

So who do you trust? Where do you go to find the best research? Well, we here at Nobarun did a good research for Gas vs. Electric commercial pizza oven these days, and we were up to our customers in so many different opinions that we know that entered set the record straight!

In pizzerias, restaurants, cafes using an industrial pizzas machine have a number of benefits. First, using the Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven allows you to market your restaurant as a stone stove pizzeria, which is itself an effective marketing and may entice in customers that would not have otherwise tried your pizzeria, restaurants, and cafes. Second, these gas oven pizzas offer a unique flavor to your pizzas that may be eye-catching to your prospective customers. Third, these pizza ovens for the restaurants have a cost-effective pizzas production result - pizzas only take about few minutes to ready in a pizzas oven like our Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven, and you can fit numerous pizzas at the same time in a conventional gas pizzas stove. Our Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven is known to produce excellent flavor, especially when preparing pizzas. These professional pizza ovens also allow prepared to control warm variety. Our expert as pizza ovens generally use natural gas to operate. Pizza equipment with a single deck has one starting for the pizzas, whereas double and several decks have several possibilities. You can be prepared pizzas in one deck together with you can prepare various kinds of bread, sweet bread, desserts bread, baguette, lotion dessert, and other foreign pastries in our pizzas ovens as well. Our Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven is developed with a stainless-steel external such as a knob to control the oven’s warm variety. When cleansing the pizzas oven, you have to make sure to power down the professional pizza ovens and allow it to cool. After that, clear the crumb containers and use a smooth fabric to clean the outside of your stove. Our commercial bakery stove can be prepared some fresh pizzas immediately for you. Our Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven is developed to keep up at your most popular times, as well as show an effective warmed to give you a crispier, brick-oven developed crusting and product that your prospective customers love. Our professional pizza ovens can provide wonderful pizzas for your restaurant with the comfort of gas. Our Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven is a cheaper kitchen appliance, which is a benefit for the restaurant owners and the cooking experts. Gas pizza ovens are cheaper to purchase and keep. A gas oven is generally used to create regular pizza using displays. Since this equipment is not the size of electric ovens, they may not fit a large pan, which is required to create the various pizzas. Although this limitation is an issue with the gas ovens, but our Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven perfect to create a bit of customized pizza, rather than huge pizza. Even if you do not run a restaurant that offers pizza or pizzeria, you might want to choose a top-notch professional pizza oven for a restaurant so your bakery items come out just right. There are several different kinds of company commercial pizza oven on the market on the market, and you need to know the best pizza oven in Bangladesh to meet your needs. While there are many pizza ovens, Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven is one of the best in the business.

In our thoughts, the most important pizza oven in the history of pizza oven developing is the deck stove, there are more gas pizza ovens on the market than any other type of oven, and that is because quite simply they have was standing the age groups and offer the most effective and also versatile options for pizza baking. Commercial 4 Pizza Oven allows a business to have a mixed selection with different products and pizza preparation times that cannot be conducted in a machine stove. Commercial 4 GAS Pizza Oven type equipment is used all over the world to generate bread, sweet bread, square bread, baguette, cream cake, and other foreign pastries in addition to offering pizza. Contact us or make a call for all of your queries and to get more information about the kitchen equipment we supply. We take pride in delivering and supplying our kitchen equipment every day. Our website features a wide selection of pizza equipment as well as other products.


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