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Key Points Of Product

  • Automatic Washing Operation: Automatic Commercial Dish Washing Machine offers automatic washing operation. This dishwasher is a machine that fully automates the washing procedure at 55° C rinsing operation with hot water at 80°-85° C.
  • Program Option: This hood-type dishwasher machine features program option which is about 60°, 90°, 120°, 180° C seconds program options. The program continues the process by the closing of the door.
  • Power Consumption Details: The total power consumption of this Automatic Commercial Dish Washing Machine is about 9, 5 kW 380 V, which is quite less than the other dishwasher machines. This machine is stand out for being among the most power efficient available on the market. Thus it will save your electricity cost a bit. 
  • Heating Details: The tank heating power is 2.8 kW and rinse boiler heating is 6 kW, which is quite good enough for a dish washing machine.
  • Thermostat Control:This industrial dishwasher thermostat controlled when it comes about temperature. When the temperature gets perfect or nearly 60ºC, it will go off automatically.
  • Water consumption: This commercial dishwasher machine consumes 2.5liter water per wash. No matter you wash 10 plates and 5 glasses together or more than that it will take only 2.5liter per wash.Though these plates or glasses won’t be clear after a single wash, you need to use liquid after that. To dry up all these things, there is a blower system which will dry all the plates and glasses up automatically.
  • Variation: This Automatic Commercial Dish Washing Machine can clean anything and everything from glasses, utensils and other dishes, which are not for once use.
  • Usage: This dishwasher machine is an ideal option for both home and restaurant wherever you want, which makes it a perfect investment for dishwashing activities.

Product Features

·         Stainless steel body.
·         Stainless steel resistance
·         Magnetic security switch
·         Optimum service accessibility
·         Lower labor costs

Why Use This Product

Automatic Commercial Dish Washing Machine is generally among the most popular items of kitchen appliances available on the market. Together with appliances such as commercial ice machines, commercial freezers or their dual equipment, glass models, these uses are a progressively essential part of any commercial kitchen and provide important assistance to kitchen workers in the efficiency of their obligations. Commercial dishwashers take anywhere from one to four minutes to wash and fresh your dishes. They slow up the amount of needed to clear a large amount of dishes individually. This is the reason why we bring Automatic Dish Washing Machine for your convenience. The popularity these kinds of machines enjoy is not at all needless, either. Much on the opposite, the benefits of dishwashing machines to restaurant managers and staff as well are tangible, numerous, and increase even beyond the apparent benefits easily apparent to individual customers and allocated with the household dishwasher. Dishwashing machines are a huge centerpiece in any restaurant or bakery kitchen, but are the benefits enough to make it worth the cost? For start-up restaurant and bakery owners looking to site, it can be eye-catching to simply use a standard, dishwashing machine.   Won’t you feel more comfortable if you know for a fact that your dishes are cleaning up by a Automatic Commercial Dish Washing Machine with the only purpose of preventing the spread of bacteria? Get the fulfillment you have entitlement to instead of concerning about the problems to clean dishes personally. Besides, operating a restaurant comes down to managing income and giving assets properly. Labor costs are a big part of this. You will do better buying front-of-house help than choosing a Dishwasher Machine to do give you results that a commercial machine can easily deal with. To the period of your energy, there is no system that can take the place of wait staff, but you can use devices for dish-washing instead of people, and you should. If you do implement a dishwashing machine, they can focus more on operating, managing and unloading in comparison to cleaning every product personally. Automatic Commercial Dish Washing Machine works like a robot, where it clears up and rinses dirty dishes and the temperature is thermostat controlled that will automatically go off when the temperature heats up about 60ºC. If you wash 10 plates and 5 glasses together or more than that it will take only 2.5liter per wash. So it is very consistent when it's about water consumption. All you need to do is to put the dishes, add detergent, set the appropriate washing times and turn it on, but the dishwashing machine accomplishes the whole cycle of features by itself. This industrial dishwasher adds water first, and then heats the water to the appropriate temperature. It automatically opens the detergent dispenser at the right time before shooting the water through jets to get the dishes clean. Then Automatic Commercial Dish Washing Machine drains the dirty water and sprays more water on the dishes to rinse them. After drains itself again and heats the air to dry the dishes off, if the user has selected that setting.It’s simple — hood type dishwashers are more long lasting. Your system will last a longer period, and this means what you spend will be acquired eventually. These dishwashing units are intended to be as effective as possible from an energy perspective. You will use less energy to obtain better results, and your energy bill will thank you.As these dishwashers can run more periods in a day, they can clean more dishes in comparison to a normal person. Space is a significant restriction while purchasing any kitchen devices. With this Automatic Commercial Dish Washing Machine, it can be good enough to clean all the tools in a cafe or home throughout the day.Commercial dishwashers have the main difference of handling fresh circumstances efficiently. Before purchasing, think through what the process of working it will look like in your kitchen area. Try to see anything that might end up being difficult on your staff or slow up the process. And consider if there are any features that might add to simple to use set up, like how well the racks are developed for fast working and what options the dishwashing machine provides. And you'll find it in this dishwasher. When you will already consider the benefits, either individually or as a natural group, the advantages of Automatic Commercial Dish Washing Machine to a bar, restaurant, cafe or expert kitchen become self-evident. There is a reason this type of item continues to be known as it is with restaurant and cafe managers, and the factors particular in the segments above certainly play a large amount in creating its glowing reputation. We certainly activities important need for our Commercial Dishwashing Machines, either from customers expecting to buy one of these items from us or hopeful of making use of our well-known long-term rental service, and we definitely encourage to contact us to add one of these items to their variety of kitchen appliances.


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