Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer

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Key Points Of Product

  • Double Burner/Size: Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer comes with a decent size and you can fry items in both way electric or gas. You can use for one as a gas burner and the other as an electric burner. Generally, the burner size will be around 15,25,45,75 inches. 
  • Dual Mode Operation: You can fry even at 250°C by this large deep fryer. Generally, it will cost 1000/1500/2000 Watt. But you can use this stainless steel deep fryer just only as a burner gas or electric.
  • Oil Capacity: The oil capacity is up to 8-10 liter. That means you can fill up the particular chamber by using 8-10 liter oil. 
  • Automatic Controlled Fryer: It’s an automatic controlled Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer or fried chicken maker machine. When you use gas, the gas line will be connected. In case of electric use, no electricity will cost while the oil gets measure heated. It will go off automatically.
  • Material: This fried chicken maker machine is made of SS Sheet. But this SS sheet is two types- the Magnet sheet that can easily get rusted and the other one Non-Magnet sheet won’t get rusted for years and years. We can provide any of them for you as you wish.
  • Warranty: We provide 1-year warranty service for this deep fryer. But later we can provide our service, but a charge will be taken.
  • Custom Order: Good news for the customer is you can order Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer according to your customized design. We can make the deep fryer for you as your recommendation. We can provide made in Bangladesh product too.

Product Features

·         Less electricity cost
·         Automatic deep fryer
·         Can be operated with dual mode
·         Two types material can be provided
·         Less stress and hassle for you and to fry the chicken

Why Use This Product

Do you have a business which contains foods like restaurant perhaps? If you have, then it would be best for you to get Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer. We can experience a lot of upsetting facts when cooking meals. Several items that we would not actually want to see like having that hot oil pop and touch your skin. You know that it would be very painful. In cooking meals, there is a big chance that you could experience that. So, in buy for you to help yourself prevent that from happening, you can have something that will help you with it. You can get deep fryer online in Bangladesh.

You may not be too familiar with a countertop deep fryer because you use a pan more often. Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer is a device which is used to fry some foods especially chicken for a better cause to comparison to a typical pan. Now people in the world are looking for to use large deep fryers because of the advantages they offered.

If you were to ask someone to describe fried foods, it's likely they'll say "tasty, but unhealthy". This is fair rumors, deep-fried foods are generally considered to be something we should only have once in a while.

When you fry food using a normal pan, then you need a reasonable time to finish the process. Using a normal pan can make the foods overcooked if you do not convert the food and you have to see it until it is done. However, a new modern Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer known as highly effective fryer can be used to fry chicken easily and absolutely. Therefore, if you want to get excellent results and fast, then you are recommended to buy this countertop fryer, either electric or gas burner you can use one or both at the same time. You can be safe when cooking foods. Your chef would be protected when cooking foods. They would certainly be safer when it comes to cooking foods especially with the help of this fried chicken maker machine. You know how it painful it is to get shifted with sizzling hot oil. Nobody would want that. So if you want to have safe cooking food or frying chicken, then you should definitely have this Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer in your house. There will be less pressure for you and for your chef to cope with. We know how much pressure we need to cope with when it comes to cooking foods. You’re not just going to highlight about having to make sure that you will be offering outstanding foods, but you would be handling pressure from the cooking, especially frying chicken. There are so many items that could don't succeed, and if you want to decrease the possibilities of having bad the unexpected happens, you should probably get this big deep fryer by now.

When you fry something, then you have to use some oil. Sometimes, you felt disappointed because of you always put a lot of oil when cooking foods in a normal pan. When you use a normal pan, you cannot use the same oil again to make another food. So, you have to buy new oil that will cost your hard earned cash. If you really want to save the oil usage, then you have to use this in-depth fryer. This is one of the advantages of using deep fryer because it is constructed with oil filter operate. So, you can use the same oil when you want to fry another food.

Any food especially chicken can be fried using this big deep fryer. One of the pros of using this countertop fryer is that the fried foods will be more delicious and crispy. Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer is offered with a warm variety that you need while cooking. So, you will definitely make the foods well-cooked and prevent the overheated result. It would be less hard to fry. Definitely, if you have a restaurant then your restaurant provides a lot of deep-fried foods. Except if that is some type of a café. But mostly, cafes give a lot of foods that are deep-fried, so it would be very useful for you to have a large countertop fryer. It would make it very easy for your chefs, or for you to fry. And the meal itself would be more appropriate having those dual mode deep fryers.

There are two kinds of the deep fryer that you can buy on the market. At first, you may choose a deep fryer using gas and the second is an in-depth fryer which uses electricity. But Stainless Steel Commercial Deep Fryer will offer you both electric and gas burner so you can have the experience of cooking in both gas fryer and electric fryer. Using this countertop deep fryer, the foods will not be overcooked and it will be more wonderful and crispy.



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  • masud narul islam


    dear boss its great product in Bangladesh ...if so one going to buy how many products you invite us to buy from you. if you don't mind can you send me details from your products

    your worm regards


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  • Rana Thakur

      Shobuj Sathee Restaurant (Pabna)

    I purchase a Floor Stand type Gas deep fryer for my Restaurant.
    Product is so much good and stainless steel quality is original.
    Product origin is china and capacity is 18 liter.
    I got 1 year service warranty for commercial deep fryer.
    So much satisfied with their documentation and service.
    Thank you Nobarun International.

    Rana Thakur

    24 November 2018

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