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Key Points Of Product

  • Ice Cubing Capability: Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine generates individual fabulous magnificent extremely pieces. It can generate up to 80-700 kg of ice cube means total 4200 pieces per day. It also allows up to 48 kg ice storage space overall capability. So, you can use this device regarding refrigerating comprehensive of items. 
  • Automated Control: This ice dice manufacturer is managed with efficient innovative diagnostics automated control. This device also allows routine servicing noticeable alarm light on front panel. 
  • Design And Style: This specialized ice dice manufacturer comfort and ease designed ice storage space access with vanishing entrance. And this machine actions door-closing activity dampening system.
  • Easy to Use: This ice machine is readily available with front side panel install On-Off Change. Front panel in and out air circulation (air-cooled design only) for built-in installation. 
  • Usage of This: Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine generates circular ice for drinks, Fish Display Chiller or refrigerator,mocktails, beverages, faluda, ice cream and other related items. It is very useful especially for super stores, food locations, and supermarket locations and so on.

Product Features

·         Up to 80-7005 kg daily production
·         Up to 48 kg (106 lbs) ice storage capacity
·         Resistant stainless steel exterior
·         Advanced diagnostics Computerized control
·         Front access condenser air filter, removable and washable (air cooled version only)
·         Routine Maintenance visible alarm light on front panel
·         3 years manufacturer warranty

Product Specification

·         Product Type·          Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine
·         Model·         Scotsman EC176
·         Ice Making Production·         Up to 80-85 kg (184 lbs) / per 24hr (4200 cubes)
·         Built-in Ice Storage Capacity·         Up to 48 kg (106 lbs)
·         Refrigerant System·         CFC-free R-134a
·         Dimensions (W x D x H)·         680(w) x 600(d) x 1000(h) (+120 with legs)
·         Weight·         80 kg
·         Water Consumption/24h (A)·         150 L
·         Water Consumption/24h (W)·         1050 L
·         Voltage Options·         230/50/1
·         Fuse / CB Rating (amps)·         13
·         Load (watts)·         760
·         Start Amps·         26
·         Run Amps·         5.6
·         Warranty·         3 years

Why Use This Product

If you are considering buying a commercial ice manufacturer system for your offering business like supermarkets and so on, the first query is what you need it to do. If it's to add ice to beverages, then it is likely that Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine will be the type of you is looking for. This is the most popular type of ice cube producer, gradually commonly used because of the improving number of cafes and in particular fast food locations or supermarkets.

When selecting an ice cube manufacturer system, you will want to look at the number of items it can make and the process by which water is chilled, which affects its rate. Another critical facet is the design of the ice. Does it look eye-catching and enhance overall look of the drinks? It's also essential to consider whether the product is cost-effective and energy-efficient, and how easy to fresh it is, as well as looking at how time-consuming it is to be applied common. This Machine is all meant to make sure energy-efficiency and keep down costs, with low consumption water. This cube maker is also made out of hygienic components, with stainless-steel body-work and unpleasant inner packing storage space containers. Easy washing and computerized operate both help to save your here we are at offering services.

Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine is a little device which makes personalized ice cubes. It quickly makes ice cubes and do not require continuous drinking standard water. It takes couple of minutes for this ice manufacturer to prepare considerable amounts of ice cubes. For party events you need to have variety of ice cubes to provide beverages to the wedding visitors. Especially in summertime, visitors need relaxing and cool beverages in reasonable amounts. The required amount cannot be generated by a little ice plate. This Machine can produce huge sections of ice in advance and also generates ice quickly during events also. Therefore, continuous party requirements can be satisfied by an ice manufacturer only. The Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine is proof to corrosion and can also quickly be washed after use. With this ice cube manufacturer you can provide fresh ice to your friends and family within short time period. It is affordable and also helps you to save your fantastic time while generating bulk of ice. There is no need to hurry to industry whenever you need ice, buy one for your supermarket business and enjoy the advantages. This Ice Machine be prepared to refreeze the ice cubes which has dissolved and hence. Hence, customers need not put additional initiatives to clean the ice creators. Servicing price is also minimal in such cases.

A convenient Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine is a easy equipment with very less number of control buttons. Working an ice manufacturer is really easy since it does not include a huge procedure. These days, there are signs in an ice cube maker to tell customers when the machine needs reloading. Therefore, by following few easy steps ice can be established quickly in this Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine. The Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine has a good look and they can be kept anywhere you want to. They come in various styles and wonderful shades so choose the one which matches your need and which can also be saved quickly. With this Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine you will ice quickly both in improve of your intriguing and ongoing as and when you need it throughout the celebration. Managing this amazing Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine, you definitely can create ice artificially to protect your items like various foods, seafood, and egg and so on. Beside this, individuals want to eat keep, lassi and other soft beverages along with ice. In all the family activities, social activities, BBQ's, get-togethers, and all the normal exciting activities, you may need quite a bit of clean ice, as you may have to offer a lot of beverages. In most exclusive celebrations like wedding anniversaries or birthday activities, people are likely to take part exclusive beverages, namely beverages and a lot more preferred beverages mostly offered cold or with ice. So from where you can bring ice cubes? Don't worry; this Machine is here to offer highest possible ice for your associates. If you never want to run out of ice at the center of your celebration then buying this Ice Machine will assurance you have all the ice you need. Specialized ice cube maker like this machine vary considerably in sizing and features as in evaluation to practical ice cube makers created to coordinate your relaxed ice cube needs that are often disappointed by your freezer’s ice containers. Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine makes the best, best flavorful ice and are made to last. As an important device for a lot of meals support companies, an industrial ice cube manufacturer like this must meet the specifications of your operate. Ice is needed in supermarket, businesses big and small, in medical care and in meals support. Discover our Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine which can be a best product for your supermarket or business.


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