Best Quality Red Cyan 3D Glasses For PC Laptop in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Original 3D Glass: This type of Red Cyan 3D Glasses are sold many places in Bangladesh; there are many qualities among them. We deals with the best quality and the price is also cheap and resonable.
  • Watch Via Different Display: If you with you can experience 3D video on your desktop monitor . moreover, you can enjoy live 3D movie in LCD, LED, Laptop You also can view 3D movies with few 3D suported projector.
  • Durable ABS Material: If the glass fall down it will not smash or breakdown; so you can use this for long time.
  • Good Quality: The quality of these Red Cyan 3D Glasses is excellent. It is not easily scratchable so if you use this with care you can even use this glass for several years.
  • Delivery System: Usually, We serve home deliver within Dhaka city and in case of out of Dhaka we deliver it with conditional payment (receive product then payment for it).

Product Features

  • High quality 3D visualize experience.
  • Clear and strong 3D effect.
  • Eco friendly and safe for eyes.
  • Experience 3D Movie, 3D pictures, 3D games
·         Reasonable and affordable price
·         Feel comfortable wearing this glass

Product Specification

·         Glasses type·         3D Glasses
·         3D Glass type·         Red and Blue
·         Lenses availability·         Red cyan, red blue, Liner circular etc.
·         Lenses thickness·         0.175mm
·         Frame·         PC plastic
·         Polarizing efficiency·         99.7%
·         Transmittance·         43.5%
·         PET lanses·         0.16mm
·         Direct transmittance·         91.75%
·         Size·         150 x 48 x 165mm
·         Usage area·         Look 3D picture, 3D movie, promotion
·         Place of Origin·         China

Why Use This Product

The technology offers us lots of types of Entertainment, among them 3D movies are one of the best. These movies gives us maximum pleasure in case of Entertainment sector. These movies are popular in all ages of people from children to old age man. What is 3D movies? In short, 3D movies are those types of movies which has 3 Dimension at the same time Length Width and Height and to view these movies the use need a 3D glasses. There are number of glasses are available in the market but only few are qualified among them Red Cyan 3D Glasses are qualified. There are number of qualities of these glasses.  It is seen that long use of 3D glasses might causes harm for the eyes but these glasses doesn’t harm to the eyes. Through these glasses you can view 3D movies in your PC, Laptop, TV or 3D projector movies. Not only that if you like to play 3D game on your PC, you can use this Glasses. The lens of Red Cyan 3D Glasses are clear and echo friendly by which you can experience high quality alive movies. The frame of this glass is made with plastic, if in some sudden occasion it fall down it will not smash. So, you can use the glasses year after years. There are many glasses which are not comfortable for wearing but in case of Red Cyan 3D Glasses you can use it smoothly and with great comfort. Different designs and colors for frame are available in the market, you can choose one of them easily. The glasses are made with high quality materials so it will not scratch easily on it. These single glasses support all kinds of 3D displays that you can enjoy anytime anywhere.  The price of this Red Cyan 3D Glasses are reasonable and affordable for all classes of people who usually experience 3D Movies, videos, pictures, games etc. This glasses are widely using all over the world including Bangladesh. A lots of user in our country are already using this Red Cyan 3D Glasses and available in the markets. We supply this 3D glasses anywhere in Bangladesh, within offer home deliver within Dhaka city and We also deliver our product outside of Dhaka by means of courier or parcel service too. So you can get it from your home by placing an ordering to us.


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