Best Quality Mini UV Fake Note Detector Machine in Bangladesh

Key Points Of Product

  • Fake Money Detector:  Now a days Mini UV Fake Note Detector Machine in Bangladesh is very effective and praise worthy in the field of money transaction to avoid fraud and to detect counterfeit money.
  • UV Detection Mode: High and modern technology has been used in such a way that Mini UV Fake Note Detector Machine can work excellently by Ultra Violate UV light to check money which can examine watermarks which is impossible to verify by open eye.
  • Easy To Use: Mini UV Fake Note Detector Machine is very easy to use as it is human readable.
  • Using Area: The portable device is efficient in the field of business and trade like banks, clicnicks, hospitals, NGO, jewelers, Bkash Agent, DBBL Mobile Bangking Agents and every type of organization where there is currency transaction and homes too.
  • Long Lasting Product: The Mini UV Fake Note Detector Machine lasts for longer period and has 30 days replacement warranty.

Product Features

·         Easy to work
·         Ultraviolet light
·         Count money with high speed
·         Easy to carry for light weight
·         Work on most of currency 0f the world
·         Very efficient in every economy transaction based origination and for personal use.

Product Specification

·        Model of·         TK-2028
·        Operating voltage·         220v/50Hz/60H
·        UV operation Weave length·         350-400mm
·          FL Wattage·         6 watts
·        continuous work·         2 Hours
·        Time Dimension·         275 x 150 x 145
·          Frequency·         50Hz
·        Lamp·         2Pieces6W UV Blue LAMP

Why Use This Product

In the modern time we are living in the society full of fraud, deceit, unjust and in this case Mini UV Fake Note Detector Machine is very effectual to protect us from deception regarding money transaction is the most import part. The existing fraud men always try to make you fool by exchanging fake, copied and counterfeit money and in this regard Mini UV Fake Note Detector Machine would be your reliable friend that can save you from the deception. The fantastic defector device can differentiate accurately between the original notes and fake notes and in this process the inner ultraviolet bulbs can easily mark the counterfeit money by making symbols like fluorescent strips, dots  and many other markings that are inserted in the machine. This Machine is very easy to use on top of that smooth carry able as it is light weight. It is suitable in homes, business organizations, banks, clinics, hospitals ATM centers retail outlets, NGO and money handling areas to check notes, credit and debit card, passports. Traveler’s cheque, documents, stamp papers social security cards, casino chips and so on. It is not expensive so you can purchase it without any economical pressureand saves times as it is speedy. Side by This Detector Machine can detect currency of different countries so it can be called multifunctional. It has three kinds of process to investigate like ultraviolet rays. Fluorescent light and magnification and two fluorescent lamps of six watts to cover big area; so this is may be termed as innovation. Always money is one of the most valuable assets in our lives and in this section there is always a chance to be cheated by the evil man of the society in any time of our life so you can avoid this buy buying Fake Note Detector Machine provided that it can assure you that you will never be made fool by the frauds in case of transaction money in any place and money oriented areas. A number of consumers commented that they are satisfied with the service of the amazing and talented devices; so it can be said that Mini UV Fake Note Detector Machine can give you the complete solution of the fake and counterfeit money problem.


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